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  1. Unsurprising that so many are against consequences. The president of the United States incited white supremacists to attempt a coup on the capitol. This attempted coup was well organized and intended to capture specific people. He then delayed the National guard to help. That isn’t dramatic - those are facts. In fact, that’s the sparknotes version. And conservatives are talking about Twitter. facebook/Twitter etc are private companies. Rand Paul and Donald Trump violated their rules. They have every right to ban them. People get banned for far less.
  2. I'd like to see an example of anyone else inciting a violent mob on social media and not getting banned for it. Generally speaking people get banned for far less. Social media platforms know the hammer is about to (Rightfully) come down on them. They've been trying to clean it up, but at some point - you just have to take real action. And quite frankly, why do some of you feel Donald Trump is above the rules? He blatantly violated the rule that leads to banning, so he's banned. Good. Hold him accountable. Which is the point, isn't it? At least Trump supporters are real. They've ma
  3. It was honestly more important to get him off. Mitch and Pence have already shifted. They’re spineless. people also need to realize that part of the reason platforms do this is they can be held responsible in a civil court if something happens. The senate won’t convict (again. See Mitch being spineless), but it’s necessary to impeach. First, a President can’t do what he did without a response from Congress - Pelosi wouldn’t be doing her job. second, it’s important to remove the dude. He’s unhinged. I know Mitch won’t do it. But again, Pelosi needs to do her jo
  4. When you incite violence - you get banned on Twitter. That’s a rule. And a damn good one.
  5. I thought he was going to be the GOP nominee in 2016. I really wish I had been right. The one thing about Rubio is that I don’t think he is compromised by Russia. He was one of the few Republicans targeted by the bots, and there were a few other things that were noticeable during that primary. There is so much drama that people forget about this connection, and it’s important. whether he’ll get that nomination though. I’m not convinced that the Trump wing of the party isn’t bigger..so if Hawley runs, I can see him getting it - especially if multiple moderate GOP candida
  6. No particular order.. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse Jagged Little Pill - Alanys Morisette Hozier - Hozier Lemonade - Beyonce The Marshall Matthers LP - Eminem Confessions - Usher Wasteland, Baby - Hozier Underneath - Hanson Pearl - Janis Joplin A Night At The Opera- Queen edit: Oh man..forgot some honorable mentions.. Lo fi Soul - Haley Reinhart Stankonia - Outkast Heart on My Sleave - Mary Lambert (although Sarasvati is her best song) The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga Stripped - Christina Aguilera
  7. Pence was given a deadline by Pelosi today. (End of the day) Her caucus is going to meet tomorrow. Not sure what to think about Pence..Trump’s bs put Pence and his whole family’s life in danger. He’s still unwilling?
  8. exactly. What happened yesterday happened in part because we don’t fact check.
  9. to go even further into what TeamAudra said - one group not being held accountable is the media. Trump will continue to get a platform on media sources because he brings in high ratings and money. They’re all responsible for enabling him.
  10. the problem is when false information is spread or people incite violence. if you threaten a member of the GOO on social media, best believe Twitter is banning you.
  11. Lol. unbelievable. This was a Proud Boys (Trump supporter - wholly supported, encouraged, and incited by Trump) thing, that everyone was well aware was going to happen. Pelosi and the mayor of DC requested the National Guard in the morning. This is fully in line with Trump supporter behavior. Remember the Tiki torches? Enough. Seriously. Wake up. I'm done being even a little bit kind to delusions.
  12. Interesting question - how did Pence have authority to lead the National Guard? Oh god, should have seen this coming. No, it wasn't Antifa. It was Trump supporters. And no amount of Trump supporting twitter accounts will change that.
  13. It's concerning that this man still has access to the nuke codes. Seriously, the second Dick Cheney did something good, I got nervous. I doubt it'll happen as well - but at this point, it seems like there was a major split between the old GOP guard and Trump today and why wouldn't Pence agree to it? So I think there's a better chance now than ever. The question is - would this incite people more or would it calm things down? I'm concerned about Biden and Harris' safety inauguration day.
  14. You are an isolationist. You consider that to be a far left value, but it's actually a value on both of the crazy sides of the aisle. You are a covid conspiracy person. Again - you consider that a left value (anti-vaxxer, most likely..although mostly just drawn to conspiracies), but this is a value on both of the crazy sides.. You mistrust the media, and thus look for other sources..again..both a crazy right and crazy left value. You embody what I mean by saying that politics aren't a line or spectrum, they're a circle in this country.
  15. also, you aren't free from consequences from non governmental places. Such as a temporary ban. On another note, I sided with Mitch, Dick Cheney, and Graham this week. Because of Trump. Wow.
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