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  1. I love Julia from the blinds, she had her moment, vote vote!! i'm not american, is sad can't vote
  2. HOPEFULLY It makes me angry that they see Ryan just a cute boy, they never cared about opera. I HATE YOU MINIVAN
  3. JULIA WAS SUPER, love love love. had skill, tone, delivery. PERFECT Marisa was robbed
  4. God Ryan, I love this song, but hoped more emotion for me. Julia win for me, is a queen, but Ryan will do it
  5. same everything. JohnH and Cami: i like were both sing different a the original song. John is controlled, he can sing MORE, and minivan will like combination power and control Cami delivers everything, but was flat for me Carter not moved me, nothing PV: Kelly Dezs, Blake Jim, Gwen Carter, John JohnH
  6. Jim was super emotional and sweet, i love this ko but so much rare this leak
  7. I'd love for John to sing Feeling Good! He can navigate many places with this song and the audience will like it
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