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  1. I agree..I think we were exposed earlier than we think, and a lot of people don't get symptoms. Personally, I'm suspicious that I've already had it. I was exposed to it by four people, starting in early February...and oddly went through a two week period where I lost my sense of smell - which is a symptom for the mostly asymptomatic people..and just plain weird in any other context. But of course I won't ever know..
  2. I'm gonna correct my statement. Mer mortals can not sing the song better than Amber and Maelyn. Adam Lambert is something else. I still remember watching him on idol and feeling lucky that I got to see him perform live every week. He is the only contestant that I have ever felt that way about - and he wasn't even my favorite that season. (Hello Miss Iraheta....)
  3. Your Governor is one of the few that did was he was supposed to so, when he was supposed to do it. Hopefully, the states around you don't screw you up.
  4. Right. Social distancing means schools and businesses can go back, but perhaps there are still curfews and there are still rules about gatherings of more than five people. (Mass had this whole layout). Meaning, we could still have the lives..but we wouldn't have an audience. If the country could just get itself together, and do it for the next three weeks, and if our government could get the resources it needs in the next three weeks - it could be played out like that. But we still have states refusing a shelter and place. It's just going to drag us out for the rest of us.. I'm really an advocate for states shutting their borders down. (With work exceptions) They have to contain it. Look at Minnesota is doing what it should be, Iowa really isn't. The end result is either going to be people in Minnesota getting infected because of it - or a longer shelter and place in Minnesota ..harming your economy in the process.. And for me, the CT/NYC border. I want CT to just close it off. No work exception. NYC is a sitting duck in a pandemic. Just too many people. The people who live in CT and work in NYC can most definitely work from home (That's what they are doing now..) Don't open that up until a vaccine. I don't want to have to go into Shelter and place every two months because my state borders NYC. #deadserious
  5. The peak is expected to be mid April. Stay shut down until the end of April and practice social distancing after that. That way hospitals have enough resources for the patients they do get.
  6. I dunno, after re-listening, I'm still going Amber. Maelyn is, without question, the better technical singer of the two. (Much more consistent.) But there was just something about Amber's choices, and the simple straight forward arrangement..that puts it over Maelyn for me. IMO, it's totally just a question of preference of styles. You can't sing that song better than either of them.
  7. Amber Maelyn was great, but there aren't many performances that touch Amber's that season. And that was a hell of a season...
  8. They really shouldn't have an audience. Hopefully, we get through the peak in mid-April, and things can resume semi-normally (with caution), in May. But you just don't do things like putting thousands of people from different parts of the country into one area. Even still, once NYC gets this under control, they better shut their borders as much as possible. A flare up can and will happen again.
  9. I thought this might be a fun thread, with a lot of us not having much to do now. We've all been fans of the voice for varying lengths of time..have had different favorite contestants.. Let's share our favorite non-show performances from them. Jacquie Lee - Old Me (#GodDamn) Danielle Bradbery - Messy (Kept it to Live performances and original..my favorite is actually her cover of "God Is A Woman." Danielle made that one of my favorite songs.) Michelle Chamuel - Golden Sawyer Fredericks - Hide Your Ghost
  10. Sanders does hate women - and does not have a great track record there. I think it's hilarious that people think this would be a big deal if Trump or Sanders did it. Trump has 20+ allegations of sexual assault against him. And he admitted to doing it. Sanders 2016 campaign had sexual harassment lawsuits filed against it - and he rehired the people in the lawsuit. Most people don't know about either. Accusers credibility is actually questionable here. Apparently she took her story to both Warren and Harris and neither took the bait. But this is wait and see..I've always been someone who truly thinks that sexual assualters sexually assault. If Biden did this to her..he did it to other women as well. And it'll come out. (The reason I give..say..Kobe Bryant the benefit of the doubt..who had one allegation against him - and a history of active feminism...vs..say...Bill Cosby..who was another 20+..) On another note, I really don't like Biden's wife. (For more reasons than this) Regardless of whether the accusers claims are credible - not okay. If her husband didn't do it then there is no reason to walk back on the idea that women should be believed. As in..they're allegations shouldn't be dismissed because they are women, and allegations should be investigated.
  11. I think the root of Americanism is individualism. Middle class Americans do what they want. Period. Really hope this flattens and we only need to go to end of April....because Americans aren't going to be able to even do what they are doing past then...(Plus, at some point..this will take an irreversible toll on the economy. )
  12. I know two people who have it, and three more people who likely had it. All younger - healthy people. My bigger concern is for my grandmother, who is in a nursing home..that has three cases. I thought this lockdown would prevent me from seeing her ever again anyway, because I really didn't expect her to live through early summer. (She has vascular dementia, and all the signs pointing towards the last three months of life)...now I'm almost positive. I've mentioned a few times that I'm nervous about my students - many who live in traumatic and dangerous environments..and it only gets more traumatic and more dangerous the longer they are home. One of my student's cousin was shot and killed last night. That is related. I'm afraid not all of my students will make it back. My mantra for the past 5 years has been for people to understand how seemingly big things..policies..science..etc..can and do impact everyone in their every day lives. This has been a global shit-show. Donald's actions are the actions of someone who doesn't know what the heck he's doing. It has shown. We're projected to have between 100,000 -240,000 deaths in April. IF we social distance. And those are just predicted from the disease. We need competent government. edit: Drew's question..I wouldn't have disbanded the pandemic team. The senate was bringing this up in February - its at that point that you begin to test and trace to try and quarantine/limit. Preventative action. Making sure hospitals have supplies (and abundance) that they may need. The virus was going to kill some people in America - not Donald's fault. But there was plenty of action that could have been taken to prevent THIS many people from dying.
  13. Don't know names, but the smaller one's voice fits the song better. I'd go with the other one though, because he's got a better voice.
  14. Or he has his TCO (Allegra), and he's clearing the field for her.
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