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  1. Blinds Cam Anthony "Lay Me Down" (super hard to pick between this and his KO) Zae Romeo "Falling" Victor Solomon "Glory" Kenzie Wheeler "Don't Close Your Eyes" Carolina Rial "Stay With Me" Jose Figueroa Jr. "At This Moment" Battles Ryleigh Modig "pov" Devan Blake Jones "Stuck With U" Emma Caroline "10,000 Hours" Savanna W "Dreams" Pete Mroz "Have a Little Faith in Me" Knockouts Corey Ward "Already Gone" Dana Monique "Nutbush City Limits" Anna Grace "If I Die Young" Gihanna Zo
  2. Knockouts #1 Corey Ward - Already Gone 9.5 Ryleigh Modig - Use Somebody 8.8 Jordan Matthew Young - She Talks to Angels 8 Ethan Lively - Help Me Hold On 7.5 Ciana Pelekai - Cuz I Love You 8.5 Pia Renee - What the World Needs Now is Love 9 Dana Monique - Nutbush City Limits 9.3 Keegan Ferrell - Just My Imagination 7 Victor Solomon - My Girl 8.8 Gean Garcia - Afterglow 8 Andrew Marshall - I Won’t Give Up 7.5 Pete Mroz - Before You Go 7.8 Knockouts #2 Rachel Mac - Foolish Games 8.8 Zae Romeo - Electric Love 9.3
  3. 1. All Cam performances 2. Ryleigh and Gean - POV 3. Zae - Fallin' 4. Corey - Already Gone 5. Kenzie - Don't Close Your Eyes 6. Gihanna - Glitter in the Air 7. Zae - Electric Love 8. Ethan and Avery - Just Got Started Lovin' You 9. Anna - If I Die Young 10. Corey and Savanna - Dreams
  4. I'll vote for the best performance, with some consideration to body of work. So most likely Savanna or Carolina, but I'm open to being surprised by Emma or Devan.
  5. Great: 1. Corey: He's so emotionally connected it's scary. If it weren't for Kenzie and the country vote, I'd put money on him being in the finale. 2. Pia: Super controlled, gorgeous performance, and of course emotional. This was a breakout for her. 3. Dana: She killed it, as always. Maybe not her most exciting performance, but her worst is better than most people's best. 4. Ryleigh: She didn't sound quite as good as she did in rehearsal, and it wasn't the song I'd pick for her, but her head voice vibrato is so lovely. She deserved the triple steal. Decen
  6. Episode 1 Ryleigh & Gean - pov 9.5 Connor & Aaron - I Ain't Living Long Like This 8.3 Dana & Devan - Stuck with U 8.8 Pia & Christine - Baby 7.0 José & Awari - You Say 7.5 Ethan & Avery - Just Got Started Lovin' You 9.3 Episode 2 Cam & Emma - 10,000 Hours 8.5 Gihanna & Halley - Thinking Out Loud 8.0 Zania & Durell - Emotions 9.0 Jordan & Keegan - Calling All Angels 7.5 Zae & Lindsay - Rewrite the Stars 7.8 Corey & Savanna - Dreams 9.5 Episode 3
  7. Team Kelly Ryleigh vs Gean Corey vs Savanna Anna Grace vs Ainae Gihanna vs Halley Kenzie vs JD (Kenzie was great, but JD was so outclassed it was just awkward) This is definitely the strongest bunch of battles! Some were stronger than others, but none were complete misfires Team John Zania vs Durell Victor vs Deion Rio vs Carolina Pia vs Christine *Still mad that we didn't see Ciana vs Denisha! It probably would be last on Team John, but it couldn't possibly have been worse than Raine vs Andrew
  8. Episode 1: K: Ryleigh (A) vs Gean (B+) B: Connor (B+) vs Aaron (B) N: Dana (A) vs Devan (B+) J: Pia (B) vs Christine (C) N: Jose (B-) vs Awari (B) B: Ethan (A) vs Avery (A-) Episode 2: B: Cam (A) vs Emma (B-) K: Gihanna (B+) vs Halley (B-) J: Zania (A-) vs Durrell (A-) B: Jordan (B+) vs Keegan (C+) N: Zae (B-) vs Lindsay (C+) K: Corey (A-) vs Savanna (A) Episode 3: J: Victor (B) vs Deion (B-) K: Anna (B+) vs Ainae (B) N: Raine (D) vs Andrew (B+) B: Pete (B+)
