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  1. you mean hard to even find one choice? cuz I can't
  2. oh yeah, wonder why they changed it, now we have Rocket signs instead, with rank numbers? weird
  3. aww man, this is hard, I needed to be able to choose 11 of them
  4. I had to look him up Lex Borrero, CEO and co-founder of Latino talent incubator NEON16, music mogul Tommy Mottola and representation firm Range Media Partners have formed NTERTAIN, a new entertainment and media company that will create, develop, and produce content across all mediums, highlighting Latino stories and launch and represent Latino talent, brands and culture.
  5. watching it now, only 10 minutes in but so far I like it
  6. "A swaying twelve-bar blues progression holds down Jimmy Reed’s “You Got Me Runnin’” (feat. Crystal Bowersox) as harmonica and piano entwine. " Blues Traveler Announce July 30th Release of Traveler’s Blues A Collection of Re-Imagined & Recharged Classics source I think only a couple of songs are out so far
  7. Last Night in Soho (2021) Drama, Horror 22 Oct 2021 (USA) starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie, Jessie Mei Li https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9639470/reference
  8. Only Murders In The Building looks like a fun movie
  9. I hope they do well, there is a lot of good competition for them,
  10. I was scared too. It was an invision update that went wrong, when it came back with just titles it was like deja vu from the last outage where we lost it all. happy they got it fixed
  11. not sure what this is about, but is it fixed now? if not maybe they are still updating? @Tom
  12. there were errors yesterday, invision board had to come in here and update and restore the board. I hope everything is working normally now
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