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  1. OK. I thought you were taking about backing tracks vs. acoustic.
  2. After her blind, she said in an interview to be ready to vote for her when the time comes, so it’s not the first time she’s done something like that.
  3. He sounds unstable. I wouldn’t want to test him on it. I’m guessing nobody will.
  4. This seems pretty extreme. I know we have a lot of Filipinos here. I’m not sure whether you’re able to comment on it or not.
  5. This could really favor those musicians. Off the top of my head, Joanna and Thunderstorm are very good guitar players. Backing tracks would suck, but if not everyone can play the guitar or piano well enough, they might have to resort to that. Hopefully, the contestants will get to decide.
  6. If it’s pre-recorded, TPTB will be able to make them sound as good or bad as they see fit.
  7. Live, or pre-recorded and autotuned? This is really important...
  8. That’s becoming a popular view. It’s common sense that a virus 2-3x as contagious as the flu would have many times more cases than what have been confirmed. For example, check this out. This is the influenza chart for the current flu season in my state. There have been in excess of 4000 hospitalizations, due to influenza (about average for MN), and about 200 for Coronavirus. It’s also stunning how much flu hospitalizations have dropped over the last few weeks of social distancing. We don’t have the population density of New York, but it’s still a large metro area of millions of people. I live 5 minutes from the Mall of America, which attracts 40 million visitors per year from all over the world, including China. We have a busy airport, etc. The bottom line is if the virus was here a month ago, tens of thousands or more in the state have likely been infected, with either mild symptoms, or no symptoms.
  9. Keep in mind our stay at home order didn’t take effect until Friday of last week. I’m sure there are far more cases than what’s been confirmed. There is still much to learn about this virus. It may not be nearly as deadly as is assumed, but instead, attacks a small, but very vulnerable segment of the population. The University of MN professor who did the modeling for MN was on CNN the other day, and said he thinks 10-20% of the US population has already been infected. That would be good news. We’ll learn more with antibody testing.
  10. I’m assuming it will be available on all platforms, but when? Maybe that’s on hold due to the pandemic. Again, very confusing.
  11. My bad. I thought that was just for the song, but I see that it’s also the name of the CD. She hasn’t promoted it much. I see she did on Facebook. I wonder why she hasn’t posted it on her Instagram? Any word on when it will be on iTunes, etc.? I’m someone who generally pays attention, and I’m confused.
  12. A cappella version of “Tin Man.” No autotune, no processing, no backing track, just perfect pitch.
  13. Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, or why it won’t work, I would rather figure out ways to try to make it work. We could all make a lengthy list of ways to limit exposure without having the economy shut down. I already mentioned several in previous posts. I’ve had to learn on the fly. I work out of my house and car for the most part. I’ve been meeting with people throughout the stay at home order. I’m exempt from the order, but I have company guidelines to abide by. I’ve had to figure much of it out on my own. Do I worry about catching it? Absolutely.
  14. I just literally said I’m not advocating business as usual on May 1st. I fully understand that it’s not like flipping a switch. Some people will be hiding in their homes until the vaccine comes out, which probably explains the toilet paper hoarding. Nobody is going to force them to be around other people, and frankly, some of them shouldn’t. Sooner, rather than later, the economy needs to be opened back up. Otherwise, the damage will be irreversible.
  15. That’s exactly my view, but I’m not optimistic that it will play out that way. There are many things we can do to protect ourselves and others, without being being stuck in our homes. Also, many can still work at home, and be just as productive. I’m definitely not advocating business as usual starting May 1st.
  16. That’s not happening. Every governor (including mine) is jacking up projections to try to get as much PPE and as many ventilators as possible, and they aren’t giving them up, unless they’re 100% certain they won’t need them. You still didn’t answer my question. Should we stay shut down until we have a vaccine? You and I both know waiting a year or so is not a practical solution, unless you have a radical view on the situation.
  17. Did you know 80K died in the US of influenza over the last two years? Are you OK with those deaths? Why didn’t we have a stay at home order to protect those people? https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html Do you understand the ramifications of leaving our economy shut down for months? Do you think that would improve the quality of health care in the US? I won’t even get into suicides, drug abuse, child abuse, etc. It’s not a pretty picture. I’m really curious what you think we should do, going forward? Wait for a vaccine?
  18. We have 355 ICU beds available in MN. 40 are currently occupied, and there doesn’t seem to be evidence that we’re in for some massive peak. Do you propose a shutdown of our economy until we get a vaccine? You didn’t specify, but that seems to be what you’re suggesting.
  19. Yes, the country can’t and won’t stay closed down until a vaccine is available. In the near future, we’re just going to have to beef up the ICUs (already happening), stop shaking hands, isolate the vulnerable, wear face masks, etc. Regardless of what we do, we’re not going to be able to save every life. Tens of thousands of Americans die of the flu every year, and as long as the health care system is able to manage that load, nobody gives a sh*t. In my state, there are massive layoffs of healthcare workers happening as we speak, because of lack of revenue, due to the current low level of hospitalizations and cancelled elective surgeries, to prepare for this massive peak that appears to be very unlikely to happen.
  20. If you mean his post KO team, no. Minivan likes both Thunderstorm and Joanna, and he dropped them both.
  21. Everyone is in CYA mode, but these governors also have budgets to balance, so hopefully sanity prevails eventually (soon).
  22. I took a quick look at Facebook. Minivan overwhelmingly prefers Thunderstorm.
  23. Thunderstorm won it, but I don’t appreciate John trying to turn him into an R&B singer. Bring bring back the guitar and interesting song flips. Yes, I understand this is what happens in the battle round, which is why I hate it so much.
  24. Drew, it’s not released yet. Only pre-order of a signed CD. I don’t think there’s even an official release date. I don’t even see the pre-order on iTunes. She’s probably waiting for this Covid mess to blow over to settle on a date. EDIT: Actually, I don’t even see the CD pre-order on her website or social media right now. She probably put it on hold now, for obvious reasons.
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