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  1. Only doing people who moved on. 1. Girl Named Tom 2. Wendy Moten 3. LiBianca 4. Katie Rae 5. Gymani 6. Holly Forbes 7. Joshua 8. Raquel
  2. Corey Ward released a new single called "Falling Up"
  3. Ain't No Way: Sasha Allen,Sisaundra Lewis,Hannah Huston,TSoul,Davon Fleming,Wendy Moten I Can See Clearly Now: Anita Antoinette vs Mayra Alvarez, Jonathan Mouton Valerie: Dylan Chambers,Amanda Brown,Selina Carrera,Michael Sanchez vs Dave Moisan,Ricky Duran vs Marina Chello,Raquel Trinidad Pillowtalk: Bryan Bautista,Mark Isaiah vs Gaby Borromeo,Mia Boostrom,Tyshawn Colquitt,Denisha Dalton,Gymani Strawberry Wine: Summer Schappell,Jackie Verna, Kinsey Rose Falling: Olivia Reyes,Zae Romeo,Joshua Vacanti Photograph: Sydney Rhame,Moushumi vs Jonathan Hutchinson,Reagan Strange vs Emily Hough, Sabrina Dias God's Country: Rose Short,Hailey Green Everything I Wanted: Cedrice,Pia Renee,LiBianca Superstar: Jeremy Gaynor,Christian Cuevas,Vanessa Ferguson,Esera Tuaolo, Holly Forbes
  4. I am confused as to what's going on with spoilers. I haven't paid too much attention but I thought Katie went home so do we know if Brittany or Paris went home instead or if one of the other pairings is off? Edit: I just read the past few pages and everyone else is confused as well so time to figure out who actually went home. Could Brittany have been stolen by Blake and the David/Ryleigh pairing be inaccurate?
  5. There hasn't been any official word on it yet but I assume the usual Apple Music and YT Music and eventually Spotify after the season ends.
  6. I don't think we will get studios since we have 5 other weeks of lives and 20 (possibly 24) people so I wouldn't count on studios until t13.
  7. My favorite is from TVAU by Jesse teinaki but out of these options I think libianca did best.
  8. What if they’re doing something similar to the 4WK? I can see the coaches each picking someone and then one gets voted into the lives or maybe each coach picks two eliminated artists and one from each team is voted into the lives.
  9. I haven’t paid too much attention to spoilers and social media this season and have been a casual fan for the most part, but knowing that peedy makes lives, does his social media following right now make it seem like he’ll get PV? I don’t see minivan attaching on to him in the way that everyone seems but I could be completely wrong.
  10. That could have and probably should have been montaged.
  11. John does follow all of his contestants. Alicia and JHud have followed their contestants to some extent too.
  12. The Bones - Kiara Brown Heartbreak Hotel - Carter Lloyd Horne Leave The Door Open - Dana Monique Bailamos - Michael Lynch We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - Ellie Lawrence House of the Rising Sun - Kimberly Nichole (HM: Hannah Huston) Cowboy Take Me Away - Emily Ann Roberts The A-Team - Vaughn Mogel We Can Work It Out- Wendy Moten
  13. I’ll just go with my favorites from each season: 20: Corey Ward- none 19: Cami Clune- IPASOY 18: Allegra Miles- Overjoyed 17: Max Boyle- none 16: Maelyn- none 15: Kymberli Joye- Radioactive/Diamonds 14: Brynn Cartelli- You & I 13: Addison Agen- none 12: Lauren Duski- none / Chris Blue- 24k 11: Ali Caldwell- 9 to 5 10: Alisan Porter- River () / Shalyah Fearing- none / Owen Danoff- none 9: Ellie Lawrence- cool for the summer 8: Kimberly Nichole- IYLSSTF 7: Danica Shirey- none 6: Christina Grimmie- none 5: Will Champlin- none 4: Danielle Bradberry- none
  14. Not sure how to include the links but I’ll add a list of a few that haven’t been mentioned: Help Me Hold On - Dave Fenley Passionfruit - Jej Vinson when the party’s over - Max Boyle Say You’ll Be There - Will Breman Blowin in the Wind - Zan Fiskum
  15. 1. Javier Colon 2. Juliet Sims 3. Cassadee Pope 4. Danielle Bradberry 5. Jacquie Lee 6. Christina Grimmie 7. Matt McAndrew 8. Sawyer Fredericks 9. Jordan Smith 10. Alisan Porter 11. Billy Gilman 12. Chris Blue (Lauren deserved it too) 13. Addison Agen 14. Brynn Cartelli 15. Chevel Shepherd 16. Maelyn Jarmon 17. Rose Short 18. Thunderstorm Artis 19. DeSz 20. Cam Anthony
  16. 20: all deserved 19: Worth the Wait 18: Mike Jerel 17: Shane Q 16-13: all deserved 12: a lot of them should’ve gotten 2-3 chairs (Valerie, Troy) I can’t think of any others that I was surprised to see as 4 chairs.
  17. Her audition was her weakest of the season IMO so I’m surprised she even got 3 chairs (probably very unpop)
  18. They had Mariah Carey and Taylor swift so they might be able to afford it. Just prepare for low production performances in the lives
  19. Or maybe an advisor We know she has her connection to the show through nbc and Miley so she could be Blake or Kelly’s advisor
  20. 17: when the party’s over - Max 18: How Will I Know - Allegra and Michael 19: If the World Was Ending - Payge and Lauren / Die From a Broken Heart - Madeline / Skinny Love - Cami / Don’t Let Go (Love) - DeSz 20: pov - Ryleigh and Gean / Already Gone - Corey
  21. 4. Oh Darling! - Sasha Allen 5. I Put a Spell On You - Jacquie Lee 6. I Won’t Give Up - Christina Grimmie 7. I Lived - Ryan Sill 8. What’s Up? - Kimberly Nichole 9. Say You Love Me - Jeffery Austin 10. Listen - Shalyah Fearing 11. Crying - Billy Gilman 12. Fly - Brennley Brown? (None were that great this season and this week was Lauren’s weakest IMO) 13. Learn To Let Go - Hannah Mrozak 14. Alone - Jackie Foster 15. I Believe In You and Me - MaKenzie Thomas 16. Fallingwater - Maelyn Jarmon 17. You Can’t Stop the Girl - Joana Martinez 18. Blowin In The Wind - Zan Fiskum 19. It’s Gonna Be Me - Payge Turner 20. Bruises - Corey Ward HM: Cry Baby (Alisan), Time Have Changed (Ali), In the Air Tonight (Noah), Have a Little Faith in Me (Adam), Falling Slowly (Max), WHYDFML (Rose), ARUTW (Gihanna), Rainbow (Rachel)
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