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  1. 20: all deserved 19: Worth the Wait 18: Mike Jerel 17: Shane Q 16-13: all deserved 12: a lot of them should’ve gotten 2-3 chairs (Valerie, Troy) I can’t think of any others that I was surprised to see as 4 chairs.
  2. Her audition was her weakest of the season IMO so I’m surprised she even got 3 chairs (probably very unpop)
  3. They had Mariah Carey and Taylor swift so they might be able to afford it. Just prepare for low production performances in the lives
  4. Or maybe an advisor We know she has her connection to the show through nbc and Miley so she could be Blake or Kelly’s advisor
  5. 17: when the party’s over - Max 18: How Will I Know - Allegra and Michael 19: If the World Was Ending - Payge and Lauren / Die From a Broken Heart - Madeline / Skinny Love - Cami / Don’t Let Go (Love) - DeSz 20: pov - Ryleigh and Gean / Already Gone - Corey
  6. 4. Oh Darling! - Sasha Allen 5. I Put a Spell On You - Jacquie Lee 6. I Won’t Give Up - Christina Grimmie 7. I Lived - Ryan Sill 8. What’s Up? - Kimberly Nichole 9. Say You Love Me - Jeffery Austin 10. Listen - Shalyah Fearing 11. Crying - Billy Gilman 12. Fly - Brennley Brown? (None were that great this season and this week was Lauren’s weakest IMO) 13. Learn To Let Go - Hannah Mrozak 14. Alone - Jackie Foster 15. I Believe In You and Me - MaKenzie Thomas 16. Fallingwater - Maelyn Jarmon 17. You Can’t Stop the Girl - Joana Martinez 18. Blowin In The Wind - Zan Fiskum 19. It’s Gonna Be Me - Payge Turner 20. Bruises - Corey Ward HM: Cry Baby (Alisan), Time Have Changed (Ali), In the Air Tonight (Noah), Have a Little Faith in Me (Adam), Falling Slowly (Max), WHYDFML (Rose), ARUTW (Gihanna), Rainbow (Rachel)
  7. Troy Ritchie, toia Jones, Peyton Parker, Angie keilhaur, Emma Caroline, Brittney kennell, rio Doyle, Lauren frihauf
  8. Rizzi, Ignatius, Ciera, Liam St. John, and Kawan (before all the drama)
  9. 3: Dream On - Amanda Brown 4: Heads Carolina, Tails California - Danielle Bradberry 5: I Put a Spell on You - Jacquie Lee / Cosmic Love - Matthew Schuler 6: Hold On We’re Going Home - Christina Grimmie 7: The Blower’s Daughter - Matt McAndrew 8: House of the Rising Sun - Kimberly Nichole 9: Somebody to Love - Jordan Smith / Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Madi Davis / We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off - Ellie Lawrence 10: Listen - Shalyah Fearing 11: Did I Ever Love You - Ali Caldwell 12: If I Were Your Woman - Vanessa Ferguson / Deja Vu - Lauren Duski 13: She Used to be Mine - Addison Agen 14: Here Comes Goodbye - Brynn Cartelli 15: Break Every Chain - Kymberli Joye / Space Cowboy - Chevel Shepherd 16: The Scientist - Maelyn Jarmon 17: when the party’s over - Max Boyle 18: How Will I Know - Allegra Miles and Michael Williams 19: Skinny Love - Cami Clune / Don’t Let Go (Love) - DeSz 20: pov - Ryleigh Modig and Gean Garcia / Already Gone - Corey Ward / Foolish Games - Rachel Mac
  10. Man I feel like a woman for lilli passero is easily the worst song choice in voice history
  11. Caroline Sky’s At Last and both of Jake Haldenvang’s live shows were hard to listen to
  12. I’m guessing DeSz was the distant 4th but I’m shocked Julia was able to get in the top 3 by that many votes!
  13. just a random list of people who have a good TikTok following: Zach seabaugh has 33.1k followers Emily Ann has 123.5k followers Brooke Simpson has 17.4K followers Jej has 16k followers Presley has 363k followers Joanna serenko has 10.9k followers Cami has 10.9k followers Madeline Consoer has 22.6k followers Kenzie has 33.9k followers Gihanna has 109.2k followers Anna grace has 119.7k followers Zae has 38.3k followers
  14. Before seeing performances, I expect it to be PV: Cami, DeSz, Sid IS: Payge, Julia (IS), Kelsie B2: Taryn and Madeline
  15. I was a fan throughout her entire run but I remember her having some mixed reviews. I don’t remember completely but I don’t think she was IDF’s snowflake and she was critiqued for her first 3 live show performances for being too pitchy.
  16. Alone - Jackie Foster No Roots - Sarah and Erika The Middle - Kymberli Joye Because of You - Abby Cates Travelin’ Soldier - Chevel Shepherd Closer to Fine - The Bundys Mad World - Maelyn Jarmon My My My! - Mari Any Man of Mine - Rebecca Howell Everything from Max Boyle (we did luckily get when the party’s over) Dreams - Cali Wilson I Could Use A Love Song - Kyndal and James Kiss Me - Kat Hammock You Can’t Stop the Girl - Joana Martinez Forever Young - Kailey Abel How Will I Know - Allegra and Michael When Will I Be Loved - Joei Fulco Blowin’ in the Wind - Zan Fiskum Your Song and IWFYITD - Micah Iverson If the World Was Ending - Payge and Lauren wish you were gay - Julia Cooper Glory - Victor Solomon pov - Ryleigh and Gean Already Gone - Corey Ward Use Somebody - Ryleigh Modig Foolish Games - Rachel Mac If I Die Young - Anna Grace Neon Moon - Emma Caroline Black Hole Sun - Savanna Woods I’d also say Skinny Love (Cami) and Die from a Broken Heart (Madeline) but they both made studios. I have a lot of them
  17. Will and Emily ann i liked spensha but my church was her weakest performance of the lives imo
  18. I picked Chris but I skipped over Vanessa so I would’ve picked Vanessa. My top 4 are Vanessa, Chris, lilli, and Lauren.
  19. Abby - One Last Time Kennedy - Me Too or All About that Bass Kymberli - Rise Up
  20. Same! If I voted for all of my favs I would be voting for at least 6 of them
  21. I keep missing the voting window but look at Sid still in this. Surprised he got more votes than Chloe.
  22. Season 7 Troy and toia not making lives was tragic followed by Lauren not beating Bailey in s19
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