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  1. Corey Ward - Bruises 7.5 Gihanna Zoe - Always Remember Us This Way 8 Zae Romeo - When I Look at You 4 Kenzie Wheeler - Red Dirt Road 8 Ryleigh Modig - drivers license 8 Zania Alake - Dangerous Woman 5 Pia Renee - Need U Bad 7 Victor Solomon - I Wish 6 Dana Monique - Free Your Mind 9 Andrew Marshall - Put Your Records On 2 Jose Figueroa Jr - Talking to the Moon 5 Devan Blake Jones - Shape of My Heart 3 Rachel Mac - Rainbow 7.5 Jordan Matthew Young - Gold Dust Woman 6.5 Anna Grace - Let Her Go 9 Pete Mroz - We Belong 7
  2. Um....there are 5. When I open AM on my Phone it shows 4 singles but scroll down to find "Rain". I'm guessing you don't wanna miss Rain.
  3. IMHO the three keepers are Meant to Be, Innocent and Rain (Feat. Swon Brothers).
  4. Yes....the link is to her channel not the song.
  5. Juliet Simms - It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World
  6. See...I don't recall it that way. More like Santa giving me a Rolex for Christmas and then him telling me, "Sorry....I should have checked it twice. That was supposed to got to 608 Maple St not 600 Maple St....I'ma need that watch back."
  7. The YT algorithm redeemed itself.
  8. Well...under my Avatar is says Location: The Iodine State....that's from Palmetto Rose...“Lord let me die in the Iodine State. I'm a stan. The problem I see with just about anyone covering Jason is no one can match his tone so they will have to really dive in to alternate phrasing to make it work. His tone lives here....
  9. Jason is one of the finest songwriters on the planet...no bias detected. I'm sure you were insulted but look on the bright side. AI is not so smart that we'll be working for it anytime soon.
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