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  1. So I've been mulling over what song choices Sid could nail in his future performances, and here are my thoughts: - The positive reception from his KO performance tells me he does well when he gets to go wild and loose. If he wants any chance of getting a PV on Team Blake, he needs to do just that, or even better. To that end, I think he would do well singing a bluesy version of It's A Man's Man's Man's Man's World. Yes, I know it's an overdone song, but I think enough time has already passed between the last time the song was performed and today (Brooke Simpson was the last, IIRC?)
  2. Finally got to watch this season, and this guy was DOPPPPPE. Hope he goes far! It looks like TVOG also adopted the All-Stars gimmick from TVAU, there are 4 of them so far, I recognized Matthias Nebel and Juan Geck.
  3. Very interested in hearing this Bob Dylan story. Maybe he'll tell it in a future intro package?
  4. The Voice demo tends to lean towards the family-men type of country singer, and Tanner seems to be leaning younger, so I would say Ian and Jim would have a better chance than him, but Tanner has the benefit of being the only country guy on Team Kelly. But we have little indication of Kelly being invested in Tanner. Yes, she took him far, but there are indications that Tanner simply caught his opponents on a bad day, especially Marisa.
  5. Oh, I definitely think that song was chosen with him in mind. I hope his opponent justified her victory though, coz this seems like a slam dunk for Sid.
  6. Would you like to be added to the fan thread? Sorry, I just feel like I have to ask first out of courtesy.
  7. The original song is very mellow and introspective, but I just love Sid's take on it. It's both energetic but laid back, which is a really cool balance.
  8. Just a gentle reminder that even if The Voice doesn't do blind audition recordings anymore, you can still get a studio of Sid's audition song on Apple Music and/or Spotify! https://music.apple.com/us/album/dont-think-twice-its-alright-single/1519062893
  9. Almost forgot to post this one! I didn't watch the full episode, so I didn't know he had to take a train cross-country just to get to LA for blinds because he hates planes. He better get ready for another long journey soon!
  10. Looks like all the features from Amazon and Apple Music are paying off! Kameron broke Top 40 in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart with his new single! And that's without any radio play!
  11. Still rewatching! BTW, Sid is replying from his actual YT account in the comments here, so y'all better pop in while he's there!
  12. Lots of appreciation posts for Sid on social media, but this one is probably my fave. Really hope this opportunity will give Sid the push he needs to take his music to another level!
  13. The title of the third song he sang literally means "Until The End of Eternity", and it's about waiting for someone to return their love even if it takes a lifetime. So I'm glad Ryan got that message across to you! I'm just being nitpicky back then because I know those songs he's singing very well. His audition performance was also just a perfect showcase for his lower range and vibrato. I love it more every time I rewatched it. I might just have another snowflake this season besides Sid.
  14. He sang Filipino pop ballads throughout the show, but he definitely sang them in an operatic style. It works for the songs, but I can always sense a disconnect from the lyrics when he sings them, which is why I didn't think too much of him then. I hope he locks in on this genre throughout his run, it will make him stand out from the rest of the competition.
  15. As I mentioned on the spoiler thread before, Ryan is no newbie when it comes to singing shows (and no, I'm not referring to Idol). He was part of a Philippine TV singing competition called I Love OPM, where foreign-born singers compete while singing Filipino songs. I remembered watching this a while back and thinking he was pretty decent, but since he was singing out of his comfort zone, he didn't wow me. I think he sounds 10x better now singing classical/opera music, so I hope he sticks to that genre on the show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRTVh2cHtF0 https://www.
  16. Actually after hearing Blake's pitch for Sid, I can now see Blake picking him for a coach save if he doesn't get PV, if he performs undeniably well.
  17. Yeah that's gonna be a tough one! I kinda put all my chips behind Sid rn, which is probably not a good idea but the heart wants what it wants LOL.
  18. The pessimist in me would say that the people who use the app are generally not the ones who would vote for someone like Jim or Ian. I feel like the app percentages are a better reflection of what the casual Voice fans like. But of course, that won't stop us from hoping that it can mean a good sign for Sid in the voting rounds!
  19. It's about time a classically trained singer gets some love on this show. You can add me!
  20. Kinda got bored with these 8. Chloe Hogan 7. Liam St. John Country females just aren't my bag I guess? 6. Madeline Consoer 5. Taryn Papa I want to like him more 4. Aaron Scott Terrific auditions 3. Cami Clune 2. Ryan Gallagher SNOWFLAKE ALERT! 1. Sid Kingsley
  21. Same! I didn't think they'd give Sid a pimp spot considering he's a 3-chair turn without a block. Someone up there must think really highly of him.
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