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  1. See....you have a subjective opinion that Kennedy had the best finals performance (I agree) and was robbed. Lauren had objectively the best two finals performances (#1 AND # 2 on iTunes) but was not robbed. Lauren also had a 350k to 500k lead in accumulated iTune bonus' before the first vote was cast in the finals. Was that 1% to 5% of the total filan vote? I don't know the percentage but it's a big head start for a popular Team Blake member. Blake went onstage in Nashville a few days after the finals and said the Vote was "Bull Sh*T". Yep he said that about the show he works for. With his contract...he couldn't say that....unless it was true.
  2. Lauren was 100% robbed. Yes, Chris was on another level, it was just several levels below Lauren. She sold more on the show and currently average streams are twice his even after all the work he did with Alicia post show. I will go to my grave believing he was given a win to send Alicia away with a gift....just like they saved this "best vocalist" till all the other teams were filled up in the blinds. The fix was on right from the start. Back on topic... Deja Vu is the winner here.
  3. Hummm...that looks strangely familiar....oh now I remember. The current round is far less clear....I'm going to need a play them more than once to decide on 3 of them.
  4. If it will help, you can just copy off my post next round. I mean, that's what friends are for...right.
  5. I didn't vote for "Danny's Song" but NGL Fuzzy Swon sang that perfectly. Maelyn slayed though. #SupermanWearsMaelynPajamas FWIW: I blame Amber for blowing the lyrics to "I Remember You" and then biting off more than she could chew with "Firework" the following week for keeping her out of the finals. She had hiccups just when the Swon's hit their peak.
  6. I only strayed from mercfan3's seeding once. Her typically impeccable taste failed miserably on the 5th one though....not sure how she got that one so wrong. #1 Seed: Tessanne Chin - I Have Nothing #2 Seed: Maelyn Jarmon - The Scientist #3 Seed: Amanda Brown - Dream On #4 Seed: Alisan Porter - Let Him Fly #12 Seed: Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World #6 Seed: Amber Carrington - Stay #7 Seed: Matt McAndrew - Blower’s Daughter #8 Seed: Sasha Allen- Ain’t No Way
  7. mercfan3 did you post when voting will close? Maybe I missed it.
  8. Yep...same...I was a casual watcher till S4.
  9. Yes a certain pair of 16 year olds. That's a lose either way. I would have picked different "moments" for our S4 girls. Who I Am and I Knew You Were Trouble. Who I Am was not so much vocal slayage but it was a very emotional moment...walking out to the audience to finish a song about discovering yourself while standing next to her parents.....being pretty much a true story for her at the time was a precious moment. Also, Actually I think Alisan had a very solid run. It ain't just you and me girl....by every metric it was the the highest rated season and remains the ONLY spring season to finish with a bigger audience than the Premier. FTR: Spring seasons always lose audience as the show progresses because peeps are getting out more with warm weather and Fall seasons grow or don't lose much because of the opposite.
  10. Wait wut? I thought we had a one token male per bracket limit? That is a strong bracket....one of them in particular is already giving me heartburn.
  11. Pretty much same for me. "Angel" was not my fav...but this round we have "I Put A Spell On You"...defiantly one of my all time favs. I still can't get my head around how a 16 YO could connect that well with that song.
  12. Lol. TBH 3,4 & 5 are too close to call. Also, there is a modicum of plus up for Alisan because of IDFs silent canceling when she took a slight right turn to country.
  13. Gotta say IDF got all of these right or the competition was close enough to call it that. Some were snowflakes and some not, but the winning performances were excellent.
  14. That's a steely wit you're packing. I'm sure someone will be offended but that's just funny....even in the face of a triple tragedy.
  15. Maelyn Jarmon Lauren Duski Alisan Porter Tessanne Chin Danielle Bradbery Chloe Kohanski Cassadee Pope Chevel Shepherd Brynn Cartelli Sundance Head Jordan Smith Javier Colon Josh Kaufman Sawyer Fredericks Craig Wayne Boyd Jake Hoot Todd Tilghman Jermaine Paul
  16. Of course I did.
  17. I wanna play! Also, everyone take note of my signature.
  18. Yep....he made for a useful anchor....singer...not so much. He is especially tragic because I'd bet large I could find much better playing on a Nashville street for tips. I certainly have in the past.
  19. The format was an epic fail.....but ya know there were also some tragic performances by IDF faves that lead to that awful Final. Have to say though, , IMHO, Gyth was the worst finalist (yes, worst than Jake)....much less runner-up in the shows history. Thank God for Queen Maelyn.
  20. Kennedy Holmes Christina Grimmie Koryn Hawthorne Swon Brothers Rose Short Andrew Sevener Laith al Saadi Wasn't a fan of any of the rest. Side note: I think Andrew would get a better reaction here to making the finals if we did not have to also suffer the unwarranted advancements of Gyth and Dexter. Of the three hats he was the only one who brought some kind of art to his music. ie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyBl4Z0RRs8
  21. Umm...after the first few things get muddy. Lauren Duski Addison Agen Michelle Chamuel Jacquie Lee Toneisha Harris Adam Wakefield Meghan Linsey Matt McAndrew Juliet Simms Ricky Duran Dia Frampton Emily Ann Roberts Terry McDermott Billy Gilman Jake Worthington Brition Buchanan Chris Krozke Gyth Rigdon
  22. I hear you. Amber was my favorite...country and very marketable BTW....so you really can't blame the genre or marketability. IMHO Sasha was very marketable as well. I think Danielle won because many peeps kept waiting for the neophyte to inevitably stumble....she never did but everyone else had an off or slightly off performance. It was a herculean effort (24 performances!) for a completely inexperienced girl next door that had never even been on a stage and she was rewarded for it. In the short term others could out sing her but that season was a marathon, not a sprint.
  23. Afraid we will have to disagree on that .... Danielle is working on her 3rd album for the same legendary label, 5 charting singles and a big budget movie soundtrack cut. Jordan is the only other winner even in the same zip code of her professional accomplishments. That said, your feelings on the matter are pretty common around here. Now the Brothers were slightly tragic. Still, there are 5 or so from S4 that could have won on a different season.
  24. 6 peeps from the GOAT season. That entire top 8 though....There will never..... Danielle Bradbery Michelle Chamuel The Swon Brothers Sasha Allen Amber Carrington Holly Tucker Judith Hill Sarah Simmons PS: And the perfect gender mix too....
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