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  1. Almost all of the Comeback Stage performances belong in this thread. That was a failed experiment.
  2. If they want her to win don’t give her to Gwen.
  3. I could DM some to you, but I doubt you’d be excited about any of them.
  4. I’m not going to DM you. There’s just so much you don’t understand, but you’re right, this isn’t the place to hash it out.
  5. Can we also not assume that people who have conservative views are in favor of police brutality against black people? Thank you. Literally nobody sane supports the police officers responsible for the Floyd murder. I live about 15 minutes away from where it happened, and frequently have to take a detour to get around the few blocks that are still blocked off. I know people who live in that neighborhood, and do business over there.
  6. I’m gonna have to disagree. If you’re a country singer, be a country singer. I don’t think those song choices added to his vote total. Blake would have never given him those, and I’ll bet Kelly didn’t either. TPTB was trying to bus him.
  7. I’ll bet Rod wasn’t singing those songs by choice. Everything on his Youtube channel is country (or at least was at the time). On Blake’s team, he was a sure finalist, IMO.
  8. Sorry, but this is pointless without even knowing the contestants or teams. Where that’s “jumping the gun” gif when we need it?
  9. I mean...if these 9 are the best of the lot, the season is in trouble. Am I right?
  10. Last season, I got sucked in by Joanna’s brilliant live version of “Valerie,” which is considerably better than this studio version. I’ll pass. Maybe I’ll try to steal her later.
  11. Do you know all 40 contestants? All he needs is ONE.
  12. I didn’t watch the season, but I assume they bussed Holly to clear a path for Danielle. It took some time, but it worked. Kat is a totally different story. I wanted to like her performances, but after a several weeks of the same, it was clear that it wasn’t going to happen. She just doesn’t have the vocal ability to compete at that level. I knew it, TPTB knew it, even Blake knew it.
  13. Bussing still works, though. The problem with that is if they bus a contestant who’s actually a threat to win, it will hurt their ratings, so they don’t do it. Bussing a low to middling contestant who may be splitting votes with TCO could be a viable strategy.
  14. I just don’t think pimping is very effective anymore. In fact, it can backfire. The audience is too seasoned.
  15. There are a few different cards they can play. Setting her up with a ringer is one they haven’t used with her yet. The Christina Aguilera strategy. Although, that also required extensive pimping.
  16. Anyone who’s followed Chevel knows she’s basically done nothing ever to promote her YouTube channel (and hardly ever posts anything on there), and and has focused on IG and Facebook. She only has about 7700 subscribers. When “The Letter” came out two weeks ago, she posted the link to the CMT story which included the video in their own format, which is something different than YouTube, so they’ve probably gotten the benefit of most of the views, which is fine, because it’s great promo, and we want CMT to get lots of clicks and views on a Chevel article/video for obvious reasons. I don’t believe she’s posted her YT link on Facebook at all (135K very active followers), just a couple retweets on Twitter, and maybe once in her IG story when it came out, so the number of views hasn’t been really impressive, but it’s picked up some steam over the last couple days, and is up to 110K. People are actively searching and finding the video after two weeks. Imagine if she actually promoted it?
  17. I can see them setting Gwen up with a teen. That might be her best shot, although she doesn’t come off as motherly as Kelly. Three straight finales without a teen means it’s probably more likely to happen this season.
  18. Here’s another reaction video. He didn’t know who she was either, because he didn’t even know how to pronounce her name, but the song tore him up too. These are going well so far.
  19. He also posted on IG, and put the link in his bio. I wonder if they’ve met before?
  20. I feel like I lose a few brain cells every time I log into IDF these days.....
  21. While not perfect, Facebook is still the best indicator in the live rounds. Nobody has ever won the show with poor or mediocre Facebook numbers. With Katie, we failed to gauge how polarizing she was, which is where the view/like ratio comes into play. It was poor, and the comments reflected that. Youtube doesn’t tell us much, as it relates to voting.
  22. It’s worth noting that they make it clear that they can and will throw out votes as they see fit, for whatever reason. I’m not saying that’s what happened in S12, but Team Blake is known for their massive Facebook powervoting groups. I’m sure NBC has the capability of tracking IP addresses, and if they see 10K votes come from the same household, they might just decide not to count them.
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