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  1. Post battle top 5 power ranking, in no particular order: Wendy, Peedy, GNT, Hailey M., Bella. Watch list: Holly, Samuel, Ryleigh, Gymani, Jeremy, Shadale, David This season is difficult to nail down, which is why I didn’t rank the top 5. If there are no quotas for the finale, I expect at least one coach to be left out. That would most likely be John.
  2. There are a lot of comments on YT freaking out about Bella not being in the video. Fortunately, Disney is there to explain what’s going on. LOL. I’m assuming these are mostly Ariana stans.
  3. I have no words. What kind of evil bastard does this?
  4. Since he’s on Blake’s team, and considering the lack of minivan bait, he could still win.
  5. It could be. The first week is freaking loaded. Ari needs a frontrunner, so let’s put Bella in week two, where she can get more attention. Makes sense!
  6. I feel like this batch of pairings for next week is favorable for Bella to stand out if she gave a good performance.
  7. No matter how the performances go, minivan will say Carson should have stayed.
  8. I’m ready to predict with about 90% confidence the montage will be Peedy-Berritt. Remember, Blake said something about “can’t wait until we hear Carson on the fiddle,” and they aired it. It actually seemed like a comment that could have been edited in.
  9. Having her sing Aretha could be TPTB’s way of neutralizing her. Even if it was her idea, it will likely have the same effect. Of course, her performance will be amazing, but minivan will have a collective yawn over it.
  10. SNL mocking a Democrat President. Hell has frozen over. It’s pretty good too. This sort of thing isn’t particularly helpful for Biden. LOL
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