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  1. 1. GNT vs Kinsey 2. Katie vs Bella 3. Jeremy vs Jershika (basically a tie though) 4. Samuel vs KJ 5. Peedy vs TJR 6. David vs Chavon
  2. Girl Named Tom - Helplessly Hoping - 9 Katie Rae - The Bones - 6.5 Peedy Chavis - Heartbreak Hotel - 7 Jonathan Mouton - Leave The Door Open - 8 Katherine Ann Mohler - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - 8.5 Jack Rogan - House of The Rising Sun - 8.8 Kinsey Rose - Cowboy Take Me Away - 7.5 Vaughn Mugol - The A Team - 7 Wendy Moten - We Can Work It Out - 9.3
  3. It's close between Cami Clune's "Skinny Love" and Cam Anthony's "Feeling Good." Rose's "God's Country" is also up there
  4. Katrina Cain Jaclyn Lovey Claire DeJean Beth Griffith-Manley Larriah Jackson Lauren Frihauf Julia Cooper Avery Roberson Savanna Woods Ciana Pelekai
  5. Mikaela Astel! Livia Faith Mendeleyev Durell Brennan Lassiter
  6. S14: You Don't Own Me - Kyla Jade S15: Greatest Love of All - Kennedy Holmes S16: The Scientist - Maelyn Jarmon (also all of her performances) S17: God's Country - Rose Short S18: How Will I Know - Allegra and Michael S19: Skinny Love - Cami Clune S20: Feeling Good - Cam Anthony (also all of his performances, and pov and Reflection are up there! This was a great season)
  7. 1. Cami - my favorite contestant of all time 2. Ryleigh - iconic vibrato, style, and personality 3. Julia - such a unique and beautiful voice, I think she would have made it farther if she hadn't been in the same season as Cami 4. Anna - I might be the only person who loved her blind and battle as much as her other performances 5. Joanna - love her, is she indie though? 6. Zan - fantastic vocalist, I just never got invested in her for some reason
  8. Megan Danielle Madeline Consoer Larriah Jackson Michael Williams Hello Sunday (unpopular, but Mama Knows Best was freaking amazing)
  9. Cam Anthony “Stand Up” Ryleigh + Gean "POV" Cam Anthony "Lay Me Down" Cam Anthony “Feeling Good” Gihanna Zoë “Reflection" Cam Anthony “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” Dana Monique “Free Your Mind” Dana, Pia, + Victor "Shining Star" Kenzie Wheeler "Don't Close Your Eyes" Zae Romeo "Falling" HM (by round) Ciana Pelekai "Dance Monkey" Avery Roberson "If You're Reading This" Victor Solomon "Glory" Ethan + Avery "Just Got Started Loving You" Corey Ward “Already Gone” Gihanna Zoë “Glitter in the Air" Zae Romeo "Electric Love" Anna Grace "If I Die Young" Savanna Woods “Black Hole Sun" Anna Grace "Let Her Go" Jordan Matthew Young "Gold Dust Woman" Victor Solomon "Freedom"
  10. I haven't watched every season yet (no Maelyn, Addison, Danielle, etc) so this may change: Cami Clune Cassadee Pope Brynn Cartelli Kat Hammock Rose Short Christina Grimmie Megan Danielle Ryleigh Modig Gihanna Zoe Emily Ann Roberts HM Kyla Jade Katie Kadan Allegra Miles Anna Grace Livia Faith Julia Cooper Jaclyn Lovey
  11. Honestly, it's pretty much Cam > Gihanna > everyone else, but here goes: 1. Cam A near-flawless performance. He came to slay, as usual. 2. Gihanna This song was either going to be a capital-m Moment for her or a huge fail, and I'm so glad it was the former! She killed this. 3. Pia Super strong, if not as exciting as she needed to be. She was awesome in the trio performance, though 4. Victor This should have been a slam dunk, but it was just fine. 5. Kenzie A little pitchy and disappointing, but only compared to how strong he's been before this. Definitely enough to get him the PV (even though it should be Gihanna) 6. Corey Shakier than usual, and the song choice didn't allow for as much emotion. Still, he leaves it all on the stage, and that counts for something 7. Rachel A few impressive moments, but messy overall. 8. Dana Yikes. She deserved the PV last week, so I hoped she would get it now, but this wasn't it. 9. Jordan Vocally he was better than Dana and Rachel, but I totally forgot about him, which might be worse
