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  1. really? That’s surprising as he’s decently well known. anyway, finally took a listen to spoilers. I like Ariana’s team the best. But GNT, Hailey Mae, Shadaly, and Bilianca interest me. also Wendy looks like she’s going to be the best singer.
  2. LMAO, the major investor of this is one of his biggest donors. He's risking people's lives to help his friends get richer.
  3. 50,000 people have been evacuated in two weeks, and GOP fans are talking about incompetence. There's no point in arguing. Yeah, I was wrong about the media (and for the record, I wasn't talking about Fox. I fully expect Fox to carry on with this until 2022, as they did with Bengazi - which was an obvious nonsense political hit job. I just don't expect it to be nearly as effective as Bengazi, because those harmed the most will be Afghans - and Fox's base definitely doesn't actually care about them.) I underestimated ratings grabs. Although politicians on both sides of the isle are walking back their criticism of the Biden administration (and/or defending him), and articles are starting to come around..I'd still be willing to wager that this will be something Dems can campaign on in 2022. And for the most part, this doesn't seem like a topic many people actually care about. And those who do claim to care about it - are completely full of it. They didn't care when Trump released 5,000 Taliban, completely destroyed the refugee system, and withdrew 10,000 troops. Because let's be clear here, Biden is cleaning up Trump's mess. Trump's secretary of state negotiated this deal. And the new Afghan President is a guy Trump released. Anything to try and knock down the Biden administration, which has been solid - and has some legislation that has the potential to be transformational for this country. And just throwing it out there..at this point, more Americans died Jan 6th, but GOP fans would have you believe that was a legitimate protest.
  4. How so? Media relations? Nope. People won't care by Monday unless they are looking for faux outrage. He's already taken responsibility for what went wrong, but what went wrong has been highly overstated. In fact - I doubt you can point to specific issues that are supported by actual media. (Like, for instance, that post about Biden refusing to leave troops in is incorrect..) Seriously, Covid is still running our lives. And with school starting, that's where the medias focus is going to be. And public perception is on Biden's side there. Add too it that Biden's two huge infrastructure bills are about to go up for a vote - and no, I don't think this little media frenzy will last. Evacuation? It's not going as poorly as you are making like. I'm sure, according to Foxnews and conservative media, it's a mess. The airport is secure, they are processing thousands of people every hour and Biden has committed to getting every American out of Afghanistan. I'm sure there will be fake outrage if one American dies, but we'll get there when we get there..
  5. Actually, Trump started the withdrawal and signed the treaty. An action of his, that, at the time made me go "Really, he did a good?" I don't think his reasoning was 100% good, but it was absolutely in line with his international ideology (not Biden's, actually), and I'd be willing to bet that he would be spinning this as a win. (As would Drew an TeamAudra..) But this was just crappy all around. Good on Biden for doing it. Evacuation went pretty smoothly today. Biden was wrong about the Afghan government holding up - but outside of that, this is just a media frenzy looking to find some controversy in Biden's presidency - that really doesn't exist.
  6. You two are unbelievable. DeSantis is doing a wonderful job and Afghanistan is all Biden's fault. But I'm the one that will go at lengths to defend my party. Okay.
  7. Why? His speech was phenomenal. He took the blame, and set out realistic goals. You have a lot of posts here calling this terrible but no explanation of what Joe did wrong, why he is unfit, or what he should have done differently? Did you want to stay in Afghanistan for another twenty years? Wasting money and resources. Fun fact, the Taliban president Trump released is about to be the Afghanistan “president.” Conservatives need to stop laying this completely on Biden. This outcome is a direct result of another one of Trump’s messed. Trump released 5,000 Taliban prisoners. Trump signed a treaty with them. Trump pulled 10,000 US troops before leaving office. Yes, Joe was wrong about the infrastructure of the Afghan military- but if they weren’t strong enough to withhold the Taliban after 20 years, they were never going to be. And Joe is absolutely correct, why lose American lives and But, you know what..As much as Trump and Biden went about this with as much grace as a bull in a China shop, and as much as Trump was a little too pro-Taliban, it needed to happen. They cleaned up Bush’s mess, and America just needs to lick its wounds and not try to enforce Democracy on countries (especially when we barely have it ourselves) And I doubt the result would be different with any President. Biggest difference is that a GOP president wouldn’t do the right thing and take on Afghan refugees. What’s weird thought is you’ll turn around and praise DeSantis. hmmm..maybe trying to force schools to go maskless during the worst part of the pandemic for Florida is a bad idea. He’s gonna be responsible for the death of a lot of kids. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/over-5-000-students-quarantine-or-isolate-due-covid-single-n1276933
  8. I don’t think anyone will care. what’s interesting is that this was essentially a Trump decision, that right wing media is spinning. but of all the things Trump did - getting out of Afghanistan isn’t something I’m upset about. International policy is complicated and there was no right answer here. We should have never been in there..but 20 years later and the Afghan government literally just hands the keys to the Taliban - obviously it wasn’t ever going to get better. We gotta stop trying to “fix” countries. Helping in a human rights crisis (which this is about to be) does not necessitate taking over their government. It’s really sad, but it was going to happen eventually or we were just going to continue spending money there..
  9. what at a way for NYC to get its first Mayor. Major difference between Democrats and the GOP is Democrats hold their politicians responsible for their crap. (Not including the Bernie Bros who are still upset about Franken and continue to harass Kristen Gillibrand about it…) DeSantis has returned to horrible human being or someone without a clue. (Pick one, I guess) He’s losing his shot at President right now. For the life of me. I don’t understand the fight against medical science. Delta may not have boundaries but there are things you can do to limit the spread..and mandating no masks isn’t it. Data after the 300$ child credit shows significantly less child hunger. If he can make it permanent, this may end up being the defining legislation of Biden’s presidency..and if he plays it up, it’ll be hard to beat in 2024. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/08/12/child-tax-credit-hunger-rates-504258
  10. Children catch it though. And if we continue to let it run through unvaccinated people, including kids..we risk mutations which either aren’t protected by the vaccine or which significantly harm kids. And it’s not like..a little risk. It’ll get there eventually. Gamma is the new one, and is apparently more contagious than Delta (and a lot of people attribute this one as the reason many on the GOP are flipping on the issue)
  11. It appears that the vaccine is very protective against Delta (although not as much as before, and we may need a booster), and still highly protective at keeping you from hospitalization (97%) but the catch is..if you catch Delta when vaccinated you can spread it as easily as if you hadn’t been vaccinated. (It’s just significantly less likely that you’ll catch us), which is why the CDC recommends people in high spread areas wear a mask, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not. agree about not listening to Facebook, people should listen to the medical community, who say they should get vaccinated. On DeSantis..look, I’m just sick of crazy politicians. At this point, about 75% of the GOP and 25% (and growing) of Dems are absolute wack jobs. I’d love to get to a time where we could just disagree on policy..and not ridiculous things. There is no reason for Covid to have become political, and the fact that it did hurt us all. (Fun fact, anti-vaxxers started with the crazy left..) so if DeSantis is going to act like a rational human being, like Cheney, I’m gonna be happy about it for now.
  12. There are actually legal arguments that intentional misinformation is a violation of Freedom of speech. It’s a huge problem right now, and causing significant harm to the country. I don’t like him, but good for DeSantis for doing the right thing. Trump supporters eating their own..not surprising..at the end of the day, Trump supporters are the Bernie supporters of the right. edit: omg, that’s not at all how vaccines work. Yes, other people being vaccinated does impact vaccinated people. first, kids can’t be vaccinated right now - so people choosing to not vaccinate are directly causing harm to kids. second, the delta variant is spreading like wildfire because of people who are not vaccinated. Something moving that fast has the potential to mutate into something the vaccine doesn’t prevent. third, the vaccine is 96% effective, and 98% effective against getting seriously ill. That’s not 100%, and it leaves people with autoimmune issues very vulnerable. vaccines are as much about doing your part in society, as it is about helping yourself individually. It’s like wearing a seatbelt or not doing your part in the group project. and I’m saying that as someone who is vaccinated, lives in a state with a high rate of vaccinations, and is unlikely to be impacted by anti-vaxxers personally.
  13. You get lumped in because by voting for him it shows that you care more about those three things than you do the massive white supremacy ideology he encouraged and made policies in favor of. I have no idea why the Republican Party has chosen to go down this path. They refuse to clean themselves of this and work for Black and Brown voters. They don’t have to be perfect. The Democratic Party certainly isn’t, but they aren’t out here encouraging Nazis and waving the confederate flag either. and it’s such short term thinking..does the GOP really think they are going to permanently keep Black and Brown people from voting? Because the truth is, ideologically- most Black people and people of color are moderate, and it’s the blatant racism of the GOP that keeps them from voting for the GOP. So if the GOP just cleaned up it’s act, they’d be able to make a case for those voters. At least enough of a case so that they don’t have to make laws preventing people from voting. But nope, they doubled down on the white supremacy. And because the Republican Party has done this, we can’t even debate policies normally. Like, we’re now disagreeing on whether everyone should have the right to vote, and on science..it’s infuriating.
  14. No, I don’t have a problem with either though. At the end of the day, I’m going to be in agreement with some of their policy ideas, and disagree with others. I wish Manchin would come around on the filibuster - not because I don’t see it’s value, but because he needs to recognize that the GOP will get rid of it whenever it’s convenient for them, so Dems shouldn’t handicap themselves. But most of the time, Manchin is reasonable and representing his constituents. I don’t have a problem with that. (Sinema appears to be a bit of a wack job though, but she’s no more annoying than Collins who had a big bark with no bite). But I wish more Republicans were like Romney/Murkowski/Collins/McCain etc.. Because, for the most part, I find that they are not ignoring problems - rather they just have different solutions..and that debate is important. Like..state vs feds, or government vs private…those are reasonable arguments to have for policy solutions. What isn’t reasonable is most of the GOP’s response to any problem..which is usually burying their head in the sand and/or figuring out how to personally profit. btw: I would have thought you’d like Manchin
  15. I’m not really familiar with Crist, but just a quick search shows he’s a moderate. ”The Left” is a vocal minority with Dems - that’s why they never win anything. I’m sure their brilliant idea would be to run someone with policies similar to AOC and Bernie in a state where we need votes from Cuban Americans. Brilliant political strategy from that section of the Democratic Party. IMO it is unlikely DeSantis is beat. (But if so, Dems will need to run a moderate..Manchin type). It’s not 2000 anymore. Florida and Ohio aren’t swing states, they’re red states. Our swing states are Georgia and the Carolinas, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Texas pretty soon.
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