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  1. Both the app and Facebook are fairly split on this. It actually surprises me a little. I thought GNT would dominate. For the record, I preferred their performance to Holly’s.
  2. Yeah, I forgot about that one. Brynn-Jamella might have been a bit bigger too. Then the next season, Chevel lost by 1/2 tick to Sarah Grace, but ended up getting 26M views on Facebook. It’s not always indicative, except when we see a massive gap like Wendy-Jonathan, Kenzie-JD, or Brynn-Jamella.
  3. PETA is actually getting pretty aggressive with this Fauci story. I mean…they can’t just sit on their hands with this, or they might as well just shut down. Maybe someone gave them the green light behind the scenes. https://www.instagram.com/p/CVedZWSF1fY/?utm_medium=copy_link I looked a sample of comments. To say people are outraged is putting it mildly. There are a lot of conservatives posting in there too.
  4. Seems like 80-90% prefer Samuel, though. Not that I’m surprised about that.
  5. Wendy’s win on the app is about as big of a margin as we’ll ever see. Hailey’s win over LiBianca was almost as big.
  6. Here are the current FB stats of the top two pairings from last night. Wendy/Jonathan 255K views 8.9K likes 28 view/like ratio (no more decimals on these. No need to carry it out to the hundredth. lol) GNT/Holly 257K views 7.7K likes 33 view/like ratio Obviously, these are reasonably close, but these numbers are not overwhelming, considering these are “frontrunners” and this was the KO premiere. Maybe Facebook has mostly checked out for the season.
  7. More than a couple ticks, but it’s not going to vault him into frontrunner status. If there are quotas, he has a chance to be John’s finalist. If not, we’ll probably say good bye to him in the semis.
  8. They need to pimp a Legend contestant, so this doesn’t surprise me.
  9. I think GNT has a smaller margin of error, due to: 1. Built-in anti-group sentiment in the audience. We don’t know the extent of it. 2. We saw what happened to the last two trios. It’s not easy to do what they do live. That said, of course they have the potential to win. That’s why I’ve have them near the top of my power ranking all season. I have skepticism about everyone this season, for one reason or another. I don’t think anything is a slam dunk.
  10. Slight edge to Wendy/Jonathan on the FB numbers. Maybe GNT/Holly will pass them later today, since their video is on top of the feed. Either way, it will be too close to say one has a huge edge there. Honestly, I was expecting GNT/Holly to wipe the floor, considering hype, song choice, pimp spot, and steal.
  11. What we’re witnessing here is someone who has often been compared to Whitney Houston competing on The Voice. If things would have bounced her way years ago, she would probably be often cited as one of the top vocalists of her era. It’s crazy they were able to get her to agree to do this.
  12. Right now, the view/like ratios are Wendy/Jonathan 27.27 GNT/Holly 29.21 Joshua/Sabrina 32.24 Raquel/Katie 37.89 Gymani/Kinsey 40.79 Hailey G./LiBianca 71.88 (I added the likes for all three postings) I don’t know whether this tells us much, honestly.
  13. They hated the battle, and honestly, so did I. It was terrible song choice. I don’t know which choice was worse between that one and “Car Wash.” I realize theirs was uploaded early, but they have the highest number of views and reacts so far. I don’t think we’ll know for sure until they all have their own solo performance videos and the voting starts. Also, Team Blake voting tends to outperform the stats. But, if you’re telling me Wendy needs better songs, you’re preaching to the choir.
  14. Once the voting starts, look at the view/like ratio. That seems to be the strongest indicator, but it’s not perfect.
  15. I think it’s hard to tell. I mean..we’ve had some who get pummeled in the comments easily make the finale, like Katie Kaden. It’s a small sample size. Almost every winner gets abused to some degree, especially the females.
  16. I’ll just say if you based Chloe’s or Alsian’s chances of winning on Facebook comments, you probably guessed wrong. They both got brutalized every week. The comment sections were a mess. I made that mistake with Chloe. I thought she was too polarizing. I’ll throw Sawyer in there too. I don’t think casuals at home pay much attention to the drama.
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