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  1. People saying Gracee Shriver would be the "Chloe Kohanski of her Season" when she was stolen. Now, THAT was a JOKE
  2. I tried to count only live show performances. I'll start with Season 5 since that season was the first one i watched - Will Champlin - At Last - Christina Grimmie - Can't Help Falling In Love - Chris Jamison - When I Was Your Man - Joshua Davis - Fields of Gold - Barret Baber - I Drive Your Truck - Hannah Huston - When a Man Loves A Woman - Wé Mcdonald - Don't Rain On My Parade - Aliyah Moulden - I Can Only Imagine - Brooke Simpson - Faithfully - Kyla Jade - Let It Be - Kirk Jay - Tomorrow - Dexter Roberts - Here Without You - Katie Kadan - Without You - Thunderstorm Artis - Home
  3. I'm just counting live performances.... -Dia Frampton - Heartless -Juliett Simms - It's a Mans, Mans, Mans' World -Terry McDermott - I Want To Know What Love It Is -Michelle Chamuel - Just Give a Reason. HM: I Knew You We're Trouble -Jacquie Lee - I Put A Spell On You Jake Worthington - Heaven -Matt McAndrew - The Blower's Daughter HM: Take Me To Church -Meghan Linsay - Tennessee Whiskey -Emily Ann Roberts - Burning House -Adam Wakefield - Soulshine -Billy Gilman - Anyway. HM: I Surrender -Lauren Duski - Ghost In This House HM: The Dance -Addison Agen - Both Sides Now. HM: A Case of You -Britton Buchanan - The Rising -Chris Kroeze - Let It Be -Gyth Rigdon - I Want To Be Loved Like That -Ricky Duran - Let it Be -Toneisha Harris - Because You Loved Me
  4. This, i can't believe people prefered that generic pretty boy Micah over her. I mean, Megan would have probably got only 5th place too, but at least i'm pretty sure she would've had more interesting performances than the three generic and boring performances (Yeah, not even Kelly could save him from flopping in the duet) that Micah gave to us. (At least CamWess took and actual risk with a big song like "Purple Rain". Micah, on the other hand, sang a simple song like "Chasing Cars" and still sounded flat )
  5. If the ones in the instant save would have been the Middle 3, Joanna would have been instantly eliminated without a chance to sing. She was in the dead spot in the Semifinal with a terrible song choice. Let's be real, she would've had no chance. At least with the format we got, we were able to hear her sing again with an actually good song choice. Allegra, on the other hand, i think she would've had an actual possibility to win the Instant Save, but since the vote was not on Twitter anymore since Season 17, she couldn't have relied on her social media numbers, and would have struggled to beat both CamWess and even Micah.
  6. Season 9 is overrated asf. I don't see the great thing about that season, Jordan overshadowed everyone else at a level that it was painful to see. No matter how everyone else tried, Jordan just outshined them at the grade that it was hard, at least for me, to support any of them and have any real interest in the competition or the performances. (The only one that came any close to his level was Jeffery, but of couse, two country singers placed higher than him)
  7. This... She was so boring that even Team Minivan liked her. I guess being on Team Blake, having a boring voice and having a sob story secures you a place in the Top 2
  8. Wé McDonald, it was so frustating watching her getting bad song choices week after week. She made it to the finale thanks to all the hype that she got in the pre-recorded rounds. Thankfully, she redeemed herself with her performance of "Don't Rain On My Parade" and managed to end the show in a high-note.
  9. Mike Schiavo deserved to win his battle, can't believe he lost to a mediocre little girl. One of the dumbest decisions Adam did when he was on the show. (That's saying A LOT, considering he did a lot of shitty decisions)
  10. Audri Bartholomew, Season 15
  11. I see where you're coming from. The country singers that have made it to the finale aren't really bad or even mediocre. They all are pretty good. I think some people is angry because, while these country singers are very good, there are singers in the competition that could be easily considered better vocalists, for example, Ali Caldwell killed it with her performance of Sledgehammer and still lost to Josh, and yeah, his performance, was also very good, but it was very underwhelming in comparison to Ali's, and that just shows that people tend to vote for the style of music they like (which is mostly country for the main audience of the show) instead of voting for the better or more interesting vocalist, which is understanable, but in long term, is frustating for the part of the audience that tends to prefer other genres and styles of music.
  12. I gotta totally disagree with this one. The better thing for Lauren was stay on her lane as a country singer. Blake gave her the right song choices to showcase her voice. If something isn't broken, don't fix it. And with Hannah, Pharrell actually picked really good songs for her, like "Rolling in the Deep", "Say You Love Me" "WAMLAW", and "Every Breath You Take", and hey, she ended up in 3rd place, so we could say Pharrell was actually a GOOD coach for her (She wasn't beating Adam or Alisan, so 3rd place is the best she could have gotten anyway)
  13. At the beggining of October, probably, they always release the first promo the same month of the premiere
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