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  1. I think we’re all pretty set in our ways at this point. I don’t like any of those you mentioned, and I don’t listen to country radio at all. I’m not opposed to listening to an album once or twice, like I did with Maren’s first album. I’ll give just about anyone a shot, including those with pop elements in their country music. I listened to Taryn’s EP several times, and that’s really pop. I like it. I also listened to Kenzie’s album, and did not like it at all. If he sings songs like that on the show, I will bail in a heartbeat.
  2. Yeah, he follows Chevel (they worked together on an acting project earlier this year) and Carter, but not his own coach. Other than that, I don’t even recognize the names on the verified accounts he follows.
  3. AND.....he doesn’t even follow his coach. I can’t believe we spent all that time talking about Maren Morris, just because Kenzie followed her years ago.
  4. I don’t get the impression he’s very active on Instagram lately. He’s probably been following those people for years.
  5. He probably followed her a long time ago. He also follows Kacey Musgraves, Garth Brooks, Luke Combs, Maddie & Tae, Ronnie Dunn from Brooks and Dunn, Blake Shelton, Morgan Wallen, Lindsay Ell, John Michael Montgomery, Brett Young, Carly Pearce, and a lot more, but I don’t feel like typing them all. This is called throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.
  6. My issue is passing off pop music as country, so I have to be fair and say that applies to Maren as well.
  7. LOL, I hate double standards, but you’re entitled to your opinion. As for whether she can sing, her performance on the show a couple seasons back was terrible.
  8. I also work face to face with individuals, so I feel like I was destined to catch it no matter how many precautions I’ve taken. 15 minutes+ in the same room with an infected individual is all it takes, even if all parties are wearing masks. My state (Minnesota) has been ravaged by it. It was just a matter of time. It’s sort of nice to have it out of the way, knowing I probably can’t catch it again for at least 3 months. Sorry for turning this into a covid thread, but there’s nothing else going on. I suppose we could talk about Kenzie a little more.
  9. Thanks. It was like having a mild cold for me, but obviously I had to miss two weeks of work (with pay). Anyway...that last sentence is interesting. I wonder about that legalities of requiring proof of vaccination for entry into events, business, etc. I suspect we’re going to find out soon.
  10. Right, if masks were the answer. California wouldn’t have 3.21 million cases. Maybe they help a little? All I know is when you breath, talk, cough or sneeze, some of the air will leak out through the edges of the mask, and the “face coverings” some people use are laughable. And some people use the mask as a substitute for social distancing, and touch their face while putting it on and taking it off. Don’t even get me started. If I wasn’t already most likely immune, I would never spend several hours, indoors with that many people.
  11. I caught it last month. I’m super careful. When around other people, I always had a mask on, and so did they, so I have no idea how I got it. Many hours sitting in a studio with 50 people, plus staff, contestants, coaches, etc. isn’t going to happen until a reasonable level of herd immunity is achieved, mask, or no mask.
  12. Adam to Chevel: “It’s basically a four chair turn, but by the time I decided, they had already turned.” Chevel to Adam: “I love you.” She probably wouldn’t have picked him, but crazier things have happened. Toward the end, he was afraid of losing.
  13. Somehow, I knew someone was going to bring that up. They’ve had 3.21 million confirmed cases. They also have a population of 39 million, so there is still potential for a breakout. If they’re gonna tell gym and restaurant owners they can’t serve their customers, I don’t want to hear about studio audiences (indoors) for TV shows, when it has no bearing on jobs, or the profitability of the networks. I’m not in favor of shutdowns, but I do believe in exercising common sense.
  14. California’s numbers appear to have peaked, but they also have 13% of the total US cases. Studio audiences for TV shows are not essential. They can still produce the shows without it, without loss of revenue. Seems unnecessary, at this time.
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