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  1. Early Feb, so not too much longer to wait I think she does have collabs with bigger names, we just don't know about them yet, I just want her to release everything, she can do her breakup music on the next album
  2. that's true, she found her niche there she looks amazing, hope she is working on sumpthin did she really go in a sex shop?
  3. this song has legs, just when you think it's gonna fade on radio it bounces back up
  4. wow she's really getting stuff out there, more than the other 5H right ow kudos to her for hard work
  5. ugh for real, just release something so excited translated From the first call we had until the moment we recorded the video, everything was magical. Camila is a sweetheart. It's a tremendous song and I can only tell you that it's less and less until you listen to it." - Maria Becerra about collab with Camila Cabello
  6. I hope it's out way before august, we were supposed to get it last fall, if it was finished then what is the wait for....unless she is adding breakup music so cute summer is better, but why not spring? release a single now though please camila
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