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S21 Top 8: Favorite Performance


S21 Top 8: Favorite Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Jim and Sasha Allen - Mrs Robinson
    • Jershika Maple - Don´t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
    • Lana Scott - Something in the Water
    • Hailey Mia - Someone You Loved
    • Girl Named Tom - River
    • Wendy Moten - You´re All I Need to Get By
    • Paris Winningham - Close the Door
    • Joshua Vacanti - Ashes

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That was insane

1.) Wendy Moten

Also 1.) Jershika Maple



3.) Joshua Vacanti 

4.) Paris Winningham 




5.) Girl Named Tom

6.) Lana Scott 

7.) Hailey Mia


I mean it was good but why are u still here Raquel ate yall alive in the Playoffs 💀

8.) Jim and Sasha Allen 


I enjoyed everyone tho. My favorite Live episode so far tbh. 

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1. Girl Named Tom

2. Joshua Vacanti

3A. Wendy Moten

3B. Jershika Maple

5. Paris Winningham

6. Hailey Mia

7. Lana Scott

8. Jim and Sasha


Such a great night. I don’t remember the last Semifinal show where I really enjoyed this many performances

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8. Jim & Sasha Allen

I hope the rumor they rehearsed the song like 60 times is not true-


7. Hailey Mia

Again, she can sing, but she's just good for her age when she's competing with adults and has to be as good or better than them

6. Lana Scott

I really like her but this song makes even Carrie struggle, this was not the song she needed and judging by her face I think she knows it too


5. Paris Winningham

No comments.

4. Wendy Moten

I'm ranking her this high by default, but I didn't like her performance by any means. Overuse of high notes, for some reason she wasn't singing the chorus (the background vocalists were???), and it felt like all over the place. 

3. Joshua Vacanti

Also here by default, I don't like him or his tone but it was fine and it was a fresh song too so brownie points.


2. Girl Named Tom

This was no Alisan Porter but they did fine and I loved Caleb here especially (no bias . )

1. Jershika Maple

Easily the best performance of the night yet for some reason she's still in danger, love that! Why this song thoughhh


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1. Jershika - Damn.

2. GNT - Damn.

3. Joshua - Damn.


4. Wendy - Wasn't as into it as the Top 3 but Damn.


5. Paris - Really good and fun as always, he'd be a deserving finalist.

6. Hailey - Boring song choice but she was good.


7. Jim and Sasha - Decent, but some offkey harmonies as always.

8. Lana Scott - I like you but this wasn't it.

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