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  1. Is it 12 per team or 10 per team this season?
  2. Much prefer these results to the actual show
  3. He shamed her for singing Paris ooh Lala saying it was too sexual for her to sing
  4. Great results so far. Dane and Stephanie and Steve Knill were so robbed in the battles in the actual show
  5. I'd rather he flirt with the girls than slut shame them like he did with Emily Piriz :x
  6. Solos 1. Rose Short - Performance of the season 2. Katie Kadan - Slayage as usual <3 3. Jake Hoot - First performance of his I enjoyed 4. Hello Sunday - Not perfect but really entertaining 5. Marybeth Byrd - My favourite from her in a while 6. Kat Hammock - Very pretty 7. Ricky Duran - Solid as always but a little dull 8. Will Breman - A mess Duets 1. Katie Kadan & Rose Short - QUEENS 2. Marybeth Byrd & Jake Hoot - Jake sounded terrible in the beginning, yikes. Aside from that it was good. 3. Will Breman & Ricky Duran - It was fine. Ricky ousting Will for sure. 4. Kat Hammock & Hello Sunday - They were both out of their element here.
  7. Jed Thomas is my favourite so far
  8. 1. Rose Short 2. Katie Kadan 3. Kat Hammock 4. Hello Sunday 5. Ricky Duran 6. Marybeth Byrd 7. Will Breman 8. Jake Hoot
  9. Welp three weeks in a row of my faves going home. Only rooting for Rose and Katie now.
  10. Marybeth is so unbelievably mediocre and I usually like that kind of singer
  11. Hope Joana somehow miraculously gets the IS :shiver:
  12. My ranking of the performances 1. Megan McKenna - This - Lyrically one of the worst songs I've ever heard, but vocally it was probably my favourite performance of the season. 2. Max & Harvey - Kiss You - Really good as usual 3. Max & Harvey - Last Christmas - Bad song choice but they made the most of it 4. Jenny Ryan - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Her best performance by far 5. V5 - All My Christmas Is You - Same as usual, some good parts but overall uneven and messy vocals 6. Jenny Ryan - The Edge of Glory - Not as bad as the first time she sang it, the ending was terrible though 7. Megan McKenna - One More Sleep - This was an absolute trainwreck Guess we discovered she can't sing uptempo? Predictable but satisfying results. I was worried that Jenny might beat M&H, glad she didn't.
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