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  1. now that Season 21 is over, i am going to take a break from idol forums for a few months! i’ll be back during Idol probably. here are my final thoughts on Season 21: the contestants were awesome this season! i truly enjoyed every contestant in the top 13 to some extent. i think it is one of the best top 13s ever, and it gave us one of the best finales ever. this season gave me so many favs to root for Wendy, Jershika, Gymani, Brittany, Shadale, LiBianca, and Bella all gave some really wonderful performances and great moments. Wendy is definitely one of my favorite contestants ever. she is one of the best vocalists to ever be on this show in my opinion, and many of her performances are some of my favorite performances of all time! the fact that she not only remained in the competition after falling, but gave her best live performances afterwards is really amazing. her determination and perseverance is inspiring! i’m so grateful Wendy was a contestant this season, and i pray her surgery went well! Jershika was such an unexpected surprise this season. i loved each performance she gave us and am so proud that she made the finale! truthfully, i thought she was going to go home after Ain’t It Fun, but she killed her IS performance and continued to do amazing! her winning that second IS is one of my favorite moments of the season! i really enjoyed our winner GNT! they are one of my favorite winners honestly. they gave some really beautiful performances and should be very proud of themselves! their blind, KO, and semifinals performances are my favorites from them. i may have a bit of a crush on both Caleb and Josh… i’m so glad that we had a regular amount of live shows for this season! it was so nice to have a normal season again. each live show was great since the contestants were all good! more lives makes the seasons so much more enjoyable. QUEEN ARIANA DESERVED BETTER!!! give my queen a second chance and give her an AA powerhouse diva!!! i loved her connection to her team, and i thought she was fun to watch this season. i hope she comes back! this was definitely one of my favorite seasons ever! i’m so sad it’s over and even more sad that we have to wait until September for another season happy holidays everyone
  2. are GNT and Wendy stans still going at it? i think it’s high time that we admit that Miss Jershika Maple was the most consistent contestant of the season and deserved the trophy more than BOTH of those flops!!!! (i’m just playing no one yell at me)
  3. random collection of some of my favorite performances of the season! so many amazing performances Wendy Moten: We Can Work It Out, last 30 seconds of IIELMFIY, Ain’t No Way, Change The World, You’re All I Need To Get By, Over The Rainbow Jershika Maple: Inseparable, Beggin’, How Can I Ease The Pain, What Is Love, DLTSGDOM Gymani: Pillowtalk, Say Something, Made A Way, Sweet Love Brittany Bree: Call Out My Name, Giving Him Something He Can Feel Bella Denapoli: Damaged, No More Tears Shadale: Impossible LiBianca: Everything I Wanted
  4. i’m finding it impossible to rank Jershika’s performances she was so consistent, and each performance was so great!! i’ll shout some performances out though: - Break Every Chain: i can’t believe she actually sang this song after how long we wanted her to! it wasn’t a perfect vocal but it was so powerful, and it won her a second IS and took her to the finale - Inseparable: this may be her best performance! iconic vocals, beautiful lows and highs, legendary runs… QUEEN! - What Is Love: she absolutely deserved to advance after this IS performance!! this is another one of my favs of hers… amazing performance!! - Beggin’: this song choice was crazy but she absolutely delivered i’m obsessed with this performance!!! - How Can I Ease The Pain: loved this!!! very beautiful performance Jershika was such a queen this season!! definitely one of my fav contestants ever
  5. she’s so nice i really hope her surgery went well!! i’m glad to see that she’s posting at least!
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXUSsjllnfO/ y’all this woman is insane i’m so glad Brittany is posting some covers on Instagram! Brittany is definitely one of the most underrated contestants from season 21. i really loved each of her performances and i’m grateful we were introduced to her this season
  7. Maelyn deserves way more votes that performance was perfection, and it may be my favorite from her
  8. y’all Dana released a new song!! she sounds amazing!!
  9. POP CULTURE EