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Rank the Top 9


Rank the Top 9  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose

    • Kenzie Wheeler
    • Cam Anthony
    • Dana Monique
    • Victor Solomon
    • Corey Ward
    • Rachel Mac
    • Pia Renee
    • Gihanna Zoe
    • Jordan Matthew Young

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  1. Cam - exceptional. I hope he has a better song choice next week, but he has entered into the category of 'lucky to see him perform every week" like other reality show greats. He's just as pitch perfect live...
  2. Gihanna 
  3. Rachel
  4. Jordan
  5. Dana
  6. Victor
  7. Corey
  8. Pia
  9. Kenzie


Kenzie being last for me, is just about taste/genre. I think he's very good. I've compared his voice to Scotty's before, and I really liked Scotty on Idol. There isn't a bad contestant here, IMO. 

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1. Cam Anthony

2. Dana Monique

3. Corey Ward


He really stepped up last night

4. Jordan Matthew Young

Great the past two rounds

5. Rachel Mac

6. Gihanna Zoe


Hasn’t lived up to his blind but is passable

7. Victor Solomon


Decent tone, but still needs a moment

8. Kenzie Wheeler


The least good of the T9 yesterday, but still decent

9. Pia Renee



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What a top 9 ❤️



1.  Corey Ward

2. Dana Monique

3. Cam Anthony


Also queens but I prefer the top 3 over them

4. Gihanna Kelly

5. Rachel Mac

6. Pia Renee


Kings but I have priorities

7. Kenzie Wheeler

8. Victor Solomon

9. Jordan Matthew Young

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Just now, B-B said:


1. Cam

2. Dana

3. Corey



4. Gihanna

5. Pia

6. Rachel



7. Victor

8. Jordan



9. Kenzie


I feel like he needs that moment u know? Cam + Dana had it with his KO/PO. Rachel with her Battle/KO/PO. Victor with his BA. Even Pia, Corey and Gihanna had it with their KO. So it’s just Kenzie left...

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Honestly, Jordan`s performance might have made him my favorite right now. I`m definitely excited to hear him next week. And since it`s obvious he`s not beating Cam, I hope they let him do his own thing again.


1. Jordan

2. Kenzie

3. Cam

4. Corey

5. Dana

6. Pia

7. Rachel

8. Gihanna

9. Victor


This is a great group.

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- Corey


- Dana
- Jordan


- Rachel
- Pia

Alright, yeah. 

- Cam
- Gihanna

Man... the guy has a mullet

- Kenzie


- Victor

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This is honestly a good Top 9, that said, half of them will probably be bussed next week to ensure the safety of the contestants TPTB want in the Finals, so let's enjoy them while we can.



1. Corey Ward

2. Cam Anthony


Nice to see them here as well

3. Rachel Mac

4. Gihanna Zoe


They've proved themselves at one point or another

5. Dana Monique

6. Kenzie Wheeler

7. Pia Renee

8. Jordan Matthew Young

9. Victor Solomon


So yeah, I think everyone deserves to be here based on what they've showcased all season.


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Based purely on who I think is the best and not who I think has the best shot to win I gotta go.  Edit: Overall a pretty good top 9, not many seasons exist where I think 7 out of the top 9 are at worst good and at best excellent.


1. Corey: 3 pretty good performances back to back prove he has what it takes to get into the finale.

2. Rachel: My preferred winner of the show and has had an amazing run so far after the blinds.

3. Dana: What can I say? She hasn’t missed yet and don’t think she ever will. 

4. Jordan: Incredible performance last night that I thought was the best on his team, hope he keeps performing this well.  

5. Gihanna: Also had an incredible performance last night but don’t think shes better than the ones above her.



6. Cam: Good performances back to back but I’m not as enamored with him as a lot of people here lol.  Still easily Blake’s frontrunner rn popularity wise.

7. Kenzie:  He had a super strong KO and will probably win this show, but his performance last night was a step down from his KO tbh.



8. Victor:  He had a pretty fun knockout performance but he was pretty boring last night.  He did get screwed over by the band though rip him.

9. Pia: Pretty boring performances all throughout besides her blind which I enjoyed a lot. John saving her over Ryleigh is an Adam level decision. 


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Based on all their performances so far.


1. Dana

2. Cam


None of them have had bad or even mediocre performances yet imo. At worst they've been very good. Dana is number 1 just because I've found myself replaying her performances more than Cam's.


3. Corey


Love his voice, favorite knockout performance this season, and everything else has been really good with the exception of his instant save. But those are rarely that good in the first place.



4. Victor


His only meh performance was his knockout, had one of my favorite blind and battle performances, and his live was one of the better ones imo


6. Gihanna 


Same thing with Rachel,  except I like her performances a bit more.


7. Rachel


Her improvement is very impressive. Though I'd say her live is slightly behind her ko performance.


8. Pia


Unpopular opinion but I actually enjoyed her vocals in her battle, great knockout too. But she had the weakest live performance of the top 9 imo


9. Jordan


Had one of my favourite performances last night, but he never piqued my interest before then. If this was only based on live performances, he'd probably be in the 2-4 range

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