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  1. I feel this. I also really liked Ethan's run on the show but was hesitant to give my opinion. So in a way, it's already happened here
  2. For different opinions, I wish Connor Christian made it to lives. I loved his voice.
  3. I think if it's between Corey and any team Blake member, Corey will win WC
  4. Corey Ward - Bruises 9.10 Gihanna Zoe - Always Remember Us This Way 9.05 Zae Romeo - When I Look at You 5.12 Kenzie Wheeler - Red Dirt Woman 9.33 Ryleigh Modig - drivers license 8.77 Zania Alake - Dangerous Road 6.32 Pia Renee - Need U Bad 8.23 Victor Solomon - I Wish 6.31 Dana Monique - Free Your Mind 8.99 Andrew Marshall - Put Your Records On 4.74 Jose Figueroa Jr - Talking to the Moon 6.99 Devan Blake Jones - Shape of My Heart 4.73 Rachel Mac - Rainbow 9.05 Jordan Matthew Young - Gold Dust Woman 9 Anna Grace - Let Her Go 9.0
  5. Does Ryleigh have a chance at PV or will Victor still get it? Who would John save between Ryleigh and Pia? Will Rachel get PV over Dana? Either way, one of them will get the CS. I think Kenzie and Cam are locks for PV. Would Corey or Gihanna get the CS? Would Pete or Anna get the CS? Who is most likely to get WC?
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