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  1. Added. Welcome. Yep....just one chair! Added. Welcome. Toes crossed too!
  2. Yeah, that makes sense, especially if everyone's not vaccinated.
  3. I get what you're saying but to be fair... she is doing what she was instructed to do. IF she's actually in... maybe TPTB will treat her fairly for following the rules. Oh... never mind.... of course they won't.
  4. Well it was MUCH larger until the IDF apocalypse and we had to start over.
  5. It will have a shocking resemblance to TPTB's song choices.
  6. She was a competitive gymnast in high school....she's still is in great shape.
  7. I did a little work to the OP....I just couldn't find a page break that work for me....so I made one. It's simple but on theme.
  8. Joanna....by an astronomical unit or two.
  9. So the newest pic that says "California" is more of the broad mis-information campaign?
  10. WTF Peeps....the text at the top left of the pic says "California". What am I missing?
  11. Obviously the work of a broad mis-information campaign to throw us off her trail. We see you Lexi Alexandra.
  12. Looks like Gracee had fun at Ole Red. The tractor on the ceiling is extra.
  13. Awe Snap...I guess I should know the Ari song book a little better because I've been waylaid by a #pov hashtag.
  14. Added. Welcome No one knows who sang POV...what I've read says POV woman is a African American female. That said... Lexi did cover POV on her TicTok.
  15. Maybe....but she seems to almost tryin' to hide from everyone. Cat's outa' da bag Lexi...give it up!
  16. Naw...not really. That story is about when she was selected from an IG clip she submitted to KISS 107 Cincinnati to open for a show the station sponsored. You can see the audience going crazy after a performance and maybe two notes of her next song. Added. Welcome! Added. Welcome!
  17. Wow....That is so kind! Added! Proud of all three and Emily Luther's too.
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