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  1. Savanna really can pull back with her rasp, she wasn’t doing that in rehearsal. Her head voice transition. Too.. she’s complete merc bait..
  2. I confused him with the dude..in my defense he had a country hat and speaking accent..and sounded mediocre.
  3. Ugh..mediocre country dude is probs gonna win..
  4. They sound good together. I like the song choice too.
  5. I like both of these guys. in fact I like quite a few of the men on Blake’s team. Weird.
  6. “the song she wanted to give them didn’t clear” Im guessing
  7. I don’t think they were a good mix, and the song didn’t fit Gihanna, and ended up trying to do too much with it. But she still outsang Hailey.
  8. Awe, I like both of them. But here for Gihanna
  9. Oh boy... S1: Dog Days Are Over - vicci martinez S2: Roxanne - Juliet Simms S3: Toxic - Melanie Martinez S4: One - Michelle Chamuel & Usher (There are so many here though...I was picking between about 15) S5: Hallelujah - Matthew Schuler (Again...ridiculous amount of amazing performances. Like, "I Have Nothing" "I Put A Spell On You" and "Case of You" were also just LIVE performances in this group..never mind blinds, battles, and knockouts..) S6: Steamroller Blues - Bria Kelly S7: When I Was Your Man - Chris Jamison S8: Man of Constant Sorrow
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