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  1. And the show is almost perfectly engineered to eliminate potential for going viral lmao
  2. Lmao I didnโ€™t mean to start anything, and like I said itโ€™s clearly not a โ€œfairโ€ comparison. I do think itโ€™s revealing about the SM reaction to this show and why (other than Republic) people have so many issues post-show. The voting audience of this show is just not in anyway a thruline to post-show success. GNT is better positioned than any winner in recent memory with almost 200k listeners on Spotify, but odds are still super stacked against them and itโ€™s sad. I am hoping for the best with them and maybe theyโ€™ll benefit from a fairly niche genre, but itโ€™s hard. cuz like, when he was asking โ€œdoes this show want winners with the best voice or winners who are going to chart?โ€ the answer is none of the above dude
  3. This guy is a relatively popular vocal reaction channel and he reacted to OTR and The Chain from the finale. Title is kinda clickbait because YouTube. I think he represents the YouTube/Twitter โ€œhyper-casual donโ€™t actually watch the showโ€ reaction to the results pretty well. But to be fair, he only reacted to those two performances, and thatโ€™s Wendyโ€™s best vocal versus a bottom half vocal from GNT. He clearly doesnโ€™t watch the show but I think you sort of add to the sense why the voice never produces stars from how he talks about it
  4. A popular vocal reaction channel on YT reacted to Wendyโ€™s OTR. You can definitely tell that he doesnโ€™t watch the show and the title is a little click-baity but he was super laudatory towards her performance.
  5. I hope everything turns out okay with their father. Honestly super sad to hear about
  6. I canโ€™t believe she never explained just how severe things were on the show. If youโ€™re gonna have a horrific injury at least play it up and get the sympathy votes! In all seriousness though I hope everything goes well. The whole situation is awful
  7. I think you two are actually agreeing here Itโ€™s about the song, and how the listener connects with it. And thatโ€™s a personal experience, not an objective one. Itโ€™s not measured by how much emotion they show on their face, but by how much you feel. for me, Wendy was by far the contestant whose performances and songs I โ€œfeltโ€ the most. someone else thinking Wendy didnโ€™t โ€œemoteโ€ enough in her performances doesnโ€™t invalidate that and the opposite is also true โ€” If you donโ€™t connect, you donโ€™t connect you just canโ€™t make definitive statements based on whether you think someoneโ€™s facial expressions were good enough
  8. When she gave one of the best knockouts of the season and lost I was SO pressed
  9. Just in terms of raw vocal capability, itโ€™s Wendy. She has so much control over every part of her register.
  10. Honestly, I think GNT is just getting to be the unfortunate recipient of a lot of built up anger/disappointment. And then that was exaggerated by Wendy making a resurgence in the last two weeks that put her close on (non-itunes) indicators, and she would have been a very deserving winner as well. But GNT was great, and they were going to be hard to catch after the 1-2 punch of their KO and t13 performance
  11. Sometimes. It depends on who wins and who the runner-up is. In this case, GNT don't fit the mold of the facebook winner and there was also a very deserving runner-up that would have been the preference of twitter. People who are upset are generally the loudest as well, but they got the most votes, so ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ
  12. Honestly a great winner. Hope the record label does not kill their momentum
  13. Honestly, kinda feel a similar way, and I like GNT! I really expected her to come second, but it still feels bad because of how much she deserved it. tbh it's probably that she broke her arms and has to get a terrible elbow surgery for second You know for sure that Republic would have never done anything with her though, so I am glad she doesn't have to deal with that BS during recovery lmao
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