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  1. Maybe even after the pandemic is over. It would allow for fans all over the country and the world to see their favorite artists in concert. They can still do live, in-person concerts, and an occasional virtual concert to reach people who can’t make it to a venue for one of numerous reasons. It isn’t really anything new, it’s just being repackaged. We’ve already done the math.
  2. She’s also going to have a virtual merch table for the concert, selling more CDs, shirts, etc. More brilliance. It will be interesting to see whether she can sign other artists up to do virtual concerts on her site, because that is clearly the intention.
  3. She went live on Facebook and Instagram to promote her virtual concert. The 5000th ticket buyer wins and autographed poster. I don’t know whether she’ll sell that many, but if she does...at $26.50 per ticket....damn. I have seen quite a few people comment that they either already bought a ticket, or plan to. Even if she only sells 1000....or 500...I think this is brilliant. She can really sell too, otherwise this wouldn’t work. But it will work, just like the signed CDs did. Her captive audience is mostly on Facebook, and they have already proven they will support her with their wallets. She also said the reason she moved the release date for “The Letter” from 7/10 to 7/24 is because “there’s something exciting happening.” Interested to hear what that might be. She’s actually moved the release date for this song twice. Here’s the livestream link. Hope it works. https://facebook.com/officialchevelshepherd/videos/599432267627487/?vh=e&d=n
  4. Deaths per million. USA: 416 Sweden: 547 And if you’re going to cherry pick a state, why not the one you live in? Florida: 198 —— FYI... Canada: 233 - Much less densely populated than Florida, with much more strict lockdown policies. Having said that, I agree with you that shutting the economy down might not be worth it.
  5. Have you ever visited BLM’s website? They want to be involved in more than just criminal justice issues. I’m interpreting what I read on their site to mean the 3 year old getting shot is supposed to matter. Check out the “What Matters” and “about” sections. If they’re going to put all of that on their website, they should put their money where their mouth is. https://blacklivesmatter.com
  6. I just want them to acknowledge the innocent black lives who get caught in the cross fire, like the 3 year old I already mentioned, plus the 7 and 8 year olds who also got killed in the last week of violence. I guess there’s no money in that, so it leaves the impression that some black lives matter more than others. I think a large chunk of the money gets funneled to Democrat candidates, tbh. I’m proud of you for acknowledging the scams. Yay! Like I said before, there are groups that do this on the right too. They don’t exist to form policy. It’s all about raising money, and gaining influence among their bases.
  7. She mentioned it here, and the link will be in her bio. SP Productions is probably her domain. $25 is a lot of money for a streamed concert, but she doesn’t need many to cover her overhead, which is basically ZERO. She’s up to 125K Facebook followers, and over 1/2 of them have been gained over the last 3 months from posting covers. Between that and some of her most loyal Voice fans, she’ll sell some tickets. It also helps that she’s not limited to a particular location. I’ve noticed she has an unusually large number of new fans from India, of all places. Anyway, today’s Saturday song is a stripped down version of “Everybody’s Got a Story,” which I prefer to her recorded version, tbh. Very nice! Facebook: She’s going to promote this heavily, just like she did with her signed CD. And it will probably work...like it did with her signed CD. I’m impressed by her marketing instincts. https://spproductionslive.com/
  8. Also, where did you find this? I don’t see it anywhere on her social media yet. I even tried Googling and found nothing.
  9. Interesting. I wonder who is behind SP Productions. She’s the only one they have on the schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s her own venture, or at least a joint venture. All they need is a stage and some decent camera/sound equipment. Low overhead! https://spproductionslive.com EDIT: The domain was created only 8 days ago. They’ve intentionally made it difficult to determine who’s behind it, which is normal.
  10. “Strawman argument.” I know this is the Democrat talking point, since you all know it’s very unpopular. It probably won’t happen, because the upper middle class and wealthy liberals of Minneapolis (they don’t care what the poor think, they’d just shove whatever they want down their throats) are not on board with this craziness, but this is not just about reducing the police budget. They wouldn’t even succeed in getting the simple budget cuts you’re talking about, because they tried that last year. As for the rest of your argument, I suspect a lot of your claims wouldn’t survive a thorough fact check, but since only 5-10 people will likely read this, I’m not going to bother. Can you tell me how much of the money raised by BLM over the last several weeks will actually go to directly support inner city black people? Will they help them rebuild their businesses and neighborhoods? Where does it go? I honestly don’t know, but I thought you might. I view them as a political organization pushing a Marxist agenda, while hiding behind a catchy slogan. A lot of well intentioned people are being fooled badly by this. —— Plan advances to allow dismantling Minneapolis Police Dept. The Minneapolis City Council has unanimously advanced a plan that could one day do away with the city’s police department, following unrest over the killing of George Floyd https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/minneapolis-council-puts-plan-abolish-police-motion-71469336
  11. If they do an entire season without an audience, I fully expect the ratings to be terrible. It won’t be like the last season where everyone was cooped up in their homes with nothing else to do. Even with that advantage, the novelty wore off quickly, and ratings went fractional. Let’s hope they can at least have actual live shows.
  12. It’s important to distinguish between when deaths actually occurred vs. when they are reported. This is why I put more weight on the “real-time” hospitalization data. Take a look at that chart.
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