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  1. This is an idiotic thread…
  2. Cam - I put a spell on you Anna - Nothing or cry Rachel - Here comes goodbye
  3. Meltdowns arent a big deal and the people who complain abt them secretly live for the drama
  4. I’m gonna wait until duets are done to do this
  5. This Charlie man ears filled with wax
  6. Ideally I’d like 10 per team battles 6 per team knockouts 4 per team in top 16 top 10 top 6 top 3 i hate stretched out seasons and I hate the current format
  7. Kenzie’s voice means NOTHING with that disgraceful hair
  9. Even though I’m voting for cam and I want minivan to suffer…Jordan winning would get the show canceled and I’m here for it
  10. no order but bold = my top 5 CURRENT T10: (s9 and up) kennedy holmes desz makenzie thomas maelyn jarmon myracle holloway katie kadan madi davis rose short toneisha harris gihanna zoë OLDER ERA ICONS: sisaundra lewis amanda brown judith hill sarah simmons india carney
  11. My expectation knowing how this show is: 1. Kenzie 2. Jordan 3. Rachel 4. Cam 5. Victor If I cared enough/my faves: 1. Cam 2. Victor / Rachel 3. Victor / Rachel 4. Jordan 5. Kenzie - I just hate his hair
  12. I’d prefer a non white person winning, but it’s still better than white men winning every season since s17
  13. If a white man wins I’m prob gonna stop following the voice
  14. I hope Jordan is runner up that would be so funny
  15. Wait she sang on her live??? That’s allowed???
  16. I want cam to win but the best Dont usually win
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