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  1. I hope not. Those are two of my favorites
  2. They could just lower the amount of people per team so that it’s not as long if they need to delay and then everything else would be the same
  3. That’s what I would guess. Maybe she wants to move both forward and eliminate an extra person next round like guy did this round also.
  4. I honestly don’t understand why Bukhu is on this show. What he’s doing isn’t captivating and he seems like someone that would have a viral AGT audition but would be sent home during judges cuts because it’s no longer interesting a second time around. I just don’t see the voice being a place for him to do his thing. I do agree though that it wasn’t fair for him to barely even sing, but I wasn’t impressed by what we did hear.
  5. They could start with 40 again and then remove either battles or knockouts. Then after that round (with one steal), there would be a t24. If they want to throw a save in there also, we could do another 4-way KO and have a t25 which would then go to a t13 the following week like usual. We then end up starting the POs 2 weeks early and the smaller teams means one less week of blinds. So, the latest I think they could delay the season would be by 3 weeks but I assume they’ll try to start on time.
  6. I never saw Rose’s PO song as a bus. Just because it was uptempo doesn’t mean she was going home. Going into the night, she was clearly in the t2 so they probably didn’t need to go all out with a ballad for her but she and Joana were the clear t2 of the night still after the performances.
  7. I’m actually excited to have Gwen back. I’ve liked every season that she’s been on and she always brings at least one really interesting person to the lives. I’d also love to see jhud and Miley come back to have a s13 redo but that probably won’t happen
  8. I wonder if Brynn will still have a manager...
  9. She tweeted that she was going to but didn’t
  10. I wonder if season 19 will run normally and season 20 will be the one with issues because everyone is starting to worry about a second wave next winter
  11. 1. How Will I Know - Allegra and Michael 2. Your Song - Micah Iverson 3. Miss Independent - Arei Moon 4. Top of the World - Megan and Samantha 5. Blackbird - Thunderstorm Artis 6. You Don’t Know Me Name - Arei Moon 7. Blowin in the Wind - Zan Fiskum 8. Diamonds - Toneisha Harris 9. Rainbow - Cammwess 10. Use Somebody - Allegra Miles
  12. That’s the version people are buying the most today (it was played during a commercial) and it’s the highest charting version
  13. 2. Todd 7. Todd & Blake 13. Toneisha 18. Thunderstorm 22. Cammwess 27. Thunderstorm & Nick 37. Micah 42. Toneisha & Blake 49. Cammwess & John 55. Micah & Kelly 79. I Can Only Imagine 89. Chasing Cars 92. Faithfully 143. What a Wonderful World 223. Purple Rain 3. Jonas Brothers - X (feat. KAROL G) 6. Lady Antebellum - Champagne Night 8. Kelly Clarkson - I Dare You 11. Blake Shelton - Nobody But You (feat. Gwen Stefani) 19. Nick Jonas - Until We Meet Again 44. John Legend - All of Me 59. Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open the Door 71. Bon Jovi - Limitless 72. Collective Soul - Shine 410. John Legend - Conversations in the Dark 613. Andra Day - What the World Needs Now is Love
  14. rp3598

    Voice Trivia

    Since the KOs were introduced in S3, the only winners to not have their KO in the first episode were: Cassadee (they did KOs by team so Team Blake was last) Danielle Bradbery (second episode) Craig Wayne Boyd (final steal) Brynn Cartelli (opened second episode) Chevel Shepherd (opened third episode) I'm going to count Maelyn and Josh as being on the premiere episode since even though they had a twist to their KOs (cross battles and another round of battles, respectively), they were still both of the premiere for those episodes. So, 11/16 of these winners were on the KO premiere
  15. rp3598

    Voice Trivia

    Hopefully they release that somewhere like in the press after the show. She would also be tying Wé
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