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  1. 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Jordan 4. Victor 5. Rachel
  2. John saving Jacob instead Beth hurt me the most, she had given three great performances up to that point and was shaping up to be one of my favorites from that season. I think he just misunderstood the voting demographic and didn't realize that Rebecca was going to beat her
  3. Liahona, Hannah, Colin, and Mary Jo with the possibility of Madison going instead of Mary Jo
  4. Have totally fallen behind on my episodic rankings, so I'm just going to rank out everyone we've seen so far. Amazing group! Stellar Perry Janie Gordon Johnny Manuel Despina Savva Kirby Burgess Jesse Teniaki Elyse Sene-Lefao Masha Mjoyan Matt Gresham Angela Fabian Sapphire Tamalemai Chris Sebastian -------------------------------------------- Roxane LeBrasse Maddy Thomas Wolf Winters Elishia Semaan Nathan Isaac Clarissa Spata Jimi the Kween Emma Mylott Siala Robson Mason Lloyde Mark Furze Lyric McFarland Adam Ludweig Graeme Isaako Timothy James Bowen Ricky Muscat Bo'Ness Alex Weybury Jonathan Welch Matt Evans Xy Latu Caleb Jago-Ward Luke Biscan Natalie Gauci Josh Pywell Claudia Harrison Stephanie Cole Ella Monnery Emmagen Rain Steve Clisby Andy Dexterity Virginia Lillye Bukhu Ganburged Charlie McFarlane Callum Gleeson Soma Sutton Sebastian Coe
  5. I'll leave my predictions (and who I think wins each one, italics is a steal/save). Team Guy Stephanie Cole vs. Kirby Burgess Bukhu Ganburged vs. Johnny Manuel Wolf Winters vs. Xy Latu vs. Natalie Gauci Adam Ludewig vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao Timothy James Bowen vs. Luke Biscan Josh Pywell vs. Jimi the Kween Team Delta Stellar Perry vs. Matt Gresham Jesse Teinaki vs. Steve Clisby Graeme Isaako vs. Elishia Semaan Matt Evans vs. Claudia Harrison Janie Gordon vs. Emmagen Rain Maddy Thomas vs. Callum Gleeson Team Kelly Masha Mnjoyan vs. Ella Monnery Mark Furze vs. Emma Mylott Mason Lloyde vs. Bo'Ness Chris Sebastian vs. Lyric McFarland Sapphire Tamalemai vs. Soma Sutton Alex Weybury vs. Charlie McFarlane Team George Clarissa Spata vs. Virginia Lillye Nathan Isaac vs. Sebastian Coe Angela Fabian vs. Jonathon Welch Despina Savva vs. Siala Robson Caleb Jago-Ward vs. Andy Dexterity Roxane LeBrasse vs. Ricky Muscat
  6. The last chair turner is Wolf Winters
  7. This article shares a lot of the frustrations people have with Andy Dexterity. https://isigniwander.com/why-deaf-people-need-allies/
  8. This would probably work better on the Entertainment forum tbh. That being said, I'd never waste an opportunity to discuss my music taste, so I'll do this. Historian - Lucy Dacus Tapestry - Carole King Atrocity Exhibition - Danny Brown Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell Back to Black - Amy Winehouse Hozier - Hozier Immunity - Clairo Half Way Home - Angel Olsen After Laughter - Paramore LP1 - FKA twigs
  9. Going to update when OZTalent uploads the other auditions. 1. Maddy Thomas (8.5/10) - Untrained voice and limited range, but her tone makes up for it. Don’t see her making it too far, though. 2. Alex Weybury (8/10) Not sure if 4 chair worthy, but I enjoyed it enough. 3. Caleb Jago-Ward (7.5/10) - Wasn’t the biggest fan in Season 4, and he’s better now, but still not too impressed. 4. Carina Grace (6/10) - I don’t disagree with her getting no chairs, but it was an entertaining performance. 5. Georgia Caine (4.5/10) - Was off-key at a lot of points. Don't blame them for not turning. 6. Soma Sutton (2/10) - Yeah, this was really bad. Unique isn’t always a good thing. Even disregarding the odd tone, the performance was sloppy all over.
