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  1. Like with almost every teenage girl in this show, potential is there, but she has a lot of work to do. Still better than Reagan Strange's version though (Sorry @Bk1234)
  2. So, a teenage girl is closing the show? Interesting, i really hope she is good.
  3. Well, im not amazed by him, but he was still good. Enjoyable to my ears (and to my eyes too )
  4. This guy is really cute. I hope he is talented as well
  5. Guys, let's be honest with ourselves, we all are watching this show just to have something to do until the next season of The Voice USA starts.
  6. Anne Marie confirms with every episode how much she really sucks as a judge. Literally this show cant just get a decent female coach (Apart from Jessie J and JHud, of course)
  7. Leah was really meh, i mean, she has potential but i just didn´t enjoyed that performance at all
  8. Unless she improves masivelly, i don't think so. Both Olly's past winners (Molly and Blessing) were on a whole another level.
  9. He is a rapper, what did you expect? i mean, Will literally said him he has other two rappers and he didn't care. This is like all the country singers picking Blake knowing they probably will be eliminated before lives
  10. Well, she was a pretty bad coach in Season 7 and 9. That's for sure. She improved massively in Season 12, though. Too bad her team was robbed in the Semi-Finals.
  11. Korin Bukowski. All her performances in the pre-taped rounds are gold.
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