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  1. I don’t care enough about it to spend more than a moment contemplating it, but that’s not a good look.
  2. We’ll see. A couple pages back, I said the song isn’t that bad, and that I just don’t think it’s a competition song, or one that will be the springboard for a Kenzie victory.
  3. Morgan Wallen gives an update. He won’t be performing at any of his previously scheduled shows this summer. That’s probably a smart move . https://people.com/country/morgan-wallen-breaks-months-of-silence-really-worked-on-himself/
  4. Not only do I think much of minivan will be hearing that song for the first time, but many won’t be very familiar with Luke Combs. Not everyone listens to the radio these days. My first time hearing the song was after I found out what Kenzie sang. I’d never even heard the title before.
  5. They were trying to pimp a win for Alicia. Simple as that. I doubt Blake is trying to get Kelly a win, so this recent comment is strange.
  6. Oh, I’m sure there’s a bus warming up with Jordan’s name on it.
  7. What if he gets Lips of an Angel? So far, two contestants have been bussed with that song. One successful, one not.
  8. The funny thing is, I have confidence that she could sing that song and do fine with it. LOL. It wouldn’t have done much for votes though.
  9. Imagine if instead of Travelin Soldier, she sang bEeR nEvEr bRokE mY hEArT.
  10. Yeah, they didn’t bus her. She just didn’t get extra help like Kennedy and Kirk did. They don’t usually “bus” popular contestants, and they obviously knew how the voting was going.
  11. I’m actually not so sure about that one, but it’s a really good song, and he did well with it.
  12. TPTB should have figured this out by now, but the best way to bus someone is to make sure they don’t have a moment in their KO.
  13. So, just to be clear, I’m not changing my predictions yet, but Kenzie’s “frontrunner” status is starting to bug me for all of the reasons mentioned. Hopefully, the KO round clears some things up. I’ll try to avoid the quick trigger this time, and wait it out, but after the PO I’ll be ready. LOL
  14. Let’s review the significance of the KO round. I’ll just go back to season 13, because I don’t remember much before that, without looking stuff up. Chloe: Landslide Brynn: Here Comes Goodbye Chevel: Travelin’ Soldier Maelyn: No KO round Jake: Cover Me Up Todd: Anymore Carter: You Say Look at those song choices. All of them likely became frontrunners after those performances. Cam supposedly had a moment and Kenzie sang beer never broke my heart.
  15. Kenzie’s battle didn’t get many views on Facebook, but battles can be weird, so we’ll see. If Cam has a moment in the KO as has been reported, and he gets the PV in the PO, I’m moving him to the top of my power ranking.
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