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  1. Wendy the queen!! She’s is literally the voice!!
  2. I am shocked they put contestants of Ariana that doesn’t make lives, I wonder if tomorrow will be her night despite tonight.
  3. Queen Wendy is on tonight, that makes this night the best night for the blinds! We are definitely not be able to stand after her performance!!!!
  4. That makes sense, usually these leaks gets me hype up for the season but I wish the coaches were just more energetic or save this leak for another episode
  5. He was good but I think it wasn’t him that maybe me doubt that this should be the leak, it is was the couches energy and desire wasn’t there. I feel like in the past, they would be more hyped up during those auditions that happen to be the leak. It was boring with the conversations and the fight for him. Feel like there was no passion. Nothing against him at all though, it was a solid performance . This could maybe be just me
  6. I think Wendy is on a another level like Kyla, she is the most skilled and best singer on this season for sure just based on what I have seen from her. People might have preferences for another contestants based maybe genre or toned or even based on their coach lol but I cannot deny she is the best. She has a chance of winning as long as they do not buss her like they did with Kyla in the finals. Kyla had a chance, she definitely could have heated Britton, Brynn was the only one stopping her that season. I don’t see Brynn contestant this season though
  7. I love how Blake has 3 female artists in the playoffs because I know some on here were doubting that he only takes males, it’s a very diverse group too!
  8. I saw his Instagram video of him singing, it seem like he wasn’t a strong voice, more like Avery type. I couldn’t get into it even though I wanted to
  9. I feel like the only one that he kept and wanted for his team was Chloe
  10. I can’t see Carson losing other than to Wendy but I don’t think he would put them together. The one that makes sense is Peevy (I think that’s his name) and I can see her stealing him because he lost to Carson
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