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  1. I often feel like the word emoting is used to discredit great technical female singers.
  2. For me.. 1. Danielle/Michelle 2. Tessanne/Jacquie 3. Chloe/Addison although I think Tessanne/Jacquie were the best top 2. This years was very strong though. In fact the whole top 5 was.
  3. I’m not gonna be surprised if Blake wins. He’s got the best singer again. I’ve only seen him lose once with that..
  4. Okay, but better idea.. Kelly and the girl from Girl Named Tom sing a duet.
  5. I put Adam and Haley above both, but of the two..Kelly. (And JHud wraps up the top 5)
  6. This actually isn’t a bad choice. Im still mad at the song Blake made Cam song last season.
  7. I want her back. I think she’ll pick up on what Voice fans vote for. But she’s been fun and a breath of fresh air.
  8. I don’t have an issue with the song as much as with the way it was performed
  9. it’s a nice reminder of how good Voice contestants actually are…
  10. They sound great but I don’t know why they are singing this song.
  11. Yeah, it’s still Tessanne. Wendy, Cam, Alisan, and Maelyn are next, imo
  12. I was gonna be full angry if we had her the whole season and she didn’t perform by herself.
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