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  1. Awww i see. at the crossed out text. Ooh ok, thanks for clearing that up. Didn't know she was in Pharmacy school but well done and congrats to her there.
  2. Regarding Jacque, i thought she was married and/or had a baby? Or at least I think that was her but I'm not too sure.
  3. Aww if it’s what you want to do. How would it be? - MHMMM. When did you crush start on Jordan? When eh was on DWTS of course. Lololol you. Ooooh this book you’re reading based on the movie he’s in is wat made you and this dream. Hmmmm, I seee I seee. - Yess I am glad too. - Aww why nott? I want to. :’( - Oooh you can never tell me things right now. :’( But ok i hope you will soon. Ooh but you brought up this topic in your write-up. - I don ’t know that song that well, and specifically know the Irvine part more than the bonus song. lmao Danggg this song being 8:46. Danggg that is long. This is interesting. Ooh I also wonder what these hidden songs are called and why no title for them? You’re welcome. Seee I knew this…. so ughh me not telling you about it earlier. Mad at myself there. Oooh lol well she is and has always been young but yes she does look young in there. -Ugh I don’t know why that happens. Sorryy. Oooh awww yea, I want them to do well/better next season. Awww darn. Yess! - Ooh I know you do and I read lots of other people wanting this to be a single too. It could be perfect for a summer single. Oooh lol nooo, I meant that face you gave. I think the errmm face or something? Ugh I forgot. is aid i like it though an i meant my comments in a good way. - I seee. Oooh awww why do you say that? OK and oooo yayyy I kinda remember doing so but of course I don’t guess it for the right set I bet, haha. Yayy agreement! - Omggg i totally forgot too but yayy glad I did guess this. LMAOO that was supposed to be grow, lol. Oooh I see, that is interesting. Yayy loving the agreement. - Yayy. Oooh lol yess before I posted it in my thread - I had no idea what you thought of this song. But in my thread i finally knew. Oops, sorry. Ahh your radio stations could have, but mine didn’t play it enough like it deserved. Yesss they are all such fun parts! You didn’t but what did you hear it as? Ooooh omgg the naked comet, hahaha i see. You got me shouting, boboing, screaming and being a complete mess Ooh LOL I could have maybe done that haha. - LMAO oh. I was thinking of Hunter but ok I forgot about that with Sam. Lol omgggg hahaha I love that you called him Samuel too. Oooh, I still got to catch up on there so maybe it was posted in a set I hadn’t seen yet? Oooh thank you for telling me. Yayness and awww i am glad you doo! He is Samuel. - Ooooh thank goodness that i name it. Yeah I wasn’t sure if this was going to be on here but I am glad that it is. OK I get how it was so new to you back then. Slayyy at biggest climb ever! Ooh I wonder this tooo. Awww I see. I’ll call Cardi and let her translate and let you know what she’s saying. LOL you can if you want haha. Yayy agreement. I ad no idea Lolol I tease. Ooh I am glad you loved it! OMGGG awwww at thinking of the wrong song here. Awww I get this and lol sometimes this can happen to me. But oo lmaooo this is funny how tat happened haha. Oooh ok so they still played only 2 minutes of SOTB then? Gahh yeah sounds so super confusing haha. Yes. - Awww. Mhmmm and awww so cute with your love for the chorus. Lmao awww you are cute wit the Thing-Am-a-Jig love here haha. Aww yeah I do. Awww yeah those are fitting words for it. I am sooo getting worse and worse.
