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Favorite winner from Team Blake/TeamKelly/Team Adam

Hamza Tufail

Favorite winner from TB/TK/TA  

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  1. 1. Who's Favorite winner from Team Blake?

    • Jermaine Paul
    • Cassadee Pope
    • Danielle Bradbery
    • Craig Wayne boyd
    • Sundance Head
    • Chloe mk(Kohanski)
    • Todd Tilghman
    • Cam Anthony
  2. 2. Who's your favorite winner ftom Team Kelly?

  3. 3. Who's your favorite winner from Team Adam?

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These three are the only coaches with multiple wins. A total of 14(8+3+3). The other coaches only had one winner so I only included these three.



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I'm an Addison stan, but I have to admit Chloe's iconic performances and enjoyable run, even if her voice was shot in the end.

"Landslide" "Total Eclipse". Enjoyable - "Call Me" "Betta Davis Eyes" "Wish I Didn't Love You"(Don't hate, they were bops)

Cam's a great singer, but I thought he ran with his riffs WAY too much at points and it distracted me from the performance. Although he's still talented.


Chloe for Blake


Didn't enjoy Brynn or Jake for the most part, but got shook at Chevel's run every week. So Chevel for Kelly.


Javier was an artist for sure, but Tessanne and Jordan take that one step further with INSANE vocal abilities. Tessanne though stomps with her consistency.



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Jake (PLS DONT JUDGE but he wasn’t bad...his KO & PO were moments plus his duets with Kelly)



Its weird bc the winners from rotating coaches (Maelyn, Alison, Chris, Sawyer, Josh, Carter, etc) were def more interesting

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