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  1. I bet I have listened to Joei's Battle 20 times. The more you listen the more you hear. She has a seriously good voice. I can see her killing a Stevie Nicks song.
  2. Abbott Launches 5-Minute Virus Test https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-27/abbott-launches-5-minute-covid-19-test-for-use-almost-anywhere So Lock down a hotel with a restaurant. Test everyone...from the maids to the celebrities. It would take a few days to get everyone tested. With no audience... how many would they need to pull off a show and keep everyone fed and safe? 60 to 100 peeps maybe? With the quick test some could even come and go....like the Carson and the coaches. Seems doable.
  3. I think It's more telling when the other coaches say things like "Man! Nick, Allegra's tone, that's a finale tone".
  4. Joanna, Allegra, Zan, and Joei would be perfect. #TeamWaffle
  5. Uhmm...technical points. That is actually a maybe. 32 bit float point encoders will almost always will select (float) a precision significantly less than 32 bit. Often in the 25 to 18 bit range because the recording does not demand any more precision. FLAC is always fixed point. FLAC is far more efficient than WAV. At lot of studios do use WAV because that $80,000 WAV hardware encoder they bought is 1996 still works great...and it is the DVD and CD standard audio format. FLAC encoders typically allow for much higher (192 hz vs 96 hz) sampling rates. So there's that. FLAC is technically capable of fixed point 32 bit but it does not support floating point. As far as I know, no one ever made a 32 bit FLAC encoder because no one saw a need for that level of precision with FLAC. In any case, none of this matters to human ears. The conventional wisdom is 24bit/192hz FLAC and 32bit/96hz WAV is indistinguishable by humans from the original source. Bats however, prefer 24bit/192hz FLAC because of it's better resolution above 48,000hz. LOL. What does matter is Allegra's voice challenges my ability to hear.
  6. Oh Snap! It's hard to find those old school wav files. They are vastly better sound quality than the version of mp3 files you can generally buy. FTR: mp3 can be just as good but the version of mp3s they sell and stream are highly compressed so sound quality is compromised to make the file size small. Allegra voice is so beautiful on this song. Maybe on any song.
  7. Hoping we do get Sam this coming week. Also, hoping she wears that skirt and those boots.
  8. Add me please...she is special.
  9. John says....as far as he knows.... they haven't made a decision yet on the fate of the Live Shows. https://apnews.com/7f45968b0a7988e2cb2492ad26f5ec0b NEW YORK (AP) — One program the coronavirus hasn’t forced a screeching halt to is NBC’s “The Voice.” John Legend, one of the four coaches on the Emmy-winning music series, says he and the others have pre-taped the show until the end of April. “There were only three weeks of live shows planned and those were for May. So who knows what we’ll do? I don’t know if we’ll be able to do them without an audience. I haven’t spoken to the producers about what the plans are,” he told The Associated Press in an interview this week. “And I think everybody’s playing things by ear because we don’t know where the world’s going to be in May. But if we can do those shows in May, that’d be great. Possibly without an audience, that would be understandable,” he added. “But, you know, if we can pull it off, then that would be great. We’ll see if that’s doable.”
  10. TBH, not sure I can even watch tonight...Knowing the results....I'll end up throwing furniture or something.
  11. Maybe or maybe not but those 14 states she turned blue.... by themselves ....would win the election for President. Point is those are ALL the heavy hitters in population, money, influence and culture. Maybe Biden has found his running mate?
  12. ^ Blake did a Countryfry mind trick on Nick....it's kinda like a Jedi mind trick...except it comes with a helpin' of cornbread.
  13. Look....that Battle was not really close. Yes, Rodrick did not suck but he was not amazing. Joanna was amazing. End of story.
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