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  1. She chose Worth the Wait over Taryn too. John was the only one who couldn’t bring himself to go along with that charade. “I’m going to say something a little controversial...” What???
  2. I’ve brought this up before, and it has held true a couple seasons later. Kelly’s pecking order... Male country >>> Teen girl >>> AA diva > Male pop singer >>>>>>>>> 20s and 30s white female. She even tried to bring Maelyn down a peg or two. The problem is Blake isn’t very supportive of them either these days, and neither are the voters. They probably shouldn’t even bother auditioning.
  3. “Ode To Billy Joe” would satisfy the country fans, and it’s soulful enough to have cross appeal.
  4. Joy Reunion not planning out is a significant development on Team Blake.
  5. Just as I suspected....the two roughly 30 year old country females being used as fodder.
  6. Athing Mu is ridiculous. She really looks unbeatable in the 800, and only 19!
  7. Yeah, it would probably be a similar result in the cross battles this season.
  8. BTW, how in the hell did she not fall off? Look at that foot. It’s almost completely off.
  9. Pretty sure the least likely contestant to give anything away is Wendy. There is literally nothing. No follows, no posts, no hints. Good thing the sources remembered her name.
  10. It’s not really a priority for me, honesty. That’s clearly how Obama rose through the ranks so quickly. It obviously wasn’t based on any significant accomplishments.
  11. Sure, but it’s going to be a little overwhelming for her. Honestly, I don’t know how she’s going to pull it off. She’s a big star right now, and she’s going be pulled in many different directions. We’ll see how it goes.
  12. And NBC is rich enough to give each coach a phone to use for this purpose. That is likely the answer.
  13. Apparently, Suni is already talking about 2024. I had been wondering about this, since she’s reporting to Auburn in just over a week. It will be interesting to see how she manages this. She’s even talking about doing the world championships in October, and touring with Simone. Not to mention, her earning potential is sky high right now. I know she really wants to experience college, but when she committed to Auburn, she probably didn’t imagine she was going to be the all around Olympic champion.
  14. All I know is this...once they went live, D.R. was very rough. Knowing that, I can’t help wonder how much help he got from the audio techs in this battle. So, I have to go with Jackie.
  15. Not that many people pay attention to what they say once the competition is done, but I don’t think that’s what the average Blake stan wants to hear, even if they read or hear about it later. That said, the Blake stans probably won’t support his career anyway. That’s not his target audience.
  16. Well, that’s one. He said several. Regardless, I don’t even remember who Jose is.
  17. Did he really say this? Maybe he did, and I didn’t catch it. As a member of Blake’s team, there’s nothing to be gained by saying that publicly.
  18. They openly discussed this? I’m not saying they didn’t. I just don’t remember it.
  19. There may be too few people vaccinated in his state, but the “at least one dose” number is basically at the national average. 58.2% vs. 58.3%. My state (Minnesota) isn’t much better...59.1%. That probably isn’t nearly enough, and the case numbers are starting to creep up again. We got freaking hammered last Fall. I do not care much for my Governor, but I don’t blame him for that. No matter what we do, it’s seemingly going to run its course. These vaccination percentages are also skewed, because 12 and under are factored into population totals.
  20. So, winners do turn more chairs than average, by a margin of 0.58 chairs. Thanks for putting this together. As I pointed out in another thread, winners from S13-S20 averaged 2.75 chairs. The average of all chair turns over those 8 seasons is 2.17.
  21. Winner’s chair turns for these seasons: 3,2,3,4,1,4,2,3. The average is 2.75 chairs. It would be interesting to know what the average overall number of chairs per successful audition was over those 8 seasons. If we include S11 and S12, the winner’s average drops to 2.60.
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