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  1. Considering what the group performance for S19's top 20 is going to be, I'd bet on Faouzia being John's advisor for the Battle Rounds
  2. I know the show is only still going on because of the couch casuals, but those song choices? Come on lol
  3. Would love the Idol Games forum back too, that was one one of the most satanic dynamics forums of this site for me and definitely a big part of why I used it.
  4. Thanks for the update Hoping the site gets more glammed up, with things like a header image and options to change the background color (if that’s even a thing with this format), so it feels more like “home” as the old one used to be.
  5. I love how this show spends the entire season pandering to the older audience, both with the contestants and their outdated song choices, then try to have a relevant finale. The couch must be "wtf" at this Dua Lipa performance right now.
  6. Added, welcome!! Ready for the finale!!!
  7. I'm gonna ignore the last portion of your answer because you're tripping and that has nothing to do with what I was talking about. I never said it's acceptable for Jake to do the songs he did. He's gonna be one of, if not the blandest winner The Voice ever had. What I said is that the racial bias on these shows is sadly a thing, and those kinds of singers like Rose are doing themselves no favors by picking song choices that play more and more into America's dislike for the stereotype. I'm not arguing about the racial bias, you're completely right about that, and I'm not saying that the b
  8. It's been 17 seasons and it's clear that America is insanely biased, but I wasn't talking about them pandering to an white audience; I was talking about them not breaking the mold and picking that kind of outdated songs when they're already in clear disadvantage, which does them no favor. Of course race unfortunately plays a big part as well, I was just talking about a different factor.
  9. A black woman is not winning because they never do what they really need to win the show. Season after season we see the same divas, singing the same kind of old songs, slaying vocally as usual, but ultimately proving that they have no place in the market. The moment one of them step up on stage for the Blinds, you know they're gonna sing an Aretha song, probably a Whitney song at some point too, the usual stuff. They just never really do much to break the mold and free themselves from the pre-conceptions the public is gonna have of them, even though they always have the same fate, season afte
  10. Probably to represent the fact a black woman is never winning
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