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  1. Lauren Was Robbed!...Wait...wrong thread...I mean.... added. Welcome.
  2. Juliet ahem Lilith kicking female empowerment to the next level.....human empowerment...I wanna be King.
  3. I would LOVE to say that's the case (because: hate) but it's more likely TPTB is just promoting their business partner (Apple Music) ...which cow in one of their past cattle parades was probs a non-factor.
  4. Yeah....but until they tweet #laurenwasrobbed I will be hating on them. I tried to get the Shaman to make a voodoo doll in the likeness of TPTB but I got cold feet when the hag wanted me to pay her in part with 3 gallons of chicken blood. Guess my hate has limits.
  5. Since you have proved your #Laurenwasrobbed credentials..... Added ----------------------------------------------------------- Lauren still hanging on to her #1 on the iTunes Country chart.
  6. Thing is all of Lauren's songs sound so genuine. This one is no different. She writes and sings from the heart, You can hear it and feel it. #Laurenwasrobbed
  7. I would but this thread has a somewhat usual requirement to get added. Instead of "add me" you have to post #Laurenwasrobbed. Added
  8. Actually, I could be mistaken...but I think we share a season 10 snowflake. Of course, that's another season where the rightful winner was robbed by a coaches going away present. Although, I really did like Alisan's run as well. Stay Frosty.
  9. On this we agree.....unless and until TPTB decides to show transparency in their voting process. She was more popular on every social media metric and iTunes during her season....and still is.
  10. How inconvenient for you that I didn't bring it up. I did add to the convo....just like you. Facts are sooo messy.
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