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  1. yay for Mia Z getting in the rankdown!
  2. Season 5: Damn.... this season, man. Bring me back y'all!!! T_____T I love how everyone seems to be having real fun with these performances.
  3. hahaha don't be, like who you like. Like I said, it's a personal thing.
  4. It's a personal Filipino thing. I won't say anything more.
  5. Well he's not exactly a household name yet, but he has currently 1M+ monthly Spotify listens, he's signed to a record label, and he's touring extensively. Not bad for a Voice Live Playoffs eliminee.
  6. Ooh.... I didn't tell you that I had to cancel him too LOL.
  7. He is indeed! The rest of Season 15 could never. Glad you liked Ryan too, one of my favorite Voice discoveries ever.
  8. I am! Glad you remembered me!
  9. So there was a time that group and duet performances on the live shows were not punchlines or blemishes on Voice contestants' runs. Seasons 4-6 in particular were the golden age of group/duet performances. Here are some examples. Season 4:
  10. So I was reviewing old Voice performances in preparation for The Voice US Rankdown over at the Rankdowns section, and I rediscovered so many awesome performances, so y'all prepare for an onslaught of posts from me here, LOL.
  11. If confused reactions add to the reputation points, Elliot would have been at the top of the leaderboards all year.
  12. @*Chrisyay! #TeamWaffle will be pleased as punch with these choices! Glad Billy, Cody, Makenzie and Hannah were picked!
  13. Ooooh..... check out his Twitter.
  14. Although I had to cancel him, I can't deny the impact of Hunter's performances, so I'm interested to see where he'll place.
  15. I expected nothing less. Thanks for nominating Chloe and Tessanne as well!
  16. Spotted the token AA powerhouse fan!
  17. yep, Cory is Season 17. Thanks for nominating Luke! King of The Voice casting crew!
  18. Yeah, The Voice I knew and loved died after S13, IMO. But dammit, if they didn't do a bang up job in luring me back time and time again with new artists to stan. That's why I'm glad this rankdown got revived.... reduxes and games are fun and all, but I'd rather focus on talking about what makes this show great: the talent pool.
  19. You constantly sh** on The Voice whenever I bring it up on the GC, forgive me for not calling you a fan
  20. So we'll be expecting 55 instant eliminations now, correct?
  21. Welcome @thevoiceisthetop! Glad I'm not the only actual Voice fan in this rankdown anymore!
  22. I think you mistook her as a WC because you typed her name in the master list as "Ress Boyer".
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