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  1. Queen Zania is going live on Instagram at 8:00 EST TONIGHT! be sure to drop in and show her some love!
  2. Gihanna if you’re reading this disregard my last song suggestion
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNZaSADFpWN/ Zania is doing an Instagram Live on Friday, April 9th, at 8:00pm EST!! be sure to drop in to see the queen!!
  4. i feel like Gihanna would SLAUGHTER β€œI’m Here” from The Color Purple
  5. if my post causes Zania to get bussed in the POs, i would never live it down... i would carry that regret and shame with me for the rest of eternity. i would NEVER forgive myself
  6. y’all want to hear something funny? Zania kind of revealed that she made it to the lives on her Instagram story last night she was talking about her and Durell’s battle, and after that, she said β€œyour girl made it to the lives.” i think she noticed she slipped up, because she then said something like β€œi believe i can do it guys, i believe i can make it to the lives.”
  7. asking me to pick my favorite powerhouse is the equivalent of asking a parent to pick their favorite child...
  8. Zania and Durell were my favorite battle of the season!! Zania absolutely killed it, and i’m so so so excited for her KO! she’s such a queen
  9. add me please! this woman is absolutely INCREDIBLE! she’s definitely one of my favorite contestants this year, and i’m rooting for her!
  10. i’m sorry but Corey is such a cutie and he did AMAZING in his battle with Savanna! he’s awesome!!
  11. the fact that Dana Monique isn’t on this list... i’m DISGUSTED
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