  12. Snowflake Cam Anthony Fantastic all around Gihanna Zoe Corey Ward Dana Monique Amazing vocalist (so-so performer) Kenzie Wheeler Great at some point Jordan Matthew Young (in the POs) Victor Solomon (only in his blind - I hope they give him gospel this time around!) Good Rachel Mac - She's had an amazing growth arc, but so has Gihanna, and I like Gihanna's tone much more Pia Renee Should have been here Ryleigh Modig! Anna Grace
  13. Ryleigh: pov >> Use Somebody > It Will Rain > driver`s license > when the party`s over Pete: Can`t Find My Way Home > Have A Little Faith In Me > Before You Go > We Belong >>>>> Speechless Jose: At this Moment > Talking to the Moon > Superstition > You Say Zae: Falling > Electric Love >>> Rewrite the Stars >>>>>> When I Look at You Zania: If I Were Your Woman > Emotions > Sweet Love >>>>>>>>>>> Dangerous Woman Devan: Stuck with U >> Hard Place > Sign of the Times >> Shape of My Heart Andrew: I Won`t Give Up > Adore You >> Gravity >>> Put Your Records On Anna: Let Her Go > If I Die Young > my future > You Know I`m No Good
  14. Yikes 17. Devan: Picked an absurdly easy song and still couldn't stay on pitch. Even if I weren't mad about Savanna this would be dead last. 16. Zania: A mess, so disappointing. 15. Andrew: Poor Andrew got bussed with the song choice, and those high notes didn't help. 14. Zae: Rough all around. Decent 13. Jose: Just meh. 12. Pete: Solid as always, but a little karaoke. 11. Victor: I think he was solid vocally but I couldn't hear him? Anyway, good performance but he still hasn't lived up to the promise of his blind 10. Pia: Great vocal, but a little boring. She didn't have a moment, and she needed to Good 9. Rachel Mac: I wasn't a fan of all of her choices, but this was good. Not as polished as her KO though 8. Corey: Had a few rough parts, but when he was good, he was great 7. Ryleigh: I love her tone, and the song was perfect for her, but some parts still felt a little off? Anyway, the best Team Legend performance by a mile Beautiful 6. Kenzie: This wasn't the most exciting song for him, but even so his vocals are undeniable. That tone! 5. Gihanna: She lost control a little at the end, but the beginning was so good, she's still in my top 5 of the night. Her growth arc is so underrated. 4. Jordan: I can't believe I'm ranking Jordan so high. The song choice was perfect, his performance was controlled and passionate. His experience is definitely shining through! 3. Anna Grace: Gorgeous, haunting, and controlled. Exactly what I've been wanting from her. SLAYED 2. Cam: His worst performance so far, but that's just a testament to how good he is. He slayed this. 1. Dana: QUEEN.
  15. Blinds Cam Anthony "Lay Me Down" (super hard to pick between this and his KO) Zae Romeo "Falling" Victor Solomon "Glory" Kenzie Wheeler "Don't Close Your Eyes" Carolina Rial "Stay With Me" Jose Figueroa Jr. "At This Moment" Battles Ryleigh Modig "pov" Devan Blake Jones "Stuck With U" Emma Caroline "10,000 Hours" Savanna W "Dreams" Pete Mroz "Have a Little Faith in Me" Knockouts Corey Ward "Already Gone" Dana Monique "Nutbush City Limits" Anna Grace "If I Die Young" Gihanna Zoe "Glitter in the Air" Pia Renee "What the World Needs Now" Andrew Marshall "I Won't Give Up" Rachel Mac "Foolish Games" Zania Alake "If I Were Your Woman" Jordan Matthew Young "She Talks to Angels"
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