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  1. Or that he ends up on the new coach’s team. Maybe Nick didn’t have any finale worthy contestants, so they decided to throw him a bone.
  2. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a fan thread already. He deserves one. I’ll work on this page later. https://instagram.com/thunderstormartis?igshid=oamld6dyhtlk Fan List: TeamAudra
  3. Supposedly, Thunderstorm messed something up in his KO, but on the surface, it looks like John threw away a potential finalist in this pairing. Mandi better be really good. TEAM JOHN Mandi Castillo (Stand By Me - Ben E. King) vs. Thunderstorm Artis (Preach - John Legend) - STOLEN BY NICK -Both were good, Thunderstorm has a unique tone but messed up the beginning of his song -Both were originally 4 chair turns
  4. I’m not going to go back and watch the trailer, but this looks pretty legit. It’s probably a clip of the upcoming episode.
  5. I just wondered if it would be that way on this one, since it was a hidden track on her album, but never mind! I’m sure you’re right. That concern even seems dumb to me after thinking about it. LOL.
  6. That appears to be the case, unless we’re being tricked by editing.
  7. How could the conversation have been about “present” contestants if the premiere hadn’t happened yet? And since they were talking about the upcoming premiere, why would they talk about Adam Levine? If he was still a coach on the show, he probably would have come up in the conversation. The same thing applies to past contestants. They wouldn’t come up in a discussion about the upcoming premiere. We all know the coaches are the primary draw for the audience anyway.
  8. Wow, now it’s... ”No one”: 51% Sanders: 37% Biden: 17% Everyone else is at 1%, or less. As new polling data trickles in, Sanders’ odds are cratering. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-primary-forecast/
  9. Gender: Male Coach: Blake Genre: Country
  10. Overnight, “No One” has taken the lead. No One: 47% Sanders: 39% Biden: 12% All others are at 2% or less.
  11. Feels like Joe is gaining a little footing now. Bernie as a frontrunner doesn’t wear well with the overwhelming majority of the party. He has about 30% in his corner, and has feasted on 2 caucus states and very friendly New Hampshire. Whether his low ceiling becomes the deciding factor might depend on how long others stay in the race. If it was straight up Biden vs. Bernie, I think Biden would win easily. 538 gives both Sanders and “No One” a 43% of winning more than half of the pledged delegates. Biden is at 11%. Nobody else is above 2%. Pass the popcorn. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-primary-forecast/
  12. I know, but Kacey and her co-writers are doing Chevel an enormous favor here, and she has a lot of hardcore fans. All I’m saying is it’s best to tiptoe around it. Chevel will probably say Kacey wrote it every time she performs it.
  13. Yeah, not the same song. I checked that out earlier when I was searching around. Song titles get reused all the time. Also...keep in mind, some hardcore Kacey fans will probably be sensitive about this. They will still consider it Kacey’s song. I totally understand, and I’m sure Chevel will too. The more casual Kacey/country fans probably won’t know the song. This isn’t the only Kacey song Chevel has. Apparently, Kacey/Shane/Brandy have dozens of unreleased songs.
  14. After consulting with the resident Kacey expert, the song was a hidden track on Same Trailer Different Park, so technically “unreleased.” Like I said, it won’t be found on iTunes. https://www.oldies.com/product-view/49415O.html
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