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  1. Ranked: 1. Cami 2. Bailey 3. Ian 4.Tamera 5.Ben
  2. We all know Carter will win Gwen's so I didn't include it
  3. Team Gwen: Carter Team Kelly: Cami Team blake: Ian Team John: John Wildcard: Bailey or Desz
  4. 1. Cami 2.Desz 3.Bailey 4.John 5.Ben 6.Ian 7.Jim 8.Carter 9.Tamara
  5. I think she will considering she's more unique then Jim, Ben, Tamera and Desz
  6. Team Kelly: Cami Team Blake: Ian Team Gwen: Carter Team Legand: John Instant Save: Bailey Rae If they don't do 1 from each team.. 1. Carter 2. John 3. Cami 4. Desz 5. Bailey Rae
  7. Top 9 rated.. I think Cami and Bailey Rae are rhe most unique. 1. Cami 2. John 3. Bailey Rae 4. Desz 5. Tamera 6. Carter 7. Iam 8. Ben 9. Jim
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