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  1. I really wanted to like their audition but that was disappointing. Their harmonies were off and I don’t think they did anything for that song. Hopefully they do better in the next rounds.
  2. His lack of backstory beforehand definitely hurt the percentage of people turning. We also have to remember that these numbers mean little to nothing and I still expect minivan to love him.
  3. I’m really confused as to how they don’t know a popular queen song
  4. So I’m guessing when Gwen’s team actually fills up, they won’t have Gwen’s reaction of saying her teams full. Most likely they’ll just have a confessional about it. Realistically it doesn’t really matter unless she was the only coach with a spot left because they usually do the confetti when the last team is filled.
  5. Me too I never actually looked at her before the show
  6. I forgot about her. I wonder if she’s going to be in this episode. My guess would be no but hopefully she is.
  7. It’s a joke. I’m pretty sure it was in the 90s still
  8. Now that cami has already gone, I’m not really excited for the rest of the episode
  9. People couldn’t turn though because of the timing so it isn’t accurate
  10. I was just coming to say that both Brennley and Billy outsold Taryn I actually do really like Taryn but I was very underwhelmed by what we actually saw in her blind.
  11. I felt like I could barely even hear her. The band needs to be dialed back.
  12. I feel like he’s overhyped. I’m not a fan of the tone.
  13. I was hoping that would’ve been better but I’m still a fan
  14. I can see splitting it this much as a possible negative. While it can be seen as a cliffhanger, people may also turn it off during the commercials and then miss it when it comes back.
  15. Emily Ann Roberts, Zach Seabaugh, Matt McAndrew, Adam Wakefield, Matthew Schuler
  16. I forgot about his battle so I agree with you on that. I guess it’s good we didn’t see it.
  17. If I had to pick one, it would be Addison. My next few would be Alisan Porter, Lauren Duski, Christina Grimmie, Max Boyle, Brynn, and Maelyn.
  18. Adam - Season 5 Blake - Season 9 Kelly - Season 16 Christina - Season 8 Pharrell - Season 8 Usher - Season 4 Shakira - Season 4 Ceelo - Season 2 JHud - Season 15 Alicia - Season 14 John - Season 17 Gwen - Season 12 Miley - Season 13 HM: Xtina s10, Alicia s12, Adam s7/13, Blake s13, JHud s13
  19. Maelyn Rose Short Alisan Porter Lauren Duski Brooke Simpson Jacquie Lee Chris Blue Hannah Huston Jeffery Austin
  20. I see Nick’s name coming up as a possibility for next season on here, but I remember someone saying he was filming for a movie in early 2021 so that would make him unavailable. At this point I expect the same panel because covid makes it more complicated to get a new coach.
  21. Usher isn’t going to be a coach next season. He was mega mentor but that was before he had a daughter less than a month ago so there’s no way he would leave for that. Since jhud isn’t doing UK, I would lean more towards her returning.
  22. Jaquie Lee = I Put A Spell On You Jake Worthington = Heaven Matt McAndrew = The Blower's Daughter Meghan Linsey = Girl Crush Emily Ann Roberts = Burning House/Why Not Me Adam Wakefield = I’m Sorry Billy Gilman = Crying Lauren Duski = Deja Vu/When You Say Nothing At All Addison Agen = She Used To Be Mine/Lucky Britton Buchanon = Small Town/New York State of Mind/The Rising Chris Kroeze = Human Gyth Rigdon = I Wanna Be Loved Like That/Proof I’ve Always Loved Yoi Ricky Duran = Downtown Train/A Woman Like Her Toneisha Harris = Good A
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