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  1. Those things you referenced are all from over a year and a half ago. When she’s does live streams, people frequently ask her whether she still talks to Kelly, and she ignores the questions every single time. I won’t go down the rabbit hole any further than this right now.
  2. Yeah, I’m not even saying he’s a lock. It’s too soon to know that. I just can’t see any other obvious contenders yet. There are some potential contenders. Two of them are on Blake’s team, and get mentioned a lot here, but it’s not a slam dunk.
  3. That’s exactly my point. It’s the type of season a male country singer can easily dominate, especially after a great audition with the perfect song choice.
  4. Aside for some social issues, on what do you agree with Biden/Harris?
  5. There were alternatives. Last season, for instance, we had Carter, who I thought was an obvious contender for the crown. Who are the alternatives this season? Avery?
  6. I pretty much said it without saying it.
  7. Kelly did fund Chevel’s first album, and helped her with writers, so I’ll give her that. That makes her silence even more odd. I have a theory on this, but no concrete evidence. Having said that, she’s 18 now, so she can make her own decisions, and finally has legitimate professional management. In other words, daddy doesn’t call the shots anymore.
  8. Yep. Chevel has released six singles, a Christmas album, and two music videos, and neither The Voice nor Kelly have mentioned a word of it on social media. She’s getting the Sundance treatment. If she were doing a duet with Kelly, they’d be all over it.
  9. Hopefully, a new performance. I don’t think she needs the full band for this.
  10. Anyone see any evidence on social media of Carter meeting with Republic? He doesn’t post much, but I thought maybe he could have posted something on his story. BTW, I checked his Facebook account. He has 86 followers. EIGHTY-SIX.
  11. She’s participating in this virtual concert on Feb 13th to raise money for food shelves. There are a few other names in the lineup I recognize, including the Dixie Chicks.
  12. Man, those are some weak potential frontrunners, except for one. LOL I’m not referring to their talent...just basing it on what this audience typically likes.
  13. Also relevant....the above is his audition song. Three coaches attempted to block Blake, and Kelly got him.
  14. I’m sure liberals on IDF love this sh*t, but this is something that will certainly negatively impact individuals, both in the US and in Canada
  15. The moral of the story is don’t sign with Republic. Take the $100K and walk away.
  16. True, but at least they paid for it. I doubt another Voice winner will ever get an EP again. Maelyn is the only winner to sign with Republic since (Brynn doesn’t count since she got out of her deal right away), and she got a Christmas cover.
  17. First of all, I did not favor his nomination, and voted 3rd party in 2016. He’s an a**hole and a loose cannon, but I like lower taxes, decreased regulation and conservative judges. I live in a state that ejected Jesse Ventura Governor. Both he and Trump share many of the same character traits, and both of their terms in office ended in about the same manner, except Jesse did not seek a 2nd term (he would have lost).
  18. She released an EP with 6 songs through Republic.
  19. A while back, she was snapping at her followers quite a bit. She didn’t like people asking when her new music would be out, or commenting on performances from the show. She has very thin skin. Also, I just don’t think the content of her tweets and Instagram posts are what her Voice fans wanted to see. I’m sure she’s well aware of that, though. Here’s something you can check out. https://talentrecap.com/stop-bullying-me-the-voice-winner-chloe-kohanski-pleads-with-fans/amp/
  20. I see people being mentioned who’s fate was decided by audience vote. If they didn’t get the vote in the 4-way KO or playoffs, they probably weren’t making the semi-finals and definitely weren’t making the finale.
  21. The battle turned out fine. I’m specifically referring to the lyrics. If you don’t understand my point, I don’t know what else I can tell you. There are literally thousands of songs Kelly could have chosen for Brynn, Chevel and Skylar, yet her choices contained lyrics and content inappropriate for their ages. The end.
  22. Have you ever read the lyrics to Ready For It?
  23. It’s because he’s basically a solo version of FGL. I don’t think many here are into that. Congrats to him on his success, though.
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