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  1. That's a vague response. Is that happy dog or patiently waiting?
  2. We so don't deserve Queen but even the Sloths at RR be like....
  3. OK. Since a certain someone can't bring him self to show me which beach pic he is talking about....I guess I'll have to post them one at a time till I get it right. There must be 10 of them or so.
  4. Instagram won't allow anything that might get you banned. She is daring you.
  5. I'm not sure which one you're talking about....Show me.
  6. If you think I won't drag down the neighborhood too much ...you could add me. Before you say no, I just want to point out that someone has to rep the lowest common denominator...so I got that working.
  7. LOL:! Sorry this is an appreciation thread...you have to post a picture to get added. Go ahead.... post "THAT" one.
  8. Samatha Howell Samantha can sing but that's not what this thread is about. This is not your sister's fan thread...well I guess it could be if she's...ah never mind...you know how this goes. Post a picture of Samantha if you want to be added. Her Insta is a treasure trove. https://www.instagram.com/samanthahowellmusic/ Appreciators: Spurrious TeamAudra QueenKalie ATX29
  9. Errrm....Anyone capable of a worthy cover of a Ronstadt tune should get an automatic fast pass to the finales.
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