  4. Finally got around to watching the Week 7 show, so some thoughts.... Gráinne & Kai - Quickstep: I feel awkward being one of the only ones not to know “Paper Rings” but I knew the T-Swift stans would be here for this. The storytelling of this was fun and super cute, and it seemed to take a little while o get into the Quickstep portions. But once it got there, it was a really good and solid Quickstep. Gráinne was light and quick on her feet and she just has this great infectious happy energy when she dances and performs. They moved and gelled together well in hold too. Ooh and it’s interesting how Kai has done the only two Quicksteps of the season so far - both were so different too. This was cute and fun dance for sure. Aidan & Emily - Contemporary Ballroom: Aidan got a great popular song choice for this style… and kinda love that he got this as he reminds me a bit of Lewis Calpaldi in spots. This was a really beautiful dance though. Aidan was very expressive in his movements and emotional connection in the dance. I do think Emily shone a lot here and was stunning but Aidan brought his own and did well here too. There were a lot of cool tricks, especially that one move at 1:13 where she bent backwards and he supported her with his feet and arms - I don’t know how to describe it but it was cool. And yeah the chemistry felt so raw an real. I think it probably lacked and didn’t have enough ballroom elements but that’s the only thing. Mary & John - Viennese Waltz: This was a sweet and charming dance from Mary. She performed it nicely and got into the character well. Her dancing is still….. not the smoothest and still rough around the edges. Like I felt this dance was very cautious and careful and it seemed quite slow in dancing and movements, for a VW and with the song. It was fine and probably one of Mary’s better dances. I’m stuck between 5s and 6s on this one. Brian & Laura - Tango: N/A Ryan & Giulia - Salsa: Ooh lol I saw lots of complaints on Ryan’s outfits, which…. I do get. These outfits work better for a Jive but are weird outfits for a Salsa. Okay now that my slight shallow comment is out of the way, it does make sense for the library themed dance. This was a really great and fun Salsa from Ryan. He had great rhythm, energy, partnering skills and a great sense of naturalness dancing and performing this dance. Ooh and the lifts he did in this was impressive, I especially loved the lifts at the start. I would have loved this more without the theme and a more auenthic Salsa which he could nail but still a really strong and fun dance Fr Ray & Kylee - Jive: N/A Sinéad & Ryan - Samba: I’m so glad Sinéad did really well with this Samba, as I worried for her with the party Latin dances. Although ugh sadly this did nothing for her in votes so that is upsetting. This was a really fun and entertaining routine and Ryan gave Sinéad a lot of intricate and difficult choreography to handle. Sinéad brought a lot of and channeled her hotness with this dance, and that surprised me here even despite her VW from the previous week. Sinéad did well with all of the partnering work and side by side dancing, had lot so rhythm and energy. The only thing/issue i would say is that on some of the side by side parts, she didn’t look so confident and kinda kept looking at Ryan like a sense of unsureness. I felt that like 2 or 3 times, but besides that - lots of difficult steps she did well on. Lottie & Pasquale - Viennese Waltz: N/A Rankings: Ryan & Giulia - Salsa Gráinne & Kai - Quickstep Sinéad & Ryan - Samba Aidan & Emily - Contemporary Ballroom Mary & John - Viennese Waltz N/A Brian & Laura - Tango Fr Ray & Kylee - Jive Lottie & Pasquale - Viennese Waltz Really enjoyed the Top 4 dances in my rankings. Hoping I can get to see Lottie’s and Brian’s dances soon.
  5. 2 Brooke Burke & Derek Hough - 32 Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson - 19 Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer - 32 Cody Linley & Julianne Hough - 17 Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani - 5 Toni Braxton & Alec Mazo - 17 Misty May-Treanor & Maks Chmerkovskiy - 9 + Brooke & Derek - Misty & Maks
  6. 2 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "La Cumparsita" (Argentine Tango): 53 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "I'll Be There for You" (Quickstep): 7 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "Fever" (Foxtrot): 5 Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer - "Good Golly, Miss Molly" (Jive): 33 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "Dark Waltz" (Waltz): 13 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Waiting for a Girl Like You" (Rumba): 12 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "Taquito Militar" (Argentine Tango): 63 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Way Over Yonder" (Waltz): 10 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Mercy" (Cha-Cha): 12 Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer - "She's Got Me Dancing" (Samba): 12 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Do You Love Me" (Freestyle): 4 Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer - "Tootsee Roll" (Freestyle): 17 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Habañera" (Paso Doble): 9 + Kyle & Lacey Jive - Jennifer & Derek Freestyle
  7. 2 Jake Wood & Janette Manrara - “All Shook Up” (Jive): 3 Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev - “We Go Together” (Quickstep): 62 + Caroline & Pasha
  8. Lol oh gosh. Oooh, well I didn't know the details. I thought he sent a text saying "peace out." as a way of breaking up. But thanks for clearing that up as that changes things.
