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  1. I really don’t think Sid has a chance in hell, but I’ve been wrong before.
  2. I think it’s more likely to allow WTW to get a PV, since I think Blake is going to push them hard. At that point, he’ll be forced to choose. Hmmmmm........
  3. I guess what I’m saying is none of the male country singers are very memorable.
  4. Since there’s so much male country this season, it makes me wonder if much of the audience even remembers Jim, or any of the others, at this point. They all sort of blend together after a while. There’s a good chance Blake could have a significant split between Ian and Jim in the playoffs, unless one of them is a clear and obvious frontrunner by that point.
  5. I think those are video clips from the show she did at Ole Red last week Anyway...that’s probably her most marketable song right there.
  6. IMO, sound production of the blind auditions is partly to blame. This is something they have complete control, so it must be intentional. Of course, I’m talking about Bandzilla. It’s happened to almost everyone, except Cami (Song choice) and a couple others. I hate it.
  7. Kelly’s winners.. 2 chairs 3 chairs 1 chair And these were clearly her early TCOs. Yeah, I don’t think she’s biased toward a contestant just because 4 chairs.
  8. I remember when I did the spoiler list, with no sources! I think it was S7, back when contestants were much more open on social media, and left clues everywhere. It’s definitely a thankless job. That’s for sure. Cut Someone648 some slack. He knows what he’s doing.
  9. With the exception of Kennedy, TPTB hasn’t really shown their hand, in recent seasons, until the voting has started, because massive pimp out of the gate doesn’t work anymore. A week 2 casual, non-pimp spot leak of Carter’s audition could be a sign, but it’s too soon to know whether they will be able to pull off a Gwen win with him. I need to see a couple more performances. He’ll need to do better, going forward.
  10. You really like saying “guaranteed” and “for sure.” You’re probably right about this one, though.
  11. Couple things. Number of chair turns is next to meaningless by the time they get to the KO. Also...what happened in the 4-way KO last time has no bearing on what will happen this time. I couldn’t even remember everyone who was in it, so I just looked. What an incredibly weak foursome that was. I remember the poll, “Who did you vote for in the 4-way KO.” I replied “none.” You can go look it up in the thread if you want. They were all terrible. As for Samantha being a “country singer,” she said she wasn’t a country singer, on national TV, following her blind audition. Personally, sh
  12. Samantha’s performance of Always On My Mind wasn’t very good.
  13. Someone from here PM’d me that Taryn did “very well.” I totally trust this person’s judgement. If she was mediocre, they would have said so.
  14. They aren’t always indicative of who makes the finale or wins the show, but neither are all of the other numbers being thrown around from various social media platforms. Anyway...Taryn is the the only country singer in the 4-way KO, and she’s on the most popular coach’s team with an overnight vote. She also sang a song with significant crossover appeal, and she sang it (a very challenging song) very well. Ryan also reportedly did well. What do we know about their battle performances. Well, according to sources, Ryan got his ass kicked. Taryn reportedly did well, but one of
  15. App % Taryn: 84% Ryan: 73% But I don’t know. Both are getting a lot of views of FB and IG, but Minivan is clearly fawning over Ryan more. Gee, I wonder why. It’s an overnight vote which gives an edge to Team Blake, but it’s honestly a tough call. I think the other two are out of the running.
  16. Interesting. I looked up the station and noticed it was an NBC affiliate until 2017. She was a morning show anchor for a little less than a year. Oh, well. I still say he outkicked his coverage.
  17. And if I recall correctly, I think she liked Jej. Honestly, her Twitter takes are pretty random, but she definitely did stan T-Storm.
  18. Tanner outkicking his coverage...dating this Boston news anchor. So, you know he must be a confident dude, if he pulled this off. LOL https://www.instagram.com/p/B0xu1j6hREi/?igshid=qfnxrvusbr0b
  19. Last week, she said John should win. By next week, she’ll have a new favorite. Just like IDF...
  20. YouTube views don’t guarantee anything. I know you’ve been a fan of the show for a while, so I’m a little surprised at this take
  21. I agree with all of that. A combination of a poor debate performance by Biden (which included a promise to eliminate fossil fuels), the lack of desire for more lockdowns (whether or not Biden will enact stricter lockdowns, he leaves the impression that he probably would) and a third conservative Supreme Court justice has conservatives ready to go. It’s a complete 180, compared to just a few weeks ago, and it’s happening at the right time for Trump. Will it be enough? I’m not going to pretend to know the answer, but nothing will surprise me, because Trump is such a polarizing, unconventional ca
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