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  1. 1. Allegra Miles 2. Cami Clune 3. Madeline Consoer 4. Sid Kingsley 5. Micah Iverson 6. Payge Turner 7. DeSz 8. Joanna Serenko 9. Arei Moon 10. Taryn Papa
  2. Darby Walker’s Ruby Tuesday, Ryan Sill’s Ordinary World, and some of Shalyah Fearing’s performances were messy but I loved all of them. Since the studios fix the pitch and other issues, I was still able to enjoy them.
  3. Ok thank you. I’m guessing that person was just talking hypothetically lol but we’ll probably just have another s18 and 19.
  4. I haven’t been here in a few days so I apologize for asking something that’s probably been discussed already but I saw a mention of a rumored format change in another thread and I was wondering what I was.
  5. I honestly think he did well with Reagan. After robegate, no one voted for his team but I think he did a good job with her and picked the right songs throughout the entire season with the exception of cry (she possibly could’ve still done good with that song if she hadn’t been under the weather that week).
  6. I took a couple days off of IDF and there are 30 more pages on this thread along with a lot of new fan threads so I’m going to guess to spoilers came out. I’ll have to catch up.
  7. 130. Rainbow Connection - Carter Rubin 146. Last - Jim Ranger 257. Up From Here - Carter Rubin
  8. I think she could’ve passed Britton possibly but since Britton had such a great night, I don’t think she would’ve been able to pass Brynn or Britton even if she had better songs.
  9. 1. Addison Agen 2. Lauren Duski 3. Emily Ann Roberts 4. Britton Buchanan 5. Matt McAndrew 6. Adam Wakefield 7. Jacquie Lee 8. Billy Gilman 9. Ricky Duran 10. Juliet Simms 11. Michelle Chamuel 12. Gyth Rigdon 13. Jim Ranger 14. Toneisha Harris 15. Chris Kroeze 16. Dia Frampton 17. Meghan Linsey 18. Terry McDermott 19. Jake Worthington
  10. 1. Christina Grimmie 2. Brooke Simpson 3. Hannah Huston 4. Will Champlin 5. Kyla Jade 6. Barrett Baber 7. Wé McDonald 8. Chris Jamison 9. Kirk Jay 10. Katie Kadan 11. Aliyah Moulden 12. Thunderstorm Artis 13. Tony Lucca 14. Ian Flanigan 15. Dexter Roberts 16. Joshua Davis 17. Vicci Martinez 18. Swon Brothers 19. Nicholas David
  11. 5. Jacquie Lee or Matthew Schuler 6. Christina Grimmie 7. Matt McAndrew or Danica Shirey 8. Sawyer Fredericks (or Kimberly Nichole) 9. Jordan Smith (I liked a lot of people this season but Jordan rightfully won) 10. Alisan Porter 11. Ali Caldwell or Billy Gilman (Sundance was also a rightful winner) 12. Chris Blue or Lauren Duski (my ideal finale was these 2 and hunter and brennley and I enjoyed the 4 of them so much that I didn't even care who won between these 2) 13. Addison Agen or Brooke Simpson (Chloe was also one of my favs) 14. Brynn Cartelli
  12. I only started at season 5 1. Alisan Porter 2. Brynn Cartelli 3. Maelyn Jarmon 4. Chloe Kohanski 5. Chris Blue 6. Chevel Shepherd 7. Jordan Smith 8. Carter Rubin 9. Sundance Head 10. Sawyer Fredericks 11. Todd Tilghman 12. Tessanne Chin 13. Jake Hoot 14. Josh Kaufman 15. Craig Wayne Boyd
  13. I'm sad this season is over. this was such a great season.
  14. there's no reason to put down a 15 year old who obviously has been working extremely hard to win this competition. I'm also upset desz didn't win but there's no reason to put down Carter instead.
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