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  1. So I know how team Kelly is stacked especially to the general IDF community but I still think team Blake has the strongest team so far especially to the typical voters. Thoughts or am I off? like Clint has Ethan Lively vibes, Carson is like a country, fiddling Carter, Wendy is the country queen, the Joy reunion has swon brothers vibes, so many potential finalists!
  2. Do we know if we have coach quotas this season or if it will follow a top 12, top 10, top 8, top 4 set up?
  3. Did any of the sources give their thoughts / opinions on the blind auditions if any? Did they also by chance talk about any notable coach-coach or coach-artist interaction? @Someone648 thanks in advance if anything
  4. Do you guys know if all the coaches in general work with their artists or any other team’s artist after the show? And do you know the extent to which they help? I watched an interview on the Kelly Clarkson show where she talked about how Blake has helped a ton of them (including even paying for the rent of an apartment!). Kelly also had Toneisha on her show! I wonder if the other coaches have done the same or not.
  5. If I go through the list and listen to them, I might get too attached and then disappointed if they lose in the battles/knockouts before going to lives. On the other hand, if I don’t go through the list, I might be missing out on some really awesome music. DECISIONS!
  6. Connor’s single came out today! Or yesterday July 4th. It’s so good! Listen to it, everyone!
  7. What if the TPTB decided to have random people put spoilers to make it harder for IDF to learn who's on this season?!
  8. Saw this comment on the new Michelle Chamuel video that The Voice just posted! "Matthew Darren sang these dreams by Heart and turned John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton's chair he chose Blake Tyshan Knight is a 4 chair turn that sang I am ready for love by India Arie and he chose John Legend"
  9. Loss during Battles: 40.5th ((48+33/2) Loss during Knockouts: 26.5th ((32+21/2) Loss during Playoffs: 16.5th ((20+13/2) Loss during Top 12: 11.5th ((12+11/2) Loss during Top 10: 9.5th ((10+9/2) Loss during Quarter Finals: 7th ((8+6)/2) Loss during Semi Finals: 5th *it can also be considered that the ranks from 5th to 12th are tied because they had a chance to come back via wildcard in the semifinal episode* Episode 1: Luke Wade 7th Clara Hong 40.5th Bryana Salaz 16.5th Damien Lawson 4th Allison Bray 26.5th Taylor John Williams 5th Elyjuh Rene 16.5th James David Carter 16.5th Episode 2: DaNica Shirey 7th Joe Kirk 40.5th Menlik Zergabachew 26.5th Reagan James 9.5th Taylor Phelan 16.5th Sugar Joans 11.5th Taylor Brashears 16.5th Maiya Sykes 40.5th Episode 3: John Martin 40.5th Jessie Pitts 11.5th Ricky Manning 16.5th Kelli Douglas 40.5th Blessing Offor 26.5th Troy Ritchie 26.5th Mia Pfirrman 16.5th Alessandra Castronovo 26.5th Jordy Searcy 40.5th Kensington Moore 40.5th Bree Fondacaro 40.5th Anita Antoinette 9.5th Episode 4: Katriz Trinidad 26.5th Ethan Butler 40.5th Tanner Linford 26.5th Jean Kelley 16.5th Chris Jamison 3rd Craig Wayne Boyd 1st Toia Jones 26.5th Amanda Lee Peers 40.5th Gianna Salvato 40.5th Rebekah Samarin 26.5th Grant Ganzer 26.5th Jonathan Wyndham 40.5th Episode 5: Matt McAndrew 2nd Brittany Butler 40.5th Ryan Sill 7th Fernanda Bosch 40.5th Beth Spangler 26.5th Griffin 26.5th Mayra Alvarez 40.5th Justin Johnes 40.5th Ranking by Episodes: Episode 1: 16.5th Episode 2: 21.06th Episode 3: 28th Episode 4: 26.25th Episode 5: 28th
  10. At a glance, Episode 1 is where TPTB puts high potential contestants since their averages are so high. Still can't believe the top 3 of S8 were in episode 1!
  11. Season 8 Loss during Battles: 40.5th ((48+33/2) Withdrew after Battles / before Knockouts: 32nd Loss during Knockouts: 26th ((31+21/2) Loss during Playoffs: 16.5th ((20+13/2) Loss during Top 12: 11.5th ((12+11/2) Loss during Top 10: 9.5th ((10+9/2) Loss during Top 8: 7.5th ((8+7)/2) Loss during Top 6: 6th Loss during Semi Finals Wildcard: 5th Episode 1: Sarah Potenza 16.5th Lowell Oakley 16.5th Rob Taylor 9.5th Cody Wickline 26th Treeva Gibson 26th Meghan Linsey 2nd Joshua Davis 3rd Sawyer Fredericks 1st Episode 2: Anthony Riley 32nd Gabriel Wolfchild 40.5th Brooke Adee 16.5th Tonya Boyd-Cannon 16.5th Joe Tolo 26th Mia Z 11.5th Blaze Johnson 26th Deanna Johnson 9.5th Episode 3: Kelsie May 26th Kimberly Nichole 6th Michael Leier 40.5th Travis Ewing 26th Noelle Bybee 40.5th Bren'nae DeBarge 40.5th James McNeiece 40.5th Sonic 16.5th Jacob Rummell 26th Barry Minniefield 26th Nicolette Mare 40.5th Clinton Washington 26th Matt Snook 40.5th India Carney 5th Episode 4: Ashley Morgan 26th Koryn Hawthorne 4th Lexi Davila 16.5th Josh Batstone 40.5th Katelyn Read 40.5th Ameera Delandro 40.5th Bay Brooks 40.5th Brenna Yaeger 40.5th Jeremy Gaynor 40.5th Jack Gregori 40.5th Briar Jonnee 40.5th Brian Johnson 11.5th Corey Kent White 7.5th Episode 6: (Episode 5 was a recap): Nathan Hermida 16.5th Paul Pfau 26th Vance Smith 40.5th Caitlin Caporale 16.5th Hannah Kirby 7.5th Rankings per Episode: Episode 1: 12.56th Episode 2: 22.31st Episode 3: 28.39th Episode 4: 29.96th Episode 6: 21.4th
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