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  1. Well she’s only been compared to Maelyn one time so it’s really not that much pimping at all. She hasn’t really received any pimping whatsoever.
  2. I completely agree with this. I expect the top 4 to come from that group and I would just add toneisha into it. I love zan but I don’t think she’s as popular with the public as she is on IDF. also, they could just have everyone record an IS performance before top8 and then just play the m3
  3. I would lean towards mandi vs thunderstorm because nick only has 1 pairing. Everyone would have 2 and Kelly 1. If it was the other pairing, Blake would have 3 of his 4 team members already in the playoffs and both nick and Kelly would only have 1.
  4. Has there ever been someone that got leaked three times? I doubt they would do it so I'm leaning towards Megan/Cam because neither have been leaked yet but who knows. There could always be a voice first
  5. according to very recent spoilers, yes, but I was just saying what was in the sneak peek.
  6. 1. Thunderstorm/Cedrice 2. Zan/Brittney 3. Arei/Samuel 4. Megan/Samantha 5. Todd/Jon 6. Mandi/Sara Honestly all of the standouts for me tonight were each of the winners. All of the right decisions were made. My favorites are Thunderstorm, Megan, Arei, and Cedrice, but I also enjoyed Zan, Brittney, Samantha, and Todd. Great night overall.
  7. What I saw from the sneak peek: Megan vs. Cammwess (shows James singing Piece by Piece in rehearsal for Megan) Mike vs. Darious Todd vs. Cam Joei vs. Levi Roderick (partner wasn't shown) so the only new information is Mike vs. Darious and Todd vs. Cam is confirmed but these were two very obvious pairings anyways. So for next week we should get one more in addition to these five. since we have only we steal from this group, I assume the last pairing will be a steal (Toneisha vs. Cedrice, Zan vs. Joanna, or Mandi vs. Thunderstorm).
  8. II'm just thinking about this now, but if Cammwess and Brandin would have had a very awkward performance if they sang señorita. luckily it was Mandi instead
  9. There's a chance for a montage or two so who knows if we'll need to experience that
  10. Well neither of them seem to be country singers so it would make sense to sing in their actual styles rather than the style of the song
  11. These “lives” are gonna make the ratings go down drastically. They should’ve just pushed it back. Their will be no interesting performances. I wonder if will get studio recordings at all then...
  12. I don’t actually think lives will start on time but I think they’ll just get pushed back into summer
  13. I don’t think they would just cancel live shows all together. They’ve put too much work into the season so far and they want to continue making money so I don’t think it’ll be cancelled. However, I do think they’ll be pushed back into June and still have no live audience. Live shows don’t start until May so assuming no changes, the social distancing requirement will be over.
  14. I just rewatched it and the only singing that they leaked was about half a second of Thunderstorm and Cedrice which doesn't matter since we already know their song
  15. An important stat to remember since it is public vote: Steal percentages: Todd Michael Hall 62% Michael Williams 69% Nelson Cade III 73% I still just don't see why everyone has so much faith in TMH except for the fact that he's Team Blake
  16. I see Nelson winning this. I don't have as much faith in Todd as everyone else does. He doesn't seem to resonate with the general public too much compared to the others. I can see this coming down to who has a breakthrough performance
  17. I think Darious would be more likely to survive the 4-way KO than Nelson
  18. Yeah I saw George as being annoying there. Daniel wasn't trying to say anything bad and George was just being overdramatic
  19. I thought the spoilers just said he messed up at the beginning. He could've just missed the intro and quickly recovered. We'll just have to wait and see but unless he had a major flub, I can't see how Mandi would beat him
  20. it wasn't bad, it just wasn't exciting. very boring battle and they didn't even change the song
  21. Well he did beat her vocally. It just wasn't in her pocket so it wasn't fair to judge her but he barely or didn't miss any notes at all while she was a little pitchy
  22. Cam fairly won that to be completely honest. The song was better for him and he sounded better.
  23. I prefer Kailey in general but I prefer Cam on this song. This wasn't a fair song for her.
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