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  1. I doubt they will would do 17-12-4. Too big of a cut when it can be distributed better. I can imagine t2 of each team of the t17 will go through and then normal semifinal week
  2. so since we only have 3 weeks of live shows, and we have live playoffs, does that mean 16->8->4?
  3. the playoffs could also be taped due to some scheduling conflict and then we still have 3 weeks of live shows for t12/13, t8, and t4
  4. I wonder how serious they even are about this rule because Sarah grace released a single around the time of t10 week while she was still in
  5. The SM people slowly seem to care less and less so they’re probably just slacking
  6. I can’t see the entire list because I don’t have a billboard account but for billboard emerging artists, Jake is #2 and Katie is #3
  7. What if they go from 10-6 after battles, 6-3 after KOs, and skip playoffs and just start the t12 there
  8. rp3598

    Voice Trivia

    Many people have had #1s before the finale since season 9: Sundance Head s11 t10 Billy Gilman s11 t8 Lauren Duski s12 t8 Chloe Kohanski s13 t11 and t8
  9. there are only 3 live shows so that is what it'll likely be
  10. 1. Max Boyle- when the party's over 2. Rose Short- What Have You Done for Me Lately 3. Will Breman- My Body 4. Myracle Holloway- Everybody Hurts 5. Katie Kadan- I Don't Want to Miss a Thing 6. Rose Short- God's Country 7. Rose Short- Border Song 8. Rose Short- I Want to Know What Love Is 9. Marybeth Byrd- Lose You to Love Me 10. Jake Hoot- Desperado HM. Ricky Duran- Downtown Train and Kat Hammock- Kiss Me
  11. 1. Ricky (o) 3. Hoot & Kelly 4. Katie (o) 5. Hoot (o) 7. Hoot © 10. Katie © 11. Hoot t8 12. Rose (o) 14. Katie & John 18. Ricky & Blake 25. Ricky t8 42. Ricky © 44. Katie t11 55. Hoot t10 58. Katie t8 65. Hoot t13 66. Katie t13 71. Rose © 80. Rose t8 82. Hoot t11 99. Katie t10 112. Ricky t13 114. Rose t10 117. Rose & Gwen 181. Ricky t10 212. Ricky t11 431. Rose t11 518. Katie (o) from complete season 620. Hoot & Kelly from complete season 775. Rose t13 1053. Hoot t8 from complete season
  12. also, Katie would have gotten at least 2nd if lady marmalade never happened
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