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  1. As of now, Thunderstorm, Micah, Todd, and Toneisha are the front runners. Depending on their knockouts, Joanna, Megan, Joei, and Allegra could make the finale, but probably won’t win. Everyone else’s chances are pretty slim, unless they give a breakout knockout performance.
  2. Anyone saying Thunderstorm doesn't make the finale is mistaken. He's already a frontrunner, and Thunderstorm being on Team Nick is going to be almost unstoppable. Plus, he'll definitely benefit from performing in his house. He sounds just as good without being on the stage, if not even better.
  3. Charlie's grading has never been too good but wow, this is just abysmal. Sara over Cedrice and Samantha? Truly awful.
  4. 1. Sophia Wackerman 2. Grace Leer 3. Shannon Gibbons 4. Makayla Phillips 5. Cyniah Elise 6. Julia Gargano 7. Olivia Ximines 8. Lauren Manscitti 9. Franklin Boone 10. Lauren Spencer-Smith 11. Kimmy Gabriella 12. Demi Rae 13. Arthur Gunn 14. Genevieve Linkowski 15. Aliana Jester 16. Robert Taylor
  5. Besides Darious and Samantha winning their knockouts, I definitely see this happening.
  6. Lmao I accidentally voted Senorita for best performance, ignore that. 1. Toneisha Harris vs. Jacob Daniel Murphy 2. Darious Lyles vs. Nelson Cade III 3. Micah Iverson vs. Gigi Hess 4. Mandi Castillo vs. CammWess 5. Cam Spinks vs. Kailey Abel 6. Tate Brusa vs. Anders Drerup
  7. If these battles are shown in full...I can only imagine how bad the montaged battles shouldve been...
  8. Am I the only one that liked this song? Lol I think Camm did better than Mandi tbh.
  9. I can't stand this song, but I actually like this
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