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  1. technically she got rejected 4 times if u count the knockouts where she tried to steal Brittany
  2. Vaughn won on the app, not by too much but there’s a significant differenc
  3. Fun fact: Blake didn’t turn for anyone on Team Ari except for Katherine
  4. Question: If you had the opportunity to work with any coach of your choice on The Voice, who would it be
  5. Lana was okay but like I’m worried that someone else better might be eliminated
  6. I think we're underestimating Jeremy I think he'll get a PV. Gives me Christain Cuevas / Corey Ward / Joseph Soul vibes
  7. Ariana and Kelly prob tried stealing Samara... that makes 4! 4 times where a battle/KO steal or save didn't pick Ariana
  8. Blake and Ari advanced their battle save to the PO's, Kelly and John advanced their steals.
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