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  1. As much as I would love that to happen I have no faith in the audience of this show.
  2. Not that it matters much but Julia is actually ahead on YT.
  3. Added. Welcome. Thanks for the link. New music from Lauren in a few weeks! woot!
  4. Julia killed it tonight. It's sad the audience in not likely to appreciate her talent.
  5. It may be but it will be because of the non musical factors. Not the least of which is his momma's boy (ie: Gwen) vibe . Total minivan bait. I'm not saying he sucks, I'm just saying he's only special for his boyish range.
  6. That is very sad if true because I've heard it sung better at my church twice...once by a male and once by a female. It's a great worship song but as far as performances of that song goes it was just ok.
  7. Cowboy Take Me Away was Emily Ann Roberts breakout performance. Of course Madeline Consoer last night.
  8. Madeline Desz Chloe Sid The rest are meh.
  9. I didn't say "Crushed it" I said "CRUSHED it". "Little bit" was an hyperbolic understatement intended to amuse....and yes it was the biggest win I've seen.
  10. She CRUSHED it tonight. She may be the finalist few saw coming. I mentioned last week what might happen if Kelly fed her the right song. Scratch that....she fed herself just fine. She won her battle by a little bit.
  11. It's worst than that. By some kind of out of body experience....she drove the bus that ran over her.
  12. Having to hit mute between partners is a pain. TPTB suck.
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