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  1. I'm not sure why Lana is receiving so much criticism on social media. Is it because she is country? During the playoffs, I know some people preferred Libianca to her, but she truly stepped up and proved her talent every week. She didn't had a bad week at all. She wasn't in my top 5 before, but after each week, she got closer. She's now one of the Finale contestants I'd like to see.
  2. Kelly even covered Holly's Top 11 song "Alone" on her show. They were really pushing Holly for the finale, but I believe they were portraying her in a different way, which backfired. Holly would have been in the Top 3 if she had been allowed to sing freely during the lives instead of being pushed. Her social media covers are actually very good.
  3. Please accept my apologies if it sounds like that. That is not something I intend to accomplish. I was merely expressing my thoughts on the social media stats. I'm deleting that comment to avoid any future issues.
  4. People should, however, be reminded of their journeys on a regular basis. Carson, for example, recalls Minivan of Hailey's age. I believe we should keep track of how many times the terms "youngest contestant" and "14 years old" are used during the show; I wouldn't be surprised if these terms are used more than Hailey's name.
  5. Pure following implies not having the help of a coach, as Team Ariana had.
  6. Based on the show's journey, that will be pure following. During the early stages of the show, Hailey had Ariana's support.
  7. It's a bad idea to have another trio sing "Closer to Fine." Even though they aren't the same as The Bundys, they shouldn't cover the song.
  8. J&S should not be in Finale, in my opinion. I would have accepted if it had been Holly, but J&S are not more deserving than Jershika, Joshua, Lana, and even Jeremy was more deserving. J&S will spoil the best top 5 lineup on the Voice USA ever in the finale.
  9. The only coaches that have beaten Blake three times each are Adam and Kelly. He refers to both of them as the worst coaches because he is scared of them; they are the only ones who battles with him, and Minivan is fine with both of them.
  10. Just saw GNT's story, Blake approved GNT as a winner. Blake might be wondering why he wasn't chosen by GNT despite being their first choice. Kelly snatched two wins from Blake, first Chevel and now GNT. But I doubt GNT would have gotten this far if Blake would have been their coach.
  11. Kenzie from season 20 was, I believe, the first audition, and it aired first. The GNT audition was not the first. This season's first audition was David Vogel(According to spoilers), however he was aired late
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