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  1. 4: 1. Alisan Porter 2. Christina Grimmie 3. Maelyn Jarmon 3: 1. Ellie Lawrence 2. Britton Buchanan 3. Danica Shirey 2: 1. Addison Agen 2. Noah Mac 3. Kimberly Nichole 1: 1. Chris Blue 2. Shalyah Fearing 3. Kendra Checketts This was very difficult to have a strict top 3
  2. Me too. I didn’t believe it until I saw it on her Twitter. I am excited to get a new coach!
  3. I thought this was a joke. I can’t believe they managed to get her because of how expensive it would be and I can’t believe she was willing to do it.
  4. In the past seasons, all leaks came out at noon est on Friday but this season has been different so we can’t really expect when it’ll be.
  5. In s10, of the first three steals, two of them were Pharrell’s so I would completely rule it out but I agree that it’s unlikely.
  6. Fixed Chloe was actually one of my favorites of the season but I think landslide was overrated. Emily’s KO was better IMO and TEOTH>Landslide.
  7. Kelly PV: Kenzie CS: Gihanna WC: Corey John PV: Victor CS: Pia/Zania WC: Pia/Zania Nick PV: Rachel CS: Dana WC: Andrew Blake PV: Cam CS: Jordan WC: Anna (win)
  8. I don't think they actually sing in the dark. they just edit it to make it look dark.
  9. Agree with all plus: Shalyah vs Emily (10) Regina vs Riley (9) Craig vs Anita (7) Mia vs Jackie (14)
  10. Pimp spot: final performance spot of the night Death spot: used to be the opening performance but is now typically 3rd or 4th spot of the night
  11. I honestly like Avery more than Kenzie. They’re very similar but I prefer averys tone.
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