  9. 1 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "La Cumparsita" (Argentine Tango): 52 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "I'll Be There for You" (Quickstep): 8 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "Fever" (Foxtrot): 6 Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer - "Good Golly, Miss Molly" (Jive): 32 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "Dark Waltz" (Waltz): 13 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Waiting for a Girl Like You" (Rumba): 12 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "Taquito Militar" (Argentine Tango): 62 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Way Over Yonder" (Waltz): 10 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Mercy" (Cha-Cha): 12 Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer - "She's Got Me Dancing" (Samba): 12 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Do You Love Me" (Freestyle): 5 Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer - "Tootsee Roll" (Freestyle): 17 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "Habañera" (Paso Doble): 9 + Kyle & Lacey Jive - Jennifer & Derek Freestyle
  10. 1 Jake Wood & Janette Manrara - “All Shook Up” (Jive): 6 Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev - “We Go Together” (Quickstep): 59 + Caroline & Pasha
  11. 1 Brooke Burke & Derek Hough - 30 Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson - 19 Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer - 30 Cody Linley & Julianne Hough - 17 Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke - 2 Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani - 6 Toni Braxton & Alec Mazo - 17 Misty May-Treanor & Maks Chmerkovskiy - 10 + Warren & Kym - Misty & Maks
  12. 1 Ryan Andrews & Laura Nolan - "Open Arms" (Waltz): 32 Sinéad O'Carroll & John Nolan - "Guilty" (Viennese Waltz): 32 Brian Dowling & Kai Widdrington - "Out of Our Heads" (Quickstep): 2 Lottie Ryan & Emily Barker - "Woman Up" (Charleston): 14 + Sinéad & John - Brian & Kai
  13. - Ooh yay for hearing about the HGS meme. Aww bummer this isn’t your cup of tea but I understand. - Ahh I understand you being more familiar Con Calma without Katy. ad you find this song catchy and fun! Oooh thanks for the translation of the lyrics. That all makes sense. - LOL omggg you quoting that part out. OK I can’t honestly remember that. I don’t know if Carrie had 4 singles that all crossed over and were played within the same year. That could be it or sometimes, some of her songs I get into really lat and listen to the next year. I know she’s had like 2 or 3 songs on the same countdown in the same year. But don’t worry, I do still love Carrie. Aww I get you considering Tequila more 2018. It was in the sense of how it was released but I got mrs familiarize with it in 2019. Oooh nice that tis is your favorite D+S song as it is for me currently. Yess they have achieved a lot over the last 2 years. - Oooh interesting comments you have on NRO here. Ooh awww nooo I gotta disagree with you on the faster part because I love that part and that’s my favorite part of the song. :Dead: But i get how that part and the song can be too busy for you. Agree on the last sentence. - Yayy for liking WDYL and all of your comments here. Iundrstand you preferring 5SOS on here. - Yep JoBros had a great comeback in 2019. Yess cool and laid back are fitting words to describe this. I understand your comments. - Oooh interesting how Nightmare as more intense than what you were expecting. Aww at it not doing much for you on first listen but at least you don’t dislike it. - LMAO I didn’t even think of that but hahaha yess that is very true. Hilarious how that happened. Aww yeah this was another song I heard much more and got familiar with in 2019. Agreed with you on this song being beautifully written and sung. Totally is. - Mhmmm Ed sure has haha. Glad you like the laid back and airy feel of this song. I get how you don’t listen to this song as much as past Ed songs because the same applies. Agred on the last sentence too. - Awww I see on your thoughts on Liar. I do think this song is a grower, so maybe you can give it some more listens. - Yayy for liking Be Alright and having it on your 2018 list. Yess this song is very sad but it does have a good message to it. - Ahh yay for Better sounding familiar to you. Yeah Khalid’s style is smooth and laid back and this style and these songs work with him. lol loops at the mumbling comment. Yeah I have similar thoughts on those two songs but since I hear and am more familiar with Better, that gave this song the advantage. Yess I have, and yayyy I am so glad to hear this, Steven! Looking forward to the rest of your catch up comments!
