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Rank the Top 9


Rank the Top 9  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose

    • Kenzie Wheeler
    • Cam Anthony
    • Dana Monique
    • Victor Solomon
    • Corey Ward
    • Rachel Mac
    • Pia Renee
    • Gihanna Zoe
    • Jordan Matthew Young

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14 minutes ago, Hsamid said:

Based on all their performances so far.


1. Dana

2. Cam


None of them have had bad or even mediocre performances yet imo. At worst they've been very good. Dana is number 1 just because I've found myself replaying her performances more than Cam's.


3. Corey


Love his voice, favorite knockout performance this season, and everything else has been really good with the exception of his instant save. But those are rarely that good in the first place.



4. Victor


His only meh performance was his knockout, had one of my favorite blind and battle performances, and his live was one of the better ones imo


6. Gihanna 


Same thing with Rachel,  except I like her performances a bit more.


7. Rachel


Her improvement is very impressive. Though I'd say her live is slightly behind her ko performance.


8. Pia


Unpopular opinion but I actually enjoyed her vocals in her battle, great knockout too. But she had the weakest live performance of the top 9 imo


9. Jordan


Had one of my favourite performances last night, but he never piqued my interest before then. If this was only based on live performances, he'd probably be in the 2-4 range

You forgot the wheels

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I’m not going to rank them, because then someone has to be on the bottom. 

Favorites in no particular order: Kenzie, Cam, Jordan


Next tier: Gihanna (she has the potential to move up with the right song)


The rest. 





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  1. Cam (obviously)
  2. Dana (obviously)
  3. Corey
  4. Rachel
  5. Gihanna
  6. Pia
  7. Victor
  8. Jordan
  9. Kenzie

This was HARD

The only reason Kenzie’s last is because the only performance I’ve enjoyed was his knockout. Cam/Dana have been flawless every round, Corey and Rachel are right below them. Gihanna/Pia/Victor is VERY tight because they all have 1-2 performances that FLOORED me but one that didn’t do it for me (Gihanna and Pia in the battles, Victor in the playoffs). I’m currently OBSESSED with Jordan but I’ve been in love with everyone above him for more time, so he’s in the bottom for default lol 


Honorable mention to Ryleigh because I’m still sad about her elimination :( 

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1. Corey

2. Gihanna

3. Rachel

4. Dana

5. Victor

6. Pia

7. Cam

8. Kenzie

9. Jordan


I like all 9 of them and Jordan is only last because nothing he’s done so far as been that exciting for me except for his PO. Cam has also had bad song choices imo so I think he would be higher if he did better songs.

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1. Gihanna Zoë
2. Rachel Mac
3. Cam Anthony
4. Dana Monique
5. Corey Ward
6. Jordan Matthew Young
7. Pia Renee
Not my favorite, but great at what they do
8. Kenzie Wheeler
9. Victor Solomon
For comparison, here's my averaged out rankings for them based on my personal spreadsheet (T17 not finalized and IS not added for Corey)
1. Cam Anthony (9.625)
2. Gihanna Zoe (9.55)
3. Corey Ward (9.5)
4. Rachel Mac (9.325) - Note: If I remove the outlier (her BA), her ranking is higher than even Cam's.
5. Dana Monique (9.325)
6. Jordan Matthew Young (9.15)
7. Pia Renee (9.1)
8. Victor Solomon (9.075)
9. Kenzie Wheeler (9.025)
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Glad y'all like them, just not my cup of tea
9. Jordan Matthew Young
8. Kenzie Wheeler

Most improved
7. Rachel Mac

Ol' Reliables
6. Victor Solomon

5. Gihanna Zoe

4. Pia Renee


The token AA diva

3. Dana Monique

The Golden Child

2. Pete Mroz Cam Anthony

The Precious Snowflake

1. Corey Ward

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My Savior of the season - Rachel Mac: Her growth arc is amazing and has shook me at the improvement every round. Her KO had me like "what?! slay girl" She's the only one who can also make the finale with a good shot, she just has to deliver again next week. I would be proud even if her peak was 3rd place, she's talented.


2. Corey - I like Corey's run so far. His songs and performances have all at least been 7/10's, even his weakest performance which was "Lose You To Love Me" wasn't anything below decent. I'm rooting for him, I would also be excited for a Finale duet with Kelly.


3. Gihanna - She has been growing on me every round, I will say that I wasn't keen on her Blind or Battle, but I saw potential. Her KO was her breakout, but I was hoping for even more in the future. I didn't want to see her go so soon. Her PO delivered and I wanted her to make the Semis at least. She's raw and powerful with great control. Its a long shot, but I hope she can make the Finale somehow if she delivers again next week.


4. Cam - Growing on me, he's good.


5. Pia - I was sad Ryleigh didn't make it, but I guess Pia's good too. I'm hoping she can beat her opponent next week, but its whatever.


6. Kenzie - Underwhelming, he's still making Top 2, at least he can sing decently.


7. Dana - I'm trying to get behind Dana, but her songs and performances feel exhausting or boring to listen to. Like sis give me something new. 


8. Jordan - Yes you can play an instrument, but your voice is as dry as my paint on the wall.


9. Victor - I'm actually a bit angry he's here and not Ryleigh. She has double the stats on SM(Includes FB) and she doesn't even get PV over his abysmal performance? Nah he can leave for all I care. His KO and PO's just made me yawn and roll my eyes.


Sorry if a little mad, I'm still salty at Anna and Ryleigh's eliminations. But I tried not to take Jordan or Victor out on that.... key word "tried" and even then they would be in the bottom.


Imagine if the Top 5 were the actual Finale? Darn that would be good tbh. Cam/Gihanna(or Corey)/Pia/Rachel. IS: Corey(or Gihanna)

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1a. Gihanna Zoë

1b. Rachel Mac



3. Cam Anthony

4. Dana Monique

5. Corey Ward


Not my favorites, but great!

6. Pia Renee

7. Jordan Matthew Young

8. Kenzie Wheeler


Please give him Gospel!

9. Victor Solomon

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Cam Anthony


Fantastic all around


Gihanna Zoe

Corey Ward

Dana Monique


Amazing vocalist (so-so performer)


Kenzie Wheeler


Great at some point


Jordan Matthew Young (in the POs)

Victor Solomon (only in his blind - I hope they give him gospel this time around!)




Rachel Mac - She's had an amazing growth arc, but so has Gihanna, and I like Gihanna's tone much more

Pia Renee


Should have been here


Ryleigh Modig!

Anna Grace

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