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  1. Do you think Victor with nearly 7 million views on Facebook could sweep the competition? Looks like a strong fan base from his school.
  2. I thought James Pyle from last season did better but she was also good
  3. In the beginning with Kenzie’s intro vid and they said “Blake is his favorite” I was like oh snap, gonna get blocked. late to the party y’all
  4. A blocked contestant has never won yet. Maybe Kenzie will be the first one. If so, in a way, Kelly secured her win by blocking Blake! Kinda crazy to think that if there was no block, would Kenzie possibly win with Blake? I’m speculating a lot obviously
  5. Could be, or perhaps an early performance aka Kyla Jade or Rose Short. I’m so excited. Speculating is what keeps me in suspense!!
  6. I agreed at first, I had an underwhelming first impression but after listening some more, I thought his performance could be a closer. Plus John has been doing worse every season in terms of finale placement so perhaps pimping one of his team members might be a strategy from TPTB.
  7. I’m thinking Victor will close the episode and there’ll only be (1) block aka Kenzie on the first episode. I also think Dana will go 2nd or 3rd.
  8. In my head, playoffs will start on Monday. Keep reading the forum and you’ll think you’ve gone thru blinds, battles, and knockouts in a few hundred pages. Anyway so stoked for the first episode!!
  9. I want the spoiler now!! I’m hoping Cam will be the spoiler so we’ll see.
  10. Wow seeing Pete/Jordan vs Ethan/Andrew. You’d think the former but maybe it’s the latter. Cam/Connor is the default last pair so that’s gotta be Cam.
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