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  1. I hear you. Amber was my favorite...country and very marketable BTW....so you really can't blame the genre or marketability. IMHO Sasha was very marketable as well. I think Danielle won because many peeps kept waiting for the neophyte to inevitably stumble....she never did but everyone else had an off or slightly off performance. It was a herculean effort (24 performances!) for a completely inexperienced girl next door that had never even been on a stage and she was rewarded for it. In the short term others could out sing her but that season was a marathon, not a sprint.
  2. Afraid we will have to disagree on that .... Danielle is working on her 3rd album for the same legendary label, 5 charting singles and a big budget movie soundtrack cut. Jordan is the only other winner even in the same zip code of her professional accomplishments. That said, your feelings on the matter are pretty common around here. Now the Brothers were slightly tragic. Still, there are 5 or so from S4 that could have won on a different season.
  3. 6 peeps from the GOAT season. That entire top 8 though....There will never..... Danielle Bradbery Michelle Chamuel The Swon Brothers Sasha Allen Amber Carrington Holly Tucker Judith Hill Sarah Simmons PS: And the perfect gender mix too....
  4. Added....and welcome. Poor little Kylo....at least he got the most love possible for a little while. #QueensLove
  5. Poor little Kylo is still struggling for his life. Queen has this link in her IG bio to help pay for his treatment. I know not everyone can donate but if you can it's an opportunity to give back a tiny bit of what Queen has given us. https://cuddly.com/donate/4114041/kylo?utm_source=Mutt_Scouts_2020_06_22&utm_medium=email
  6. No not good....it's fatal about 80% of the time in puppies. Very sad.
  7. Awe...Queen's little rescue pup Kylo is very ill. He has been at the vet for several days now. Queen has a tab on her IG stories about little Kylo. Hopes and prayers.
  8. That is a perfect take. Spoken like a true Stan!
  9. ^^ Sam sounds good. Nashville is a crazy place if you're a music lover. All over town bars, bistros and pizza joints to grocery stores have little stages, like the one Sam is playing, often (but not always) with seriously good performers. The best rock cover band and audience I've ever heard was in a Nashville pizza parlor. Yep...and the audience... because over the coarse of the night about 20 of them were invited to come sing or play on various tunes.... a girl for the Ronstadt tunes...a guy for the Tom Petty tunes...a fresh guitar for the Stevie Ray Vaughn covers. Pretty sure you can't find an organic dynamic like that anywhere else. The flip side is it is very hard to stand out in that environment. Best of luck to Sam.
  10. If Pops "gave" her the music....he's a Saint.
  11. Joanna Serenko has released a new single titled "Good Side". https://open.spotify.com/album/5gWvbjW0exte7MPSOSt0dj
  12. New music "Good Side" out on Apple Music and Spotify now! It's so good! https://open.spotify.com/album/5gWvbjW0exte7MPSOSt0dj ---------------------------------------------- Joanna covering "My Cherie Amour" Also, Joanna was in Music City last weekend. I don't know why but it seems obvious when musicians go to Nashville there is some business purpose.
  13. Maelyn's gravitational pull does that in a host of different ways. She has several gateways...her voice, her personality, her stunning beauty...TBH I don't know how anyone has not already been sucked in to her orbit. About the pup: For most people, that would be an extraordinary act of humanity....for the goddess Queen...it's almost expected. "Unworthy" is one of this thread's favorite tropes, but it it also a fact.
  14. Right there with ya. She would be SO much fun!
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