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  1. Locked Out of Heaven - Cortez Shaw, Colin Jamieson Chandelier - Trent Harmon, Hunter Metts Decode - Colton Dixon, Jena Irene, Casey Bishop And the duets for fun: Angels - David Archuleta, HeeJun Han, Lazaro Arbos, Beane & Josh Groban She’s Country - Maddie Walker, Hannah Everhart & Jason Aldean Who Will Save Your Soul - Cade Foehner, Hunter Metts & Jewel
  2. Wind Beneath My Wings - Skylar Laine, Willie Spence And the duets for anyone who wants to do those too: Shallow - Madison Vandenberg & Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Alanis Sophia & Jimmie Allen Apologize - Kris Allen, Tim Urban, Cassandra Coleman & Ryan Tedder I’m Your Baby Tonight - Haley Reinhart, Elise Testone, Alyssa Wray & Katharine McPhee Back at One - Jared Cotter, Jurnee, Alana & Brian McKnight The Prayer - Jessica Sanchez, Willie Spence & Katharine McPhee Midnight Train to Georgia - LaKisha Jones, Crystal Bowersox, Grace Kinst
  3. I don't mind the idea on paper, but man these are pretty close to being the 10 worst contestants of last season, the only major exception being Makayla. If they couldn't get the good contestants like Sophia, Kimmy, Lauren, Jonny, Julia etc to come back then they shouldn't have bothered at all.
  4. I just find it funny how Trump supporters keep going on about this supposed "OvErWhELminG eLecTIoN fRAuD", but they're yet to come up with even a single tiny scrap of valid evidence that any fraud occurred whatsoever
  5. Don't like any of them, but Gyth and Craig are the most tolerable.
  6. Last month you repeatedly claimed that you'd accept the results as valid once the electoral college confirmed them. Were you lying when you said that?
  7. "Not a matter of moving goal posts"? Hmm...
  8. Desz > Cami > John > Tamara > Carter > Ian > Ben > Jim > Bailey
  9. We could for in for some flop results judging by Facebook reactions. Bailey and WTW both stand a good shot at PV, maybe even Tanner too
  10. Poor Chloe having 0 votes in all three polls
  11. Team Gwen vs Johnathan for Top 2 let's go
  12. Taryn was by far the worst in the 4 way KO and still got voted through Not that I'm surprised
  13. 1 Julia 2 Cami 3 Ryan 4 John 5 Marisa 6 Larriah 7 Tanner 8 Taryn
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