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  1. You could see a glimpse of Kelly's strip lighting from red to white during her performance, so she did turn all 4.
  2. Think I'm gonna love this episode, with Shannon, Sarah, Jonny, Cyniah, and Julia.
  3. From the snippet I've heard, Shannon's Hawaii performances was much better than a lot of the people that made Top 20. Hopefully she returns next season. She deserves to make a very far run in the competition.
  4. Been following this season pretty sporadically, but just saw an article that one of the contestants that made the lives was a registered sex offender in America https://www.courierpress.com/story/news/2020/02/13/the-voice-holland-teacher-sex-offender-jordan-lee-mcguire-evansville-indiana/4751092002/
  5. Dawson Coyle from S12 Stephan Marcellus from S13
  6. Woman at 0:29/1:32 is Arei Moon.
  7. As long as we actually get pre-taped knockouts, this season schedule won't bother me as much as Season 16 did, even if we lose a few weeks of live shows.
  8. In order of when they started singing: Louie Knight Dillon James Aliana Jester Jovin Webb Margie Mays Jonny West Sam Diaz Amber Fielder Arthur Gunn Also featured: Alisa Ermoalev Francisco Martin
  9. Not as long and didn’t show as many contestants as last season, which is a bit disappointing. Jonny and Arthur sounded great!
  10. One thing I’ve noticed is that he’s actually been very close with Anaya Cheyenne since before the show. Brandin is Anaya’s creative director, and Anaya works under for Brandin’s production company. Brandin’s also posted a lot of photos on Instagram saying how he and Anaya were very close. Perhaps he came to Cali with Anaya as part of her friends and family?
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