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  1. night two of "The Voice" (8.531 million viewers, #2; adults 18-49: 1.4
  2. I'm a huge fan of hers though, so much amazing music through the years
  3. that's okay, already disabled the other one when I saw the new account.
  4. can't find her performance vid, but here is a reaction
  5. the Cake fan thread, it was so crazy those were really popular at first, then rules were put in here to not allowed them after American Juniors
  6. I voted yesterday in Ca, did the same, had to narrow it down to someone I think can Beat Trump without screwing up Medicare, and hoping he picks a woman VP
  7. lol I have this too, but you can use other things, like a can, bottle etc to make a dent in ground meat and do your own thing it works good though
  8. also love this, especially in summer. ATE gave me one, mailed it from where he lived, it works so good and everything tastes like a fresh sorbet, it tastes more creamy with bananas as a base and then add other fruits, freeze them ahead in pieces or buy bags of frozen fruit Dessert Bullet, no longer manufactured there are other brands that do the same thing
  9. I love getting cooking gadgets and small appliances that make cooking easier, many things can be found at thrift shops, people get them as presents and never use them just got one of these Garlic things, comes as a pair with the peeler roller and the Mincer, works great and your hands don't smell like garlic after, mine is like this but different brand with all plastic blades
  10. 81 and sunny here today, in a few days it'll be back to 60 in the day, the weather has been bouncing all over the place the last month or so
  11. Sean Connery was my fave, but I still watch the other ones and like most of them
  12. worth watching tonight just for the Kitty
  13. sadly Dionne Warwick's voice is sort of gone, has been for years
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