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  1. Sorry if this is already been asked/answered recently, but are there any news on what's gonna be the format for this season? As in how many rounds of lives
  2. I personally don't think Jordan's performance of Chandelier is the best of that song (Jean Kelley nailed that way more IMO), even if I can acknowledge it's almost, if not flawless technically. I might also just be unimpressed after how much they shoved him down our throats throughout S9, he's a great singer but I've always thought he was bland.
  3. @Someone648 something very serious is happening to me -- I'm afraid I'm starting to get attached to a contestant again -- Samuel Harness to be more specific. Do you have any tea on his song choices? I've been dying for an alt rock male and I wanted to know if he's gonna follow that lane, if not then I'm gonna gaslight myself into disliking him.
  4. I thought the list was random and bad enough, then I realized Taylor Phelan is not even there and it somehow got worse . This would be *my* list based on preference, technicality and wow factor/magic: 10. Andi & Alex 9. Ryan Quinn 8. Matthew Schuler 7. Wé McDonald 6. Sawyer Fredericks 5. Ellie Lawrence 4. Judith Hill 3. Taylor Phelan 2. Alisan Porter 1. Sarah Simmons I love a bunch of the people mentioned on that top 20, but that person clearly just picked viral auditions when they were not even the best performance of most of them.
  5. Not digging the acts they're turning their chairs for, I don't feel a lot of variety, but that's how it's felt for me the last few seasons. Too many country acts and youngster pop girls.
  6. Wow, what a meme. She just had the best audition of the season so far lmao
  7. AMANDA'S SISTER??????? We have to stan guys, we just have to
  8. Danielle Bradbery is the least creative winner that most repeated songs, singing 2 Pam Tillis, Sara Evans and Carrie Underwood songs.
  9. Great idea for a thread! I might be wrong since it's been ages, but I *think* I remember these auditions being leaked: S5 - either Matthew Schuler or James Wolpert for Ep 1, not sure (I think James) S7 - Maiya Sykes (Ep 2) S8 - Deanna Johnson (Ep 2)
  10. I don't remember a weirder 4-chair turn since Cary Laine or that girl who did Ring of Fire
  11. HEY KING!!! It's been ages, hope you're doing fine. Thought of watching the show today and seeing what was up since I really like the dynamic of this panel
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