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  1. Katie vs Bella - No More Tears. From what I heard Katie has far better tone. Yes, Bells has more range but I find her tone somewhat strident. I smell "Screamer" comments brewing. GNT vs Kinsey. Tom has beautiful harmonies but this is just so unfair. I pick Kinsey just because 3 on 1 is called bulling in some circles. For anyone second guessing a coaches selection please keep in mind they are hearing the live version. There is a real possibility what they heard is not the what we heard. What we hear is likely to have been auto tuned for maximum audience enjoyment.
  2. Ima have to go with none of the above. To pick one as best would imply at least one was good enough to be best. That wasn't my experience.
  3. Gosh I love Queen's voice.....but I sure wish we were hearing a lot more of her. BTW: Here is a larger version if you want to watch. https://sendvid.com/5ntiwkvf
  4. Not gonna lie I'm scared and curious about what is gonna happen. Nerves? Song choice? What!
  5. That emotion!!!! If you can't feel her....check your pulse.
  6. Thanks! Adding the Tictok....because we can embed those in this forum.
  7. Putting it on my bucket list. I knew it was new and the buzz is all excellent. I haven't been to Music City in a couple of years for obvious reasons....maybe soon.
  8. Gracee! Gotta' love those weekday nights in Nashville! Live music everywhere! I've never been to FirstBank Amphitheater. I've heard it's pretty cool. Thoughts?
  9. Kelly is one of the most gifted vocalists I have ever heard. None of the contestants or coaches could ever. Linda Ronstadt in her day could.
  10. Of course it's excellent. She's Queen. What else could it be? However, there has to be heinous crimes against humanity being committed for this woman to not have an album. #HighCrimesAndMisdemeanors
  11. Yeah....once it's 100% confirmed I suppose I'll get istersay to delete the thread. If she's not a contestant it doesn't belong here.
  12. Added. Welcome. Yep....just one chair! Added. Welcome. Toes crossed too!
  13. Yeah, that makes sense, especially if everyone's not vaccinated.
  14. I get what you're saying but to be fair... she is doing what she was instructed to do. IF she's actually in... maybe TPTB will treat her fairly for following the rules. Oh... never mind.... of course they won't.
  15. Well it was MUCH larger until the IDF apocalypse and we had to start over.
  16. It will have a shocking resemblance to TPTB's song choices.
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