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  1. Perhaps IDK, but in practice that just concentrates the vote of those who prefer females voices. This is still IDF so every time a female is an option a female is winning.
  2. I don't get the point of these. 6 seemingly random contestants that includes very few females. Why?
  3. I had Julia last season and I knew darn well she was not audience bait so I didn't take it too hard. I did fall hard for Joanna though The last minute team mandate for the finals was totally unfair. I really didn't need to be reminded how unfair TPTB is. Anyway...I'm agnostic so far this season.
  4. I am completely snowflakeless for the first time ever. There are a few I have an indeterminate interest in but most (I.E. Savanna) are dead to Minivan.
  5. Watched the whole thing...a few were pretty good but no Wows.
  6. Lauren is an exceptional story teller.....made all the better because she writes about her actual experience. Point is it sounds so real because it actually is real.
  7. Yeah....we need a default on these WSIB threads...."None Of The Above" or "<original artist here> is not shook".
  8. I think that is an excellent point.
  9. Same... TPTB used to do a much better job of creating the illusion TV was a competition. Now days they smile at you while they piss on your leg and tell you it's raining.
  10. That's good question. If this was the government we would form a committee to study the issue and get the answer. Since that never actually works.... we'll just say: "S_it happens" and move on. Added. Welcome.
  11. You have no rights to post anything here. You are granted the privilege to post here so long as it suits the operators of this forum. The moderators can deleted or edit anything you write as they see fit. You have rights in a court room....you are granted posting privileges in a forum.
  12. That is factually incorrect. You have the privileged to express it here so long as you follow the rules.
  13. You mean....because I say it like I believe it? God forbid. #intolerance
  14. Jeeze...It's not like we stormed the Capital. Diversity of opinions make us smarter and better. Intolerance is the worst opinion of all.
  15. As much as I'd like to relish that you consider my opinions factual I'll pass on that opinion.
  16. If they were being honest they would say they don't like certain groups of fans...all the while doing the exact same behaviors for their snowflakes. That why the word duplicitous exists.
  17. IKR? Here were are in a forum for Fans and Stans and some peeps find it uncomfortable that the forum is full of Fans and Stans. Crazy! For the record I've never liked an artist more or less because of some a fan said. However, I frequently like posters less because of what they say.
  18. TBH: I think it's incredibly shallow and petty to like an artist less because of anything a fan has to say about them. I wonder if ya'll even know that Fan is short for fanatic. smh. Are some fans over the top...sure...but what does that have to do with the artist?
  19. Add Please! (aka: there goes the neighborhood)
  20. Of the finalists Andrew. Otherwise, Presley or Rod.
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