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  1. while i’m not the biggest fan of the song choice, Wendy and Manny did amazing in their battle Wendy absolutely annihilated that song towards the end! QUEEN!!!!
  2. even though i love my powerhouse divas, i (desperately) want Wendy to sing some country this season. my reasons: 1. i think singing country would be Wendy’s best shot at winning. 2. Wendy is currently a country artist off-show, so i’d like her to be able to show off all of her artistry on the show. 3. i know she’d deliver some really unique and amazing performances this season if she combines country and soul together. so basically if Wendy doesn’t sing country, i WILL be rioting!
  3. literally… between them and Samuel we’re really being spoiled tonight
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUtE4HwrMVA/ y’all Maelyn is letting John Legend sing at her show! she’s so kind
  5. some of my thoughts on the Blind Auditions: - Wendy Moten is by far my favorite, and it’s not even close!!! - Bella DiNapoli is the biggest surprise for me so far. i didn’t expect to like her as much as i do (her audition one of my top 5 favorites this season). - i love Shadale and Jershika! i don’t think their audition songs were the best choices, but i’m really excited to see their next performances. i think they have a ton of potential to do amazing this season. - Gymani and Brittany are two of my other favorites! they kind of remind me of each other actually. both have a raspy quality in their voice, both sang very modern songs for their audition, both turned all four chairs, both are queens!! - i really like Holly, Ryleigh, and Libianca as well!! - i found the auditions overall to be slightly below average this season, but i still think the season has a lot of potential to be really great. - Samuel is my favorite male contestant this season. i really liked his audition! - i LOVE Ariana this season! she may not be the most dynamic coach but she’s sweet, funny, and seems to care for her contestants a lot. but some of her fans need to have their Twitter accounts locked… on to the battles!! GO WENDY!!!!
  6. i loved her audition! please add me!
  7. this is so hard because i love all these performances i’d have to choose Savanna though because her performance was insane… it’s a CRIME she didn’t make it further!!!
  8. Steamroller! it’s a good performance but it’s the one that i find myself rewatching the least.
  9. 3 of my unpopular opinions: - Stay is my least favorite performance by Maelyn (she’s a queen regardless) - God’s Country is my second least favorite performance by Rose (it’s still her song now though) - i have found the auditions to be below average overall this season. however, i still think the season has potential to be great.
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