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  1. NOTE: I forgot some of the song choices from previous seasons and was too lazy to look it up lmao. S14: Kyla Jade “Let it Be” & “You Don’t Own Me” & Jackie+DR “Sign of the Times” - Weakest Team Kelly season BY FAR, along with S16. S15: Sandyredd “River” & Kymberyli “Break Every Chain” & Zaxai “Crusin” - 3 Robbed Singers TT S16: Jej vs Beth “Jealous” & Rod Stokes “When a Man Loves a Woman” & Queen Maelyn’s entire run except for PO & Rizzi “Breathin” - Great auditions and battles, horrible live show results but best winner. Rizzi + Beth + Jej were robbed. S17: Rose Short “God’s Country” & “Big White Room” & “IWKWLI” & Jake Hoot “Cover Me Up” & Katie “Without You” & Max Boyle “when the party’s over” & “falling slowly” & Damalli + Gracee’s KO - I loved the KO’s this season (S20 and S15 as well!). I’m not too mad at who won but I would’ve placed it like Rose > Jake > Katie > anyone else except Shane/Will/Kat > Ricky S18: Megan Danielle “Piece by Piece” & CammWess “Say Something” & “Rainbow” & Thunderstorm “Blackbird” & “Summertime & Zan Fiskum “Blowin in the Wind” & “ARUTW” - Team Legend had such great performances this season OMG. Megan + CammWess’ KO might be one of the strongest Knockout pairs we’ve had in recent seasons. Thinderstorm should’ve won S19: DeSz “Unbreak My Heart” & “Can We Talk” & Don’t Let Go” & Kelsie “I Dare You” & Cami “Skinny Love” & Marisa + Ryan “I Surrender” - Team Kelly carried this season HARD. I loved Carter too, but DeSz deserved the W. S20: Cam Anthony’s entire run, Victor “Glory” & “Freedom”, Kenzie Wheeler & Rachel Mac’s BA to PO, GihAnna’s KO (both), Gihanna “Reflection”, Corey “Already Gone” - Amazing performances this season. Corey’s KO might be one of my favorite KO’s I’ve ever seen on TVUSA. And Cam’s run was so consistent, and Victor had my favorite audition and finale performance this season.
  2. I also remember A LOT of Cami Clune stans and while she is a good singer, she got a lot more attention then vocalists that were better than her (John Holiday).
  3. Also it's been mentioned already but the whole Chris vs Lauren fiasco in S12 got real old real fast.
  4. Still 62 days but an hour has passed since the last post.
  5. S20: Savanna Woods (Y'ALL she was robbed) S19: Lauren F (I thought she deserved the win) & Ryan Berg (I thought he deserved a steal). Julia Cooper and Ryan Gallagher also come to mind, but we all know what happened with the latter. S18: WITHOUT A DOUBT...Taylor Green! I mean Levi was good too but Taylor really stepped it up. S17: Marina C. She was actually robbed, and all the coaches were on their feet and I'm so sad the steal/saves were used up. S16: Beth GM seriously deserved a steal/save and only if her CB result was announced sooner John would've used his save. S15: The thing with this season is that all the eliminated KO artists were worse than the winners, and if not then they were saved/stolen. Maybe Mike or Delaney but I really have no clue since a lot of artists flopped this round.
  6. I love the AA female representation this season. I hope one of them (preferably Wendy or Jershika) win!!!
  7. Im gonna cry if Lexi isnt on Team Ariana and ISTG if someone blocked her imma be mad can’t be John…can’t be Kelly so hopefully Blake doesnt
  8. Team Kelly: Girl Named Tom. I think they’re gonna go in the folk lane and Kelly’s gonna make sure to make them stay in the competition Team Legend: probs Jack Team Ariana: Wyatt if he’s on Team Ari if not then Bella Team Blake: Hmm…maybe Clint.
  9. Don’t hate me for this but I feel like Corey was very overhyped in S20. His only good performance was his BA & KO, and in the lives he didn’t do so great yet everyone kept bashing Jordan Matthew Young for winning that IS spot over Pia, Corey, Gihanna, and Dana. And I still listen to Corey’s performances, but like I remember his fans having a lot to say that night. In addition his SF-IS performance was shaky-ish, and no one seemed to have been paying attention to that HM: Thunderstorm Artis fans…literally everyone was like he was so robbed in the comments of the S18 winner video. Didn’t matter as much to me tho cuz i was rooting for CammWess or Megan.
  10. S18: Levi vs Jamal- Levi was great here but Jamal was very inconsistent and all over the place…LITERALLY S19: No terrible performances here, but JusJon’s run and Tanner Gomes’ PO week weren’t it. S20: Hmmm…maybe Connor’s Youngblood or Devan/Andrew’s PO performances.
  11. I think Parker will be stolen by someone (thinking Blake for KO fodder or for Kelly to steal back)
  12. I just rly hope Wyatt goes far on the show, he’s gooooodddddd Hoping and think he’s on Team Ari
  13. did u watch Skylar vs tanner? Cuz I genuinely liked it when I watched it live lol... also if Cianna and denisha were aired they'd prob win this poll cuz it was rly messy and the coaches had a LOT of constructive criticism (especially Blake).
  14. idkk I wouldn't be surprised if it's true but I don't know WHAT to expect at this point
  15. I actually loved her Lean on Me performance...thought the setting and her voice and the choices she made were really refreshing and calming.
  16. 3rd/2nd place confirmed, regardless of which team. With Blake he might win…but that’s a diff story
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