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  1. we need some tea, don't judge us
  2. Yikes, this level of arrogance is just disgusting.
  3. Friendly reminder that this thread is right here. Also, i can't believe people really assumed that Savanna C. was gonna be the "Marisa of the season" when the spoilers came out. Some troll on YouTube literally called her "Drama Queen" just because of what they read on the spoilers. She has been, as far i know, mature enough in social media about her losing. (Even though she is clearly pissed, and righfully so, about her battle being shortclipped)
  4. Ryleigh Modig vs Gean Garcia - POV - 16 Connor Christian vs Aaron Konzelmann - I Ain't Living Long Like This - 10 Dana Monique vs Devan Blake Jones - Stuck With U - 11 Pia Renee vs Christine Cain - Baby - 4 Jose Figueroa Jr vs Awari - You Say - 8 (-) Ethan Lively vs Avery Roberson - Just Got Started Lovin' You - 9 Cam Anthony vs Emma Caroline - 10,000 Hours - 11 Gihanna Zoe vs Halley Greg - Thinking Out Loud - 2 Zania Alake vs Durell Anthony - Emotion - 13 Jordan Matthew Young vs Keegan Ferrell - Calling All Angels - 8 Zae Romeo vs Lindsay Joan
  5. Queen Anna killed it tonight . Can't wait for her next performance
  6. I didn't knew what you were talking about until i checked the IDF's ratings thread...Yikes
  7. Which is the difference between "trashing" and "giving an opinion"? Just asking
  8. *Waiting for @disney1024 to take this oportunity to promote their own fan-made season made by @Angeles in the Games Thread.
  9. At the very least, i think Carolina and Rio will still close, the pairings showed last in the other two pairings videos were effectively, the closers, i don't think that will change this time, especially considering that Raine flopped
  10. Ok, he wasn't a disaster, but it still looks like it was a very one-sided battle, (hey, just like Kennedy's battle) so maybe that was kind of a factor that made them montage it? Of course, along with the whole "letting other contestants to shine" thing" that everyone here has been mentioning.
  11. It's like when you fail in a team project because your teammates are a disaster
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