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  1. I played around with Google Trends, and of the names mentioned as possible frontrunners, in this thread, Thunderstorm, Joanna and Todd generated the most search activity from their blind and battle performances. Thunderstorm is the highest by a significant margin. Micah is higher than most, but still a notch below those three. The 90 day chart doesn’t capture Monday’s performances yet, so I had to alternate between 30 and 90 day charts. Monday’s performance should show up on the 90 day chart within a couple days, which will make it easier to show this. My very unscientific analysis of minivan (Facebook) leads me to believe Thunderstorm is running away with it. Instagram too.
  2. Probably. If what Joanna said is accurate, they’re probably just sending some higher end cameras to the contestants, so they’ll record their performances and upload to NBC. Who’s to say the contestants won’t just keep recording over and over, until they get it just right? Who would stop them, or even know? It would basically be like the autotuned Instagram videos that people use to pick snowflakes before a season starts. Live is the only way to make it fair, but then potential technical difficulties come into play.
  3. Some random thoughts. Thunderstorm is the frontrunner. Period. Micah’s appeal to the audience has been vastly underrated by IDF. We’ll see how he does live, if they even do live shows. Joanna has the talent to win, but things need to fall in place for her to have a shot. She needs to be very strategic with her song choices. One bad choice, and she’s gone. Todd isn’t someone I can imagine winning, but he has a chance to make the finale, just based on Team Blake status. Allegra has a chance to contend, but we’ll see how her unique tone plays with the audience if they sing live. She has this mumbling thing going on that I can’t get past, but maybe it’s just me. Her battle was successful, but frontrunners don’t emerge during battles. Toneisha could be in play for a finale spot, if we have an instant save, but I don’t see her being a top vote getter. Zan doesn’t seem to be catching on with the audience, and there isn’t much time. We’ll have a better read on her chances following her KO. Joei is a Team Blake country singer, so of course she has a shot, as well. But, she has to get past Minivan first. Megan is really raw. Not sure how that’s going to pan out once they either sing without autotune, or from their living rooms. I really don’t think she’s ready to contend.
  4. Lauren’s without question. I’m listening to that studio right now. I think it’s one of the best studio recordings in the history of the show. Todd and Jon did fine, but this isn’t even a fair fight. Plus everything seak said above.
  5. Regarding the recording of instant saves, and even the regular performances. Who’s to say they won’t redo a performance that didn’t go well? They obviously couldn’t get away with that if there’s an audience, but in this case, would would know? I really hope they can figure out a way to do this live, or it will be a joke.
  6. I’m fully expecting John to miss the finale. 4 of.... Thunderstorm Micah Todd Joanna Allegra It’s possible that someone else could sneak into the mix, but I’m just thinking I’m terms of vote potential, based on what we’ve seen so far. I think Thunderstorm is the only semi-lock. It’s possible that one or more of those 5 won’t even make it past the T17. If they just advance the top 8 in votes, I think all of them will make it. It remains to be seen whether they could pull off an instant save from their homes. I think they should scrap it.
  7. Yes, he does. So does Joanna. If they do the shows live, those two and maybe a couple others will have a huge advantage.
  8. Yep, I figured out what she's doing over the last couple days. Rather than release everything at once, release a signed CD, and gradually release singles on all other platforms. It's actually a smart strategy. I think she's selling quite a few signed CDs to her Facebook followers. Didn't Kelly do use a similar for her last album? I’m also seeing a lot of evidence that her Facebook followers are buying lots of tshirts, etc. when they go to her website to buy the CD. She’s on Facebook live right now selling stuff. She’s pretty good.
  9. Google trends: Thunderstorm 100 Megan 35 Samantha 29 Todd 20 Mandi 16 Jacob 11 Zan 11 Taylor 9 Arei 7 Jon 7 Cedris 5 Top 5: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now%201-d&geo=US&q=thunderstorm%20artis,megan%20danielle,samantha%20howell,todd%20tilghman,mandi%20thomas
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