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  1. mercfan3

    Voice Madness

    Total Votes: 68 Sad - 37 Hallelujah - 31
  2. LOL, Pelosi has all of her wits. Honestly, Biden's is overblown too. Although he's clearly slower than Pelosi. Trump has never had any wits. Supreme Court Justice Nominee calls herself a "Handmaid"...Dear God. https://shero.substack.com/p/when-trump-nominates-a-handmaiden?fbclid=IwAR0YATFdvsA5TwLKm-bWumlm6ms0OIkXgPcHEAwGfJWBE1_hDas4JaCTnUI
  3. mercfan3

    Voice Madness

    Voting has officially ended, and results are in. Thank you so much for all of the participation. (Almost 70 votes for the finale!) I had a blast making this thread and game, and I'm thinking of doing one for The Voice Blinds. I also hope people enjoyed looking back at past performances, or seeing them for the first time. I have to say, that was one of the most fun elements for me. Like - I know Josh Kaufman was eliminated early, but he was one where..I forgot how great he was. (And again, all performances that made the top 64 were outstanding). Although I was a little surprised (although - maybe I shouldn't have been), at the Finale, the top 2 performances are undeniably fantastic. Maelyn is one of the best and most consistent singers to ever appear on this show. She's technically brilliant, and her voice is stunning. She delivered night after night. The only thing I'd ever be critical of is that her season didn't give us enough performances from her. Ironically, when I first heard Maelyn, she reminded me of Amber. Again, one of the most talented vocalists to ever appear on this show. When she was on..she was special. And she was certainly "on" for her performance of "Sad." So..Results are in..and the winner is...... Undeniably one of the best performances in Voice history. And an excellent representation of what is still one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) Voice season's in history. (And for those who haven't heard it, look up the studio...it is stunning.)
  4. IMO, on a technical level, Kim was slightly better than Danielle. Almost identical ranges, stayed on pitch to a similar extent, but Kim was a lot more dynamic. I think there were vocalists that were significantly better than her (Maelyn, Tessanne, Alisan for example) - but she's certainly better than a lot. IMO, she's in the "great" category, but misses out on the "elite" category.
  5. mercfan3

    Voice Madness

    You're welcome.. Y'all did this to yourselves. Couple of notes: Because Maelyn's "Hallelujah" beat the overall #1, it had the easiest path to the finals. Queen being Queen has a huge fanbase advantage, but when it came to some of the best performances this show has had - that was equaled out a bit. Maelyn's "Hallelujah" squeaked by Matt's "Hallelujah" giving that performance an easy path. Meanwhile, Tessanne's performance squeaked by Maelyn's "The Scientist." So in essence, yes..Maelyn's Hallelujah is in the finale over "The Scientist" because of matchups.
  6. mercfan3

    Voice Madness

    The Voice Madness Tournament Finale As always, watch the performances please. Vote for the performance that you think is better! Voting Ends Saturday at noon. Vote Here #4 Seed: Amber Carrington - Sad vs. #9 Seed: Maelyn Jarmon - Hallelujah
  7. mercfan3

    Voice Madness

    After a long tournament, results for the finale are in! #9 Seed: Maelyn Jarmon - Hallelujah defeats #4 Seed: Tessanne Chin - Bridge Over Troubled Water #4 Seed: Amber Carrington - Sad defeats #1 Seed: Tessanne Chin - I Have Nothing The finale will be posted tomorrow. We will have: #9 Seed: Maelyn Jarmon - Hallelujah vs. #4 Seed: Amber Carrington - Sad
  8. mercfan3

    Voice Madness

    Quick reminder that voting closes Saturday. We already have 50 votes!
  9. This one. I'll be fair to Adam, and say he did give Domenic pretty good songs. The indie/jazz lane is good for him. But I think Adam was so hated..and John knows that music so well..that it was a match that would have been fantastic. Also, I think Domenic would have been more successful with Blake. Blake wouldn't know that style as well (but Domenic knew himself well anyway) However, Blake would have softened up that eccentric status that tends to turn viewers off. (Similar to how he worked with Chloe).
  10. psterina thinks that just because Tulsi and Trump have aligning political beliefs that Trump must be progressive. Lol.
  11. I think the midwest is slowly becoming redder (which we saw last election) while the southeast is becoming bluer. (It is at this point that Republicans will suddenly want to challenge the electoral college). But that may not be true this election. It would be tough for anyone to win with the status of the country as it is right now..
  12. Well damn..he's really an incredible musician. Also, he's..um..aged well.
  13. mercfan3

    Voice Madness

    I did not expect - and am pleasantly surprised by - the level of Tessanne dominance that happened throughout the bracket competitions. For me, Tessanne was never a performer that emotionally grabbed me. But she's also the person who I consider the best singer to ever compete on the show - and no contestant has ever made me even think about reconsidering that position. (Jacquie - is her only competition post show, IMO) There is no shame in losing to "I Have Nothing." In fact, I think it would have been the winning performance of any season.
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