  10. Bri Marsh is on tonight, as well. Jessica Fraser is on tomorrow night.
  11. Tonight was really good imo. 1. Kirby Burgess (9.5/10) - Love theatrical performances. Might be biased because I love this song, but I thought her voice was fantastic. 2. Masha Mnjoyan (9.5/10) - Not the biggest fan of the song choice, but her voice makes up for it. About time Kelly picks up someone who has a shot lol. 3. Matt Gresham (9/10) - The block mechanic is so awful, and I’m scared the US is going to adapt it. Nonetheless, perfect song choice for his voice. Could see him making a good run in the competition. 4. Siala Robson (8.5/10) - Lost me a bit towards the end, but her tone is really interesting, and that original was really well written. 5. Matt Evans (8/10) - Not a kind of voice I havent heard a bunch of times before, but I can recognize he’s really talented. 6. Emmagen Rain (7/10) - I don’t think her voice is refined enough for the show yet. But I still thought she warranted a turn. 7. Jake Meywes (5/10) - Wouldn’t have minded if he got a chair turn, but I can see why he didn’t
  12. 1. Jesse Teniaki (9.5/10) - He's improved trememdously! Hope he makes it farther than he did last season. Crazy how Delta has the three best contestants of this season so far. 2. Ella Monnery (8/10) - Might not be anything too unique, but she has a great voice. Probably going in the knockouts, though. 3. Olivia Kelly (8/10) - Can't believe she didn't get a turn. A few pitchy moments, but her tone is fantastic. With some coaching, she could've made it really far. 4. Luke Biscan (7.5/10) - Solid audition, I doubt he'll make it very far but I enjoyed this one. 5. Bukhu Ganburged (5/10) - Cool to have an artist like him on the show, but wasn't a fan of this. The throat singing stopped me from enjoying the performance like I wished I could've. 6. Sebastian Coe (3.5/10) - He got a turn and Olivia didn't? Overall, not crazy impressed with this week, but wasn't a bad way to kick off the season. Got a few people I'm really going to be rooting for later on. (mainly Despina, Roxane, Stellar, Chris, Janie, and Jesse)
  13. Matt Gresham is up on Sunday, as well.
  14. Solid night, a few more people I’m going to be watching for. Janie Gordon - 10/10 - My favorite so far, effortless and beautiful voice. Hope she makes it a long way. Stephanie Cole - 6/10 - Sounded like she was yelling through the song tbh. Wasn’t horrible though. Chris Sebastian - 9/10 - Loved this! One of the more technically impressive auditions so far this season. Charlie McFarlane - 4.5/10 - Sounded tough in the beginning, and somewhat saved it at the end, but I was still surprised he got a turn. Jimi the Kween - 8.5/10 - Really liked the tone of his voice. Really powerful as well. Megan Vuillemain - 4/10 - I think she has a good voice but this was all over the place. A lot of missed notes. Timothy James Bowen - 8.5/10 - Thought it was pretty solid, good song choice for his voice.
  15. Solid episode! Not as good as last season's premiere, but got a few people I was a fan of. Adam Ludewig - 8/10 - Didn't like how quick the song was, but he's clearly a good singer. Grew on me after a few listens. Despina Savva - 9/10 - Guess I'm in the minority here, but this was amazing! Her tone is really cool, and I could see her making a good run in this competition. Roxane LeBrasse - 8.5/10 - Solid audition, but I feel she could deliver an even better performance along the line. Virginia Lillye - 6.5/10 - Wasn't really a fan, although it wasn't horrible. Surprised I didn't like this, because I usually gravitate towards female rockers. Like the tone, but her vocals were a bit lackluster. Jon Wiza - 4.5/10 - As the judges said, his voice is kind of weak. Not terrible, but I'd have to say he wasn't deserving of a chair turn. Josh Pywell - 7/10 - He has an interesting voice, but the song choice was a bit corny. Stellar Perry - 10/10 - Fantastic! Easily the best of the night, basically a perfect performance. Could see her making it a long way in the competition/
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