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  2. 1.Fatima-QUEEN serving us another perfect photo! I love every angle of it! I think out of all the contestant here, she is the most consistent along with Catherine. 2.Furonda-Wow i think this is one of her best photo this cycle! She really step up having low quality photo in the first part but this week she serve us HD. 3.Isis-The reason why i rank Furonda and Isis high is probably because of their make up! ITS ON FIRE!!! Isis shot is slight near the greatness of Furonda's photo! 4.Eugena-WOW after this week photos, i think Eugena and Furonda really level up! If only both of them could stay! I really love the black lipstick of Furonda,Isis, and Eugena, it really gives more drama in their shoot! 5.Catherine-Consistent queen! This week i think she is in the middle-ish Part of greatness! 6.Amanda-I love the leafy vibe of this picture! It serves us bold and simple feeling! Still a strong shot and im sure she will stay on top this week. 7.Chantelle-Not really a fan of this photo but still i great shot! Her face is good but it looks a little bit unpolish, On the other hand its not her worst photo in her portfolio! 8.Elyse-I love the fact that this photo is somehow different to others shot but i just love the other 7 more!
  3. S15 Team Kelly and JHud is the best no explanation needed
  4. Gihanna's live is far better than her pre taped performances
  5. I LOVE THIS SHOTS! 1.Catherine-Probably in my top 10 most fave photos this cycle! 2.Chantelle-I love it, better than her last week shot 3.Amanda-Wow i love the effort 4.Eugena-I love how simple yet strong it looks 5.Fatima-Go get it Michonne 6.Isis-No words... Its not a bad photo its also a perfect one, but i like the 5 more better 7.Elyse-Another perfect shot but i just like the other 6 better! Comeback 1.Furonda-Wow THE EFFORT, same as Catherine photo! Gotta be in my top 10 most fave shots in this cycle! 2.Shandi-Even with this simple photo i think it gives a lot of zombie vibes 3.Kristin-My sister when she doesnt use shampoo and conditioner for 2 days! Jk... I love this photo as well! It gives us creepy vibes. 4.Angelea-Yup! Eat that man QUEEN! 5.Liberty-Eventhough i cant see a zombie or any resemblance of it, i think its not the worst one 6.Robin-Atleast this shot gives me creepy vibes 7.Leslie-probably not in my last when it has a bit of blood in her mouth
  6. @jarmon will you do another season after the finale!!
  7. A good female/male pop singer A good indie female/male Old Female AA powerhouse A good teenage boy A female country artist
  8. 1.Katie 2.Mendeleyev 3.Khalea 4.Ricky 5.Marybeth 6.Brennan 7.Preston 8.Shane Q
  9. 1.Thunderstorm 2.Todd 3.Tamara-I enjoy it. 4.Toneisha 5.Cami 6.Desz 7.Mike
  10. Simplistic My most fave week so far! 1. Furonda- I dont know if its just me but why i love this shoot, i think it stood out in this category, or is it just the filter that is not B&W yet still a strong shot 2. Isis- This too!!! I love how simple this photo is. 3. Catherine- yeah this shoot deserve to be in the top 3 4. Amanda- Will be my top 1 but i just love Isis and Furonda's photo 5. Fatima- An amazing shoot again but i think it will be better if she was a little zoomedinish but yeah still a perfect shot 6. Elyse- QUEEN i love this shot but on the other hand i just love the other 5 more. 7. Eugena- A great shot but i wish her face was just a little bit on the minimal side 8. Chantelle- tbh this is not a bad photo.. its just not my type of simplistic photoshoot but still great. Dramatic First of all i thought Eugena and Fatima photos are the same person 1.Amanda- Define Dramatic 2. Catherine- I love her facial expressions it adds more drama in this photo 3. Furonda- Less movement but her facial expressions save this photo 4. Isis- wow her pose here is a as i made a draft she is in the 7th in this category but as i zoomed in her face i love it even more 5. Eugena-TBH this is one of the most perfect photo in this category, i think it can place higher when its on another category like Bird pose shot.... 6. Fatima- Eugena 2.0 leaving studio after her photo in Eugena's shot. Jk... Ty for this photos Zoey! I love them 7.Chantelle- I love how her photo last week is still charting in my top 10 fave photo in this cycle of all stars, this photo got down a step but still a great shot! 8.Elyse- This is not a bad photo but i think out of all the 8 photos here this is probably one of the weakest but still a strong one
  11. 1. Danielle (Huge gap) 2.Sawyer (Gap) 3.Chevel 4.Brynn 5.Carter
  12. Rachel Mac - I Hope You Dance - 14 Cam Anthony - Stand Up - 57 Cam Anthony - Wanted Dead Or Alive - 4 Victor Solomon - Freedom - 25
  13. 1.Chantelle-TBH this shot is probably her best and the best FOR ME in this batch, it really fits the aesthetic of the theme. Travelling like a baddy with a lot of money on hand! 2.Furonda-Also one of her best shot, but i think chantelles photo is a little bit better, her backup boys finishes the shots! It looks like the boy on the right is the boy she wants but probably only like her because she got money! 3.Fatima-This girl never failed to give us fantastic photos! Another week of perfection! Gotta be my number 1 if only theres any transportation on this shot. 4.Isis-I think this photo is photoshopped but it really gives us the vibe of luxurious jet-setters, so yeah gotta be in my top 4! 5.Elyse-This photo is also one of my fave shots by Elyse so far! It showcase how she really got a lot of money 6.Eugena- This photo is not bad! I just love the fact that she got a lot of money because she can travel in icy mountains. 7.Catherine-GIIG! Not her best photo and also not her worst. I think i can put her in the top 4 if only the background is solid, but still great photo! 8.Kristin-The head to shoulder part is perfect! I just dont know but for me, i think she can do better in her lower body portion. 9.Amanda-TBH this photo is not bad, i think out of most of the photos today this is the cheapest but still it is a strong photo
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