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  1. Unless they overrule Kelly give him garbage song choices.
  2. I have another submission for Chevel. It’s getting to the point where I’m liking her non-country covers better. She could switch to folk or alt-rock without missing a beat. “Hand In My Pocket” - Alanis Morissette
  3. They sort of tried some of this stuff with Chevel too. Montaged her battle, never closing an episode, always calling her safe late...even last one week, etc. The one thing she did have is good song choices. That’s one thing Kelly most likely has control over. However, Kenzie isn’t as appealing to the audience as Chevel was, IMO. There isn’t as much competition this time, though.
  4. I understand the logic, but there isn’t really an alternative frontrunner at the moment. Maybe an argument could be made for Cam, but he may have to battle just to get the PV. Battles rarely have much of an impact. Can you think of one that has? Maybe Brynn. Help me come up with some more.
  5. Apparently, it’s hot sauce ON the cinnamon roll. Yikes, I’ll pass.
  6. Just decided to watch the Savannah - Corey battle for the first time, and didn’t realize what a robbery that was until just now.
  7. Not only is Chevel doing the zoom meetings and facetiming her Twitter fans, now she’s doing workouts with them on the zoom, facetime, or whatever. Sounds like they’re having trouble keeping up with her. lol. This seems unprecedented. At least I’ve never seen it before.
  8. Plus they couldn’t even spell his name right.
  9. Yeah, but why such random male names? There’s a lot of fodder in some of these polls.
  10. Another weak group. I can’t even choose a favorite here. How did you arrive at this list of names?
  11. I noticed that. Maybe they’re trying to delegitimize the female winners.
  12. This is a considerably weaker group overall. 1. Brynn 2. Sid 3. Ian
  13. Normally, country singers catch flack from country fans for singing too many non-country songs. She seems to be the exception to that rule. 20K views on Facebook in two hours. They are eating this up.
  14. This is amazing. Honestly...I’ve preferred her non-country covers lately. Especially “Someone Like You” and this one. If you would have told me this would have been the case a couple years ago, I would have never believed it.
  15. It was...OK? If it wasn’t hyped so much here because of the standing ovation, we probably wouldn’t even be talking about it right now.
  16. They were mentioned above. That’s as far as I wish to go with it. In the end, if that’s what makes them happy, so be it. I just think it often holds them back.
  17. Most of the successful up and coming artists keep their private and professional lives mostly separated on social media. That’s mostly what I’m talking about here. But the “duo” aspect is a factor too.
  18. If they had their own successful careers outside of music, it could be different, but they often don’t, so it effectively ends up being a duo with a HUGE gap in talent. That’s not what we signed up for. LOL!
  19. That’s 2/3 that I was thinking of. Didn’t even think of the first one, but I’ll go with it.
  20. Yep. It’s a touchy subject, but it’s definitely a factor.
  21. One of them may not be so obvious since they didn’t win the show. In the meantime, I thought of another, but they don’t seem to be together anymore. Another former winner. This should be an easy one.
  22. It’s not difficult to figure it out. Fans of these past contestants know who I’m talking about.
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