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  1. BATTLE PAIRING SPOILER! Feel free to guess the winners and steals TEAM KELLY Kymberli Joye Vs. OneUp Chevel Shepherd Vs. Mikele Buck Cody Ray Raymond Vs. SandyRedd Abby Cates Vs.Delaney Silvernell Erika Zade Vs.Sarah Grace Josh Davis vs Lynnea Moorer(CB) vs Claire DeJean TEAM J-HUD MaKenzie Thomas Vs. Audri Bartholomew Colton Smith Vs. Patrique Fortson Kennedy Holmes Vs. Lela Vs. Ayanna Joni (CB) Franc West Vs. Matt Johnson Mike Parker Vs. Natasia GreyCloud Tyshawn Colquitt Vs Zaxai TEAM ADAM RADHA Vs. Fousheé DeAndre Nico Vs. Funsho Emily Hough Vs. Reagan Strange Tyke James Vs. Jarred Matthew Anthony Arya Vs. Wyatt Rivers(CB) Vs. Steve Memmolo Natalie Brady Vs. Jake Wells TEAM BLAKE Rachel Messer Vs. Katrina Cain Joey Green Vs. Michael Lee Mercedes Ferreira-Dias Vs. Ele Ivory(CB) Kameron Marlowe Vs Kayley Hill Keith Paluso Vs. Dave Fenley Caeland Garner Vs. Kirk Jay Vs. Chris Kroeze
  2. Episode 2: Battles Part 1 ... will be posted in June 16 2021 10:00 PM GMT+7 (Just polishing the comments and pairing some of the contestants) ... Battles will be split in 3 parts! -8 Battles per part! -With one guest performer each part! -No "MONTAGES" to be fair in all of the contestants
  3. Next up is Artist C and D Who got 29.2% of the votes And will be in TEAM ADAM and TEAM KELLY RESPECTIVELY! . . . . . SAM ROBBINS! . . I'm sorry but you got the lowest vote for today and sadly your not going to be in the competition anymore! *Audience Booing Carson: Okay 3 more contestants and 2 spots left! You are on TEAM ADAM . . . . WYATT RIVERS!!!! . . . Carson: Only 2 standing and one of you will be on TEAM BLAKE . . . I'M SORRY ELE IVORY . . . BUT YOU'RE NOT GOING HOME! CONGRATIOLATIONS . . . Which Means Madison Cain your journey has come to an end *Audience Booing Ladies and Gentlemen lets give some round of applause to the 4 contestant! *Audience Cheering Carson: That was one intense night but ofcourse we need to rest! See you all next time! And GOODNIGHT
  4. I'll announce this in order of who got the highest to lowest! Starting with the artist who will be in TEAM KELLY! Artist A who got 87.5% of votes! Congratiolations . . . . . LYNNEA MOORER Next up is Artist B who got 52.1% of votes and will be on TEAM JHUD! Congratiolations . . . . AYANNA JONI
  5. Carson: Before i start to announce the 4 who got the highest vote, lets welcome our special guest performer for today! Nightbyrde! *Audience Cheering Carson: Thank you for that lovely performance Nightbyrde *Audience Clapping
  6. VOTING LINES ARE NOW I GATHERED UP 48 VOTES AND HERE ARE THE TALLY Artist A-87.5% Artist B-52.1% Artist C-29.2% Artist D-29.2% Artist E-2.1% Artist F-0%
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