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  1. This. But I trust his followers at the university. And if he kills a Christian song or A Change Gonna Come (JHud's version plis or at least with that power) I can see him approaching the top 2. His KO song is beautiful and apparently he did it great, but it's not the kind of song that gives you an incredible boost.
  2. Tamara wasn't exaggerated here (they literally just talked about her audition). Desz and Cami yes, and a lot. (blinds, battles, KO, PO ..)
  3. I think she felt pressured. She was on one of the last tapings (I think)
  4. Anna or Ryleigh, has to be someone from Team Kelly. Maybe Avery for last Monday.
  5. Ethan leads facebook tonight (disregarding Zae Carolina leads instagram tonight (disregarding Zae
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