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  1. Well you better start caring for them because that’s all that plays in the medium place
  2. First half rankings so far 6) Bryce 5) Lila 4) Roar 3) Mara 2) Ruby 1) Huntley
  3. Fantastic song choice and fantastic performance, makes me feel bad the season is so short and we won’t get to see him doing other great songs
  4. Yes actually, it’d have hurt so much more if it was Bias, and it’d have actually hurt if this season had a decent format. Sucks but it’s no Ali Caldwell losing to Josh Gallagher
  5. Did anyone catch Carson’s shade that Nini was singing to make a statement? Even him knows the voters are deaf lmaoo
  6. I think Ruby and Huntley are locks for PV, and I predict BIAS will snag one of them, so I hope Nini can get the 4th one. I think Mara would win the IS.
  7. Mara isn’t one of my favorites but she never plays safe, I appreciate her so much
  8. I had the honor of seeing Kaleo love awhile ago and it was easily one of the best bands I’ve seen, their vocalist sung so effortlessly
  9. Good evening everyone! Great opener from Ruby, very strategic pick too considering Lana’s cover making waves recently
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