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  1. If Girl Named Tom will win, Kelly will be a record breaker. Like she already won with a 1-chair (Jake Hoot), 2-chair (Brynn Cartelli), and 3-chair turner (Chevel Shepherd). If she wins with GNT, she wins with a 4-chair turner and a trio. Plus she'll set another record for a female coach with most wins and the coach with the highest success rate in the show.
  2. Then what about Holly? Lol this is crazy. The spoilers are hurting us.
  3. We all thought Bella won vs. Katie but the spoilers were wrong. So there's a possibility too that Brittany did won and Samuel lost.
  4. Ariana admitting that she shouldn't speak about enunciation because she sings pop like it's in different language lol. So true
  5. Peedy vs. The Joy Reunion is underwhelming. Weakest battle so far.
  6. For next week Team Kelly Aaron Hines Wyatt Michael Xavier Cornell Jershika Maple Parker McKay – final audition Team Legend Brittany Bree KJ Jennings Sabrina Dias Shadale Johnson Team Ariana Ryleigh Plank KCK3 Sophia Bromberg Team Blake Manny Keith LiBianca Tommy Edwards I’m guessing the two sneak peaks next week will be Aaron and Brittany.
  7. The Cunningham Sisters are kinda like Hello Sunday indeed, not focusing much on harmonies, but having contrasting strong voices.
  8. Does this mean The Cunningham Sisters get to close this episode?
  9. Oh, the montage seemed like he was a no chair turn. My bad.
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