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  1. We need to nail down the definition of “team minivan.” There are definitely soccer moms in their 50s, approaching 60, but we’re getting lost in the weeds here. I know what you meant, and agree with you.
  2. 45? The median viewer is 60. I don’t know whether they know who TLC is, but I agree there’s a faction of female viewers who identify with Kim and Katie, but clearly not enough to put them over the top.
  3. If Team Minivan could sing, they’d probably choose a different genre, though. She was a gimmick act who made it further than anyone expected. In real life, her act probably isn’t so gimmicky, but that’s the role she played on TV.
  4. They have more effective ways of pimping the TCO now. The audience is too smart after 17 seasons. If they make it too obvious, too much early pimping can backfire. This one was probably chosen for the reasons you mentioned, and I’m not expecting Nelson to be a contender.
  5. I nominate Kim Cherry, but this one might be a close 2nd. It’s not bad, just not very interesting or unique in any way.
  6. Do we know anything about his status on the show? I know there are no spoilers that tell us anything, but what about his IG stories during the tapings? The performance is decent karaoke.
  7. Yep, pretty soon we’ll know which pimping strategy they decided to employ to try to get Nick a win. Will it be “in your face,” or “late push?”
  8. That refers to app team size for people who play the game. We don’t know what the cutdown will be from 17. 8 makes the most sense, I guess.
  9. Did Biden recently get some work done on his face? His eyes look squintier than I remember.
  10. I really do hope this gets decided in a brokered convention. Pass the popcorn....
  11. Like him or not, 20,000 people have a job right now because of Bloomberg. This is another area where Bernie starts losing people.
  12. Trump would chew Bloomberg up and spit him out on a debate stage, and every Democrat watching this knows it. I think tonight is the beginning of the end of his campaign.
  13. Bloomberg will be found dead in a ditch after this debate.
  14. If Bernie wins the nomination, are you going to vote for him? Just curious....
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