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  1. I was scrolling through Facebook, and maybe someone around said this on here but his battle got 62,000 likes on Facebook!! I wasn’t expecting that many for that song, a lot of positive feedback on Cam in the comments too! I know it’s not that many but still for a battle with a song that was questionable, I am impressed!
  2. I think he should do jealous by labyrinth, I know he has done it before but I think it will be a good song to showcase all his vocal abilities
  3. Is it just me or does Emma kind of sound like Emily Anne?
  4. I thought they did an amazing job with a song like this. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this song to show off their voices but they actually did an incredible job of those runs and make it something worth wild to watch. Great job from but Cam killed it. I do agree that Emma voice has improved and it’s really pretty. She just needs more confidence in herself
  5. I am excited for this battle, I think he will do well with the song! I actually like this song a lot so I don’t mind it at all, I guess that’s kind unpopular
  6. I really think most of the fans here are really biased towards coaches which shows here a lot. We definitely have a lot of Kelly’s fans which I love her too, but it bothers me to see when they will be a full out fan for someone, and they won’t do it for the others because of that contestant is not on their favorite’s coach team! I will be fan of any contestant that I like despite the team. Also you can’t hate on contestants or coaches based on other fans, that shouldn’t be a reason why. That’s why I do not read Facebook or YouTube comments, it will change my perception on coaches and singers.
  7. She should of picked blake, he would take her far!!
  8. I have feeling it’s because of mostly Kelly, I can see the love here for her and not much for blake. I think Blake would be fine with Cam, and John legend and Victor would be awesome too!
  9. I agree! Blake did a good job with his pitch and Nick kind of didn’t give much effort despite him being his block. I don’t think it was luck.
  10. I think she will do well with some songs Lauren duski sang because it was country and she can put her own twist to it like when you say nothing at all, the dance or ghost in this hous
  11. Can’t wait to hear Cam tonight!! He sounds so good in those little snippets of him singing. I hope Anna is tomorrow, can’t wait to hear her!!
  12. sorry for the second reply, new to this
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