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  1. Naw...that only works if you have selective vision cause he gave Casme an A- and she got next to nada.
  2. It's interesting to contrast and compare and IDF poll to a general public poll like TVLine. Pretty different outcomes.
  3. If a poll EVER needed a "none of the above" option....cause a random option like "Soy Milk" might have scored pretty high.
  4. Can you say that one more time because once does not convey the total tragedy of that absolute truth.
  5. Congrats to the happy couple. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG2tZeonC9m/ https://people.com/music/gwen-stefani-blake-shelton-engaged/
  6. Ben... now... you have tone for days...It just enters and walks into the room...it's like...OK...everybody's gota pay attention. - John Legend
  7. I think Ben is gonna melt minivan with a Chris Young song. I know ya'll are not gonna like him but I think he's pretty good.
  8. That make sense to me. Perhaps is should be IDF SOP that anyone posting a spoiler should include an admonition to not follow or contact a contestant until reveal day.
  9. I get your point about not harassing contestants and that is a valid concern. IMHO that should be the restraint emphasis....the information itself not so much. I can't follow how knowing which contestants appeared on the streamed episodes makes it incrementally harder to know who they are. All the blinds are going to be streamed starting today and almost everyone will be known because IDF members (several members announced they had tickets) and others watched. How does that make it harder to find S20 contestants?
  10. I agree. I mean what is the point. Seriously, why the desire to control the timing of the narrative? TBH except for protecting their own self importance I don't see a logical point. I'm down with posting what ya got...when ya get it. Other sites will and that will just serve to hurt this site. That's not a good thing. #censorshipsucksinanyform #thisaintnationalsecurity
  11. OK, I was at the door paying the driver for Moo Goo Gai Pan when Maddeline auditioned. I finally got around to listening 10 minutes ago. Add please....I like her voice.
  12. "The Prayer" is not an Opera song BTW. It was written by David Foster and Carol Bayer Sager.....it won a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration.
  13. This season is looking essentially underwhelming .....so far.
  14. Except for Payge the Premier was a borderline waste of time. Everyone else was SSDD or mediocre AF. TBH John was a disappointment. Yes, his range is unusual but his tone is atrocious.
  15. Blue eyed soul....with the best slide guitarist on the planet.....google Derek Trucks
  16. Oh Snap.....Tedeschi Truck band....one of my favorite band too!
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