  9. This was a weird night. I hated almost all of the song choices 1. Pete Mroz vs. Savanna Chestnut. Very pretty! Not super memorable, but it was a good song choice and they sounded good together, which is more than I can say for any of the other battles. I personally like Savanna's tone better, and I wonder if they shortclipped to cut her more impressive moments. But from what we saw Pete was the winner. 2. Victor vs. Deion. They both did a meh job compared to their blinds (although the choreo was adorable). The song choice really favored Deion, but Victor had more power and
  10. From the seasons I've seen: S17: Team Gwen - Rose Short vs Jessie Lawrence "Can't Feel My Face" Team Legend - Katie Kadan vs Destiny Rayne "Tiny Dancer" S18: Team Nick - Allegra Miles vs Michael Williams "How Will I Know" Team Kelly - Micah Iverson vs Gigi Hess "Someone You Loved" Team Kelly - Megan Danielle vs Samantha Howell "Top of the World" S19: Team Gwen - Payge Turner vs Lauren Frihauf "If the World Was Ending" Team Gwen - Carter Rubin vs Larriah Jackson "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" S20 (so far): Team Kelly - Ryleigh Modig
  11. Great 1. Corey vs Savanna: The only ones who had real chemistry tonight. They sounded like a duo. Good 2. Zania vs Durell: They were good! Not a super memorable battle, but they both had beautiful vocals. Nick should have stolen Durell. Meh 3. Cam vs Emma: Their harmony sounded good in parts, but Cam is just so much stronger, it was a little awkward. A super weird choice for a save. 4. Gihanna v Halley: The song choice was weird for both of them, but Gihanna ended up killing it. Halley was pretty off - it sounded like she was muc
  12. I'm a new viewer, and only now catching up on previous seasons. But here are my favorites: S20 (so far): Cam "Lay Me Down" / Ryleigh and Gean "pov" S19: Cami "Skinny Love" / Carter "You Say" S18: Allegra and Michael "How Will I Know"
  13. Great Ryleigh vs. Gean - This battle blew me away. It's hard for a female vocalist to live up to Ariana, and Ryleigh killed it. Gean was also amazing and deserved the steal. Ethan vs. Avery - This was disgustingly charming. Avery is the better vocalist but Ethan is a better performer, and the song played to his strengths. Ethan took it for me, but they were both great, and I was surprised Blake didn't pick Avery for strategic purposes. Good Dana vs Devan - Dana was fantastic, and Devan acquitted himself well against her. I don't know if he was th
  14. Team John: Victor vs Deion "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by The Temptations Ciana vs Carolina "Rain on Me" by Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga Pia vs Christine "Come See About Me" by The Supremes Rio vs Denisha "Stay" by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko Zania vs Durell "A Whole New World" by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle Team Kelly: Kenzie vs JD "Hurt" by Johnny Cash Corey vs Savanna W "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink and Nate Ruess Anna vs Ryleigh "Lovely" by Billie Eilish and Khalid Gihanna vs Ainae "Have You Ever" by Brandy Halley vs Gean "Lucky" by
  15. Personal taste and strategy are pretty different for me! But here's who I would have picked with both in mind (and assuming I wouldn't get all of them): Episode 1: Kenzie, Cam, Corey, Victor Episode 2: Carolina, Zae Episode 3: Ryleigh, Ciana, Durell, Avery Episode 4: Gihanna, Deion Episode 5: Anna Episode 6: none I also loved Raine, Halley, and Savanna C's performances, but I'm not sure how far they'll go in the show. I might have turned for them if my team wasn't filling up.
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