  14. Maybeee it is. Okay ma'am. omggg lol Yikes Chace. So silly.
  15. Awww ut nooo. :’( - Mhmmm yesss I did have lots of stuff to say. LOLOL OMGG don’t give me that face. That’s not nice. Lol yea I know I did but just because I ~hate~ someone or something doesn’t mean I can’t love their songs, lol. But lol yea rings have change. Ooooh ok I seee. But yeah you do love that I ranked this high and knew you would. Maybee so. Lolol nooooo I am teasing. I was unjust…. I don’t know what to say. Oooh awww alright, I see. I don’t know. Mhmmm it does Ooh I don’t know i just didn’t like them then but I did like a few of their songs. Oooh I can’t remember Nick’s voice back then but i seee and yea agree with you regarding Justin. Ooh but don’t you have songs you don’t want to like and then you end up liking?? Awww you hearting that. Woohoo. - I just love being surprised. Lmaaooo funny how you brought up Maren there with this fact. Oooh awwww alright I see. But awww nooo I wasn’t trying to not give you credit. I give you credit for many many things. I just can’t remember everything. My apologies there. Oooh, awwww you. I wonder how often this has happened to you. Ooh yay that’s good. Yayyy for loving those parts. Oooh ok yeah you can run but no running away. We’re not having that. - You’re welcome. Ooh yes I know and so well done on guessing that! Yayy. Mhmmm. Hmmm it felt like that with me for Juice since the other two songs were even bigger. But I guess this can apply more to Tempo - as TH and GAH completely took over Tempo. So that works. Yess. Oooh awww darn but that’s ok. Awww yesss it sure was. Yes, that’s it.. Or maybe I would try to learn songs lyrics more back then. I don’t know but i don’t really try to at least nowadays. It is really funny, aa. Awww thank you for that. Ooh it is. Yess on the news. Well mostly entertainment news - but they did so on GMA and some other national ABC news shows, usually when they were talking about Lizzo. You should love that line though. Oooh lmao oops, I took bling bling literally like having and using or wanting jewelry or something. You’re welcome. Yessss it does work. I would take all of that as her moving on from this guy that’s wrong her. Like getting that ~old lover out of her way, taking some photos and looking and feeling good and finding a new man. So like erasing the past an moving onto the future. Yayyy I am glad you love that part. Oooh hmmmm I see. I know radio stations can be different in every city though. Yeah that was moreso the case with Juice for me - I didn’t hear it much on the radio and I felt I heard it more after its time as her main single. So that was interesting. Awww I understand. Mhmmm yep, Denise…. I KNOW YOU AND KNOW these things. :’( I sooo remember you quoting those songs in the like 3-7 section and saying there were some songs you loved, some you didn’t like and some you were meh on. And I knew what you liked/loved without you saying it. LMAOO I do love your reaction to all of this. So glad TH did grow on you though. Thank you! Omgggg lmao sorry but at least you got it now. Oooh I feel like this has happened before. Moreso in older years than recent years. Gahh you are right and lol with you saying this, I do feel bad for excluding EastSide because of tha. I also felt like ES came out much earlier than the crossover songs. Ooh aww sorry for that confusion. Hope all is understood now. I wanted to wait it out a bit. Omggg awwww you’re welcome. It’s the complete and honest truth. Awww yayy I am glad. Still looking forward to seeing your comments.
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