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  1. Imagine thinking that Jordan is not winning the IS...
  2. I won't lose hope, Cam has to be the winner!
  3. Unfortunately, i think tonight we are gonna have some new additions to this thread, i'm calling it now
  4. This is the face of all the members of IDF (including me) that thought that we were actually gonna get the studios by now
  5. I'm pretty sure i remember a lot of these but to take care of my mental health i prefer try to not brought their names back to my mind by any reason
  6. I searched that audition because i didn't remember her at all, and for some reason, it remind me of this one. At least Sam improved on her battle i guess
  7. Top 17 Instant Save Pete Mroz - Speechless 6 Jose Figueroa Jr. - Superstition 7.5 Corey Ward - Lose You To Love Me 9.0 Ryleigh Modig - It Will Rain 8.0
  8. Remember when i said that i was gonna watch American Idol next spring since there won't be a new season of The Voice? Yeah, i changed my mind. I think the best thing for me will be take a break from any singing competition after the next season of The Voice ends
  9. One of my favorite audition of Season 19. I also loved his battle with Cami despite everyone complaining about the arrangement
  10. He just lowkey can't stand every contestant that is a thread to his favorites. He just was very explicity about hating Todd (and Pete)
  11. Exactly, actually, at least Todd's Wikipedia page is more justifiable since he is actually a winner of the show, not a contestant that was instantly eliminated on the first live week
  12. What are you talking about?? He is clearly the "Thunderstorm" of Season 20, he is a frontrunner for sure
  13. This is the proof that most of us don't have nothing to do on Saturday
  14. 9. Pia Renee 8. Victor Solomon 7. Kenzie Wheeler 6. Jordan Matthew Young 5. Dana Monique 4. Rachel Mac 3. Gihanna Zoe 2. Corey Ward 1. Cam Anthony
  15. Honestly, at this point, i think i definitely prefer Hoot over Kenzie. If i were to choose, he and Victor would be bottom 2 in the finale, for sure.
  16. @istersay i think some of these posts could be moved to the General Discussion thread, so we can keep discussing Season 15 there.
  17. Also, can we appreciate Queen Ryleigh being 9th place in blind auditions (and being the female with more viems from that round), 1st on battles, 1st on knockouts and 2nd on playoffs?
  18. I insist, the best thing for her, would have been being instantly eliminated. She would have left on a high note instead of being insulted and humilliated after her Instant Save performance. The Youtube's comments on that performance were brutal. Edit: At the same time, let's give her some credit, she was the first person (with the bloodbath format) to be in the Instant Save on the quarter-finals that actually made it to the middle 3 in the Semifinal, instead of being instantly eliminated.
  19. Of course they need vocal coaches, imagine Nick trying to give "vocal coaching" to Dana, when she is the one who could give him some lessons
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