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  1. Here are two but jeeze she was a fashion star as well.
  2. Julia is Sooooo underrated by America and IDF. She is a gem.
  3. IMO Vintage has done very well so far....but It gets harder and the opinions hotter as we move into the realm of peeps that can actually sing well.
  4. If so it is well deserved. His tone actually repelled me in some way. He generally got a "Mute" during his performances.
  5. maelynmusic 2021 mood continued. This moment brought to you by the incomparable @shervinfoto
  6. Gracee is still chasing her career....I like this.
  7. Damn! Where are THOSE kind of women on the US version? Add please.
  8. I've seen them both live and Danielle can sing rings around Cass....and for the record I love Cass. Cass is a better performer though.
  9. Only in theory it's "The Voice". In all practical terms it the contestant America likes at the moment....but tomorrow is another day.
  10. So in short they are not considering the minivan factor? Where contestants under 18 get a 10% or so plus up.
  11. Only those who maintained amazing tone and pitch in every performance need apply. Maelyn Lauren Juliet HM Chloe Addison Danielle Amy Vachal Amber Tessanne Emily Luther Sawyer Alisan Koryn Brooke Adee Laith
  12. I haven't been interested enough to listen to any of his off show work...but from what I heard....I suspect he is close friends with auto-tune. That said it has been reported Tim McGraw has a line in his contracts that he does not have to perform if the auto-tune is not working. So it happens more than some want to believe.
  13. Ummm...I dislike his singing because he is often pitchy and off key.....and Maelyn has no competition.
  14. First of all....hate is not a word I'd use to describe someone just because they are chasing the wrong dream. Secondly....it's splitting hairs to differentiate between Gyth and Barrett....and Red for that matter. They are all on the "I've heard way more than I want to" list. Also, FTR: There are many others on that list.....but Jake is not. He has carved out a little niche in the classic country music world as a writer and performer.
  15. In an epic prognostication I predict the answer to the first riddle is Julia Cooper. NGL: At first thought I thought VV was gonna rate peeps (see what a few too many martinis does to your thought process?) .....like IDF peeps....So my thought was ..."Oh this is gonna be fun." For the purpose of said; I was ready to embrace my ranking as the seething underbelly of IDF.
  16. Everyone is blessed....a snippet of a yet unreleased Winter song. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIj7tT2DMDw/ Everyone worthy raise <puts hands in pockets> your hand!
  17. Well...I know my Maelyn...OK.. OK... So It was a lucky guess....she covered Joni Mitchell's "River". Since we can't post IG here anymore.... I uploaded it to YT but set it to Unlisted, meaning you can watch it from the link but it's not searchable in YouTube. #Queen Instagram Post Maelyn Sings River
  18. I can't imagine how anyone who lived through S4 & S5 could pick anything else. I can't imagine how anyone who suffered through S18 & 19 could pick anything else.
  19. So...what flavor is that kool-ade you're drinking? Those same arguments could have been made for past seasons but they weren't and nothing bad happened...but I have on the tinfoil hat? More irony from the crowd.
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