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  1. I hope Wendy will be the leaked and hopefully the audience will love her! I just think she has the potential to win which would be huge!!!
  2. I just know who Blake is going to pick and it stinks to lose her as well but I know Carson will be good though
  3. Nooooo come on Blake, not her either!! Poor KJ
  4. I really think Hailey can be a dark horse this season. She has so much potential and she really does have a good voice. The only thing that will stop her is nerves and her voice still developing. I hope she pulls a Rachel and continues to get better as the season goes on!
  5. I really hope Carson isn’t paired with Hailey because I like both of them I will be fine with Clint.
  6. I feel like he can pull off In Case you Didn’t Know because he has the voice that can do pop country.
  7. I agree with you, I like Wendy a lot because her voice is more pleasant and doesn’t always go for those extreme high notes. She doesn’t necessary use so many runs as well. Her voice is softer and easy to listen to compared to the others we have had on the show. It’s good that she holds back a little too, the audience might appreciate that more
  8. Wow lots of pop artists this year, but I am assuming because of Ariana. It seems Kelly has a lot of them too!
  9. What genre do we think she is going to do on the show? Do you think she will go back and forth with soul and country? I think she should stick to one and do kind of like Keisha did and sing like one song in a different genre
  10. I like How Carson’s voice doesn’t really sound too country, I don’t think I will mind his voice compared to someone like Ethan’s. I think Blake will hold on to him due to the black lash of Ethan last season!
  11. Would be cool if it was Selena has the mentor, I think she would be amazing
  12. It seems like Kenzie has to win everything right? Lol even who posted first on their instagrams
  13. It’s going to be sad Cam losing, yes it’s good he doesn’t get the contract but just seeing him win with the confetti coming down on him is worth seeing. He’s deserves it, and I see that lot of Kenzie/Kelly’s fans keep saying that it would be good for Cam to come second due to the contract, but you want Kenzie to have it though? It doesn’t make sense
  14. Soo I joined IDF late but I always have Lauren as my all time favorite and queen, and I have never asked to join her thread, it’s such a sin!
  15. It was pretty good, like when he does these type of songs
  16. Cam songs are great! Surprisingly I like the Bon Jovi song for him, it actually works!! He is going to slay tonight, he could win. I know the final deal sucks but he deserves to win based on the whole season! I also like Rachel’s songs too
  17. I don’t understand why people want Kenzie to win just for a Kelly win. It seems some people like him just because he’s on Kelly’s team. I am curious if he was on Blake’s or Nicks team, would be there less fans for him. I will say Kenzie is good artist but I am not going to just root for him because of Kelly! If I like country more, then yes I would.
  18. Not going to lie, I thought Kenzie would be killing it with likes and views based on song choice and being a closer, but he’s doing just alright. This tells me here, it’s not a for sure win for him. If we put all bias towards coaches aside, I think one contestant should win because he has been so consistent throughout the show!!
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