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  1. If they do the same thing they did on Season 11 (which i strongly doubt it) they will leak someone from Team Ari, just like they did with Wé (Team Alicia) and Darby (Team Miley)
  2. @sydneysam Add me, please! My favorite male so far. Also, this is like the third of your fans thread i'm joining this season . I guess i'm really appreciating your excellent taste
  3. I'm updating this, but it's very hard, Season 20 was great: S20. Cam Anthony - Stand Up HM: Rachel Mac - Rainbow Gihanna Zoe - Reflection
  4. I honestly was unsure about Rachel singing well live, but after "Rainbow" she proved me and a lot of people wrong Also, some people doubted about Gihanna's singing live skills, man, they were wrong (Not gonna lie, i was kinda doubtful about her too) About the singers that i thought would do well live...poor Zania I expected more from Zae too, i mean, he was a frontrunner, right?? Corey didn't flop, but he definitely never lived it up to the expectations i had about him
  5. Man, that was beautiful!! Btw, i noticed i'm not still added to the fan-list. Can you add me, please?
  6. Imagine being that young and having this level of talent . I can't wait for listen to her on the show
  7. Wow, that was amazing! . I think we have found the perfect song for her duet with Ariana on the finale
  8. IDF: *Complains every season about black women not winning/getting into the finale* Also IDF: *Eliminates the two black women left, one of which actually made it to the finale on the real show*
  9. Both battle steals of Team Adam in Season 5 had excellent knockout's performances! Sadly, they ended in the most stacked team that season, and were paired against two favorites. (Coaches using their battle steals as fodder, no surprise there) Anyway, I wish Xtina would have stolen one of them instead of Stephanie, who, IMO, was good, but was not nearly as impressive as them.
  10. Sorry, what is the problem with a contestant getting a lot of attention?if i stan someone i'm gonna stan whoever i want, i don't care if there are better vocalists, vocals are not everything. And also, i'm gonna hype them as much as i want, sorry. And if that make you enjoy an artist less, that's on you, not on the contestant or their fandom EDIT: Ok, i kinda get your point, extreme fanatism is irritating sometimes, i think that was what you were referring about.
  11. I re-listened, ok, not bad, just extremely meh, that song choice didn't do him any favors. I still think Savanna should have won that 4wko, tho.
  12. The fact that we could have had Savanna slaying "Barracuda", and instead, we got this, is... something else.
  13. i'm here to remind y'all of this battle. This was pure slayage!! No wonder why this is the most viemed battle of Season 20! (Too bad some people can't appreciate, but, oh well, their loss. It was freaking amazing!)
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