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  1. You have no idea how much i envy you. I wish i could forget most of them (Ellie and Karli are queens, though,)
  2. Same. They both are hella underrated, they deserve some spotlight
  3. I noticed that, since we just had two non-steal knockout pairs as leaks the past two episodes, there is no need to try to guess the Friday leak as usual, it's obvious that is gonna be the only pair left with a steal (Jershika vs Paris)
  4. 1. Samuel 2. No, her worst performance and is not even close.
  5. I preferred Holly over GNT last night.
  6. I just had the chance to watch the leak. Man, Samuel OWNED that song. Sorry, Lewis Capaldi who?. And i feel bad BrittanyBree, but the combination of her voice + that song choice is a big NO for me. So, basically this pair was decided based on who had the best song choice for their voice. Simply as that
  7. No, not really. Most of the international fans are there, and they can't vote unless they download a VPN. But i don't think they are invested enough to do that.
  8. Teenage girl, Team Kelly, being on the one-hour second episode of Knockouts. Where i have seen this before?? Mmm...
  9. Different. That time there was no "spoiler" for that pair. People just assumed the results. This time, there was a "spoiler" that happened to be wrong
  10. Guys, just accept it, Brittany is out We should have assumed it in the moment that we knew "Best Part" was her song choice
  11. I remember some user saying she had "no range". We haven't seen him in a while, btw
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