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  1. Blake with 2 more cool artists… again, both should go through. They were fantastic.
  2. He’s a great singer, but I’m still rooting for Sabrina.
  3. Both of these performances were good, but underwhelming (after Wendy) I would choose Raquel because she’s far more interesting. I also think she’s the type of artist Ariana could really help.
  4. I love Raquel, but she’s gotta be able to sing a slow song if she wants to do well in lives.
  5. if she sounds this good live, she’s coming for Tessanne’s “best Voice vocalist” crown… I love it when Blake has great artists. Wendy doesn’t have the same Charisma as Cam, but two years in a row..Blake has someone potentially dominant.
  6. I love how Ed was like “of course she picked you, she’s trying to win” I love this song…
  7. Both are really good. Raquel’s tone is like honey..she’s got such a great pop R&B voice.
  8. Hold up..we got that first battle, but not Holly’s….
  9. Okay, not gonna lie..I thought Blake’s mentor was Bradley Cooper for a second. now I have no idea who he actually is..
  10. I thought he was gonna kill her, but he was sharp the whole time. Her tone in her belts are terrible..I’d still go with her though. (Messy all around tbh)
  11. Damn..the girl in A GIrl Named Tom can sang so can Kenzie. Good luck Kelly
  12. I’m sure at times. I’d be flipping out if I walked in and saw Kristin though. they did a good job, but Bella..
  13. I love Kelly Clarkson. but on the show, she’s super annoying - and, IMO, costing viewers.
  14. For some reason, I feel like Blake would be the best coach for her.
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