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  1. The Bush family’s super pac money is going to go to Biden. Well damn.
  2. Minnesota opened bars? Just stupid. summer is going to be worse for this country than March was. Imma need y’all to stay the F out of New England. (Yes, you too New Yorkers).
  3. Florida Governor is about to kill a lot of people. They need a shut down.
  4. No, I don’t believe in vote suppression. Re: Biden..That was what Kamala’s “moment” at the debate was about. Also, part of the reason why I was surprised black voters didn’t leave Biden for Harris/Booker/Castro/Beto/Gillibrand (senators with a much better record on race). I think though, generally speaking..the Black community tends to “go with the evil you know.” Biden has some serious missteps on race, but he also has some positives. Same reason there is a loyalty to Bill (who does have some significantly greater positives)..young people and social media has brought about a cancel culture that older black voters just don’t abide by. This sort of press on Biden is interesting. It’s not going to work on black voters (the alternative is Trump..). What it might work in is younger voters. Who won’t vote for Trump - but might also stay home.
  5. republicans would lose some political power. Same argument for lack of statehood for PR. They like the Structural advantage they have even if it isn’t representative of the people.
  6. By defund the police. Minneapolis is looking to cut 200 funds million from 1.2 billion. Reasonable. And not at all what you are suggesting. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/06/08/us/what-does-defund-police-mean.amp.html The whole article explains what “defund the police” means. Again - it’s all reasonable. So when politicians are advocating to dismantle, they mean reduce responsibilities, and change the structure of the police department. It appears Minneapolis believes their police department is beyond small repair. Again, dismantling as is, does not mean “no cops and anarchy.” Here is a case study of a small city that did just that. Hmm. Not so bad. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/06/09/us/disband-police-camden-new-jersey-trnd/index.html the twitter tag is polarizing. But no one (reasonable) is advocating for no public safety.
  7. Honestly, you were literally the first person I saw brings this up, and I’ve only started seeing “abolish the police” Facebook posts from my anti-vaccine (sigh) friends today. those aren’t “talking points.” It’s a real discussion about police reform. it seems conservative talking points are to deflect from the actual issue - again. Just as controlling riots were apparently more important than systemic oppression. Again, you even said the chance of it happening is close to zero. So why keep bringing it up? there are so many politicians with louder voices (Harris, Booker), talking about real reform..why are you insisting on repeating the scarecrow argument?
  8. The few Loud voices spouting this don’t represent the whole. As you said, 90% of your state don’t agree with that. I’d be willing to bet that more than 10% of your state thinks that structural change needs to happen In some form to stop police brutality. Again, why let extremists...as loud as their voices can be on social media and memes..define things? Because instead of discussing ways in which police reform can actually happen, like in some of the suggestions that Harris has (both in her legislation and interviews)..who had become a significantly larger voice on the issue than a city councilman...we’re talking about an extreme position. (One in which you believe will never happen anyway). This won’t be a problem for Biden because he approaches policies like a grownup.
  9. 1. It’s a systemic issue, regardless. 2. Race likely played a role in the personal issue. 3. The Alyssa comment - although I disagree with her at times, she was right about Biden/Reade. the problem with the #BelieveWomen hashtag is the same with the #DefundthePolice hashtag By believe women, people were referring to the tendency of society to either not believe women at all and fail to investigate, or blame women for their own assault. believe women simply means that women’s allegations should be taken seriously and investigated. (As was the case with Reade, and as it turns out..she is a lying liar who lies.) It did not mean believe every word out of every woman’s mouth ever. Similarly, defund the police is intended to mean “let’s take a look at the books for police officers, maybe they don’t need military style weapons, maybe some of this money in this extraordinarily large budget - as is the case in NYC - might be put to better use in other areas..like maybe truancy programs, as has been shown there is a huge correlation between truancy and prison..or perhaps in resources for communities.” Not, “take all the money from the police and we will have no police. That will solve the problem.” but it’s real easy to see how #defundThepolice has quickly evolved into the second, just as #believeAllWomen
  10. Yeah. Why would the most extreme define them? BLM is about ending police brutality. Defunding the police is certainly a way to do that - but I think most members and most people in support of the movement don’t agree with that. Drew is correct, one issue is the militarization (with limited training). People are advocating for changes to police and criminal justice systems. Not “no police.” “No police” will never happen. I wonder why people don’t react as strongly to defunding education - states and federal government (Exception being Clinton - even Obama screwed up here) have been doing that for years..
  11. I suppose that makes sense, given it doesn't appear that people who have gotten it but are asymptomatic are now immune. As they don't have the I think the two strains theory is interesting. That the strain that went left was significantly less contagious than the one that went East. I think the protests might actually show if there is any validity to this. Regardless, I don't think this is hypocritical. People were told to stay inside in order to save lives. People are now protesting in order to save lives - knowing the risks..and also at a time where most states are re-opening. People are also, at least, wearing a mask. I think there will be problems again, at least on the East Coast. NYC probably infected itself all over again. Which is just great..
  12. Some elected officials are of the "extreme" or "alt" left variety....similar to Republicans. Difference is, the DNC hasn't lost power to them - yet.
  13. When he picks Kamala for VP, that'll help as well. She's got a strong voice in this fight, as shown in the video. Again, extreme leftists are loud voices on social media - they aren't even the norm for Democrats. And God knows why they chose "defund the police" as opposed to "demilitarize the police" if they were looking for flashy slogans..
  14. The polls weren't wrong last time though. The national poll had Clinton up by 2/3%. That's what she won the popular vote by. The pollsters virtually ignored the blue state that went red, and didn't bother to do proper polling. Nate was the only one who noticed there might be trouble for Clinton, given the limited data. The state polls were also unable to accurately calculate the damage Comey did because it happened so late.
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