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  1. Last time I checked..and it was years ago, and DeAndre works on his vocal range, it was C#2- C#7 5 octaves. For reference, Mariah Carey’s live vocal range is debated to be 5. (And again, my guess is because Deandre is older…his voice is lower, and he works on whistle notes so it’s likely he likely had a bigger range. So he’s of the elite/rare category. (Of course anything 3 or above is rare) So I don’t think anyone is gonna touch it on a show, but very few vocalists have a greater range than him, period. btw, live vocal range is what I care about..and IMO the singer has to sing the note on pitch..which might be questionable for Chris Blue. Agree on Cam, I don’t think he gets into the sixth octave, but it would be interesting to listen to his falsetto..he does have a very deep voice though. He’s one of those singers that might have a deceptively large range.
  2. Of top 12, I believe it was Mia Z…from what I remember she was at or almost at 4 octaves. I would bet for men it is Jordan Smith, but it’s harder to tell for men..The low notes are harder to distinguish (which is why people didn’t realize it, but Sawyer actually had a bigger range than Kim and Meghan) Cam’s would be interesting to chart..but biggest vocal range I’ve ever heard on a show was DeAndre Brackensick, and I doubt anyone will ever touch his.
  3. I think it’s still the best performance from the show.
  4. I think these seasons had the best four chair turns. For me it’s: 1.a Sarah Simmons 1.b Bria Kelly but..Matthew, Tessanne, James, Audrey, Josh, and Clarissa were all top notch for me
  5. oh definitely, and this is what made Danielle particularly impressive. Before Danielle, the show was entirely semi-pros. She competed again a person who worked with Michael Jackson, another that was a backup singer for Alicia Keys..Michelle Chamuel was always an independent artist, but she had performed at lollapalooza before the show, and was well connected in the industry too: And then there was little Danielle, who pretty much had her first real performance on live tv - and she didn’t miss a note. And she legitimately won. Literally one contestant had an edge with her because she was just as consistent, but a better performer..but in that case I think it’s fair to consider experience. Every other contestant wasn’t nearly as consistent vocally. It’s just crazy to think about.
  6. I respect your dedication to team waffle Agree completely about the Danielle v Brynn comparison..although post show both of them have shown massive improvement.
  7. The KO.. The Voice has a good record when there is an “obviously the best” contestant, and this time..the obvious best was on Team Blake.
  8. Tbh, I’m actually not sure that Adam is a better singer than Cam (crazy to even think about). Adam obviously has more power, and can sustain a note better..but he can’t do the runs that Cam can do. And I do think they might actually close range wise, given Cam’s falsetto and ability to sing very deep. (Adam’s range is bigger in the chest voice) I’ve said it 100 times..I wish we had more performances from Cam to know..
  9. The only person beating Cam is Adam Lambert from Idol, and that might be debatable.
  10. Fair But I just mean she’s got a cute personality that isn’t overbearing. Minivan loved Shakira and liked Alicia - both of which are beautiful women..they don’t like the strong personality type - which Ariana isn’t.
  11. those comments are from people who really care..most of minivan likely doesn’t know much about Ariana. She knows how to be on tv, and they’re gonna have her be cute next to Blake...they’re gonna like her more than most women.
  12. John’s musical style is just different than the audiences and he doesn’t have the type of base to make them watch. I tend to like his song picks and musical preferences..but I’m not the core base. Usher was the best of the R&B coaches because he was well versed in music outside of R&B..and therefore could have a variety. John, Alicia, and Jennifer all stayed in their own musical lane.
  13. Ariana’s fans are more...intense. Think Swift fans. I think she’ll have much more support from her fans than Miley did. Also, I think minivan will like her more.
  14. This was actually really really hard..I love to really like all of them. 1. Sawyer 2. Danielle 3. Cam 4. Brynn 5. Carter 6. Chevel The top 3 really were hard for me, and again..I think Cam would have ended up higher if he had more performances. Sawyer was the first Snowflake that ever won, and I’ve been watching Danielle grow as an artist for years - and she was the winner of the best season ever, IMO. So it’s nostalgia that keeps them a head of Cam for me. (But I do think Cam is the best singer of the teens, and I don’t think it’s close..which is saying something because these kids are good) All of them are extremely talented, and I was rooting for all of them to win their season outside of Danielle (because she was competing against favorite ever snowflake, Michelle) and Chevel (I wanted Kennedy) but even then, I remember thinking Finale night that Chevel had made amazing improvement and if Kennedy didn’t win, Chevel deserved to. Me having her last is not a slight at all. And even with Michelle competing, I loved Danielle. Also..Cam is the first teen that I think beats out Mia Z and Jacque Lee for vocal talent.
  15. I was wondering what the Chevel/Cam connection was. another thing of note..Blake gave Cam the “most important artist we’ve had on the show” speech a few times. I’ve seen him do that with one other artist - Danielle. And although she’s not the superstar she should be, she is one of the most successful artists the show has had..and she changed the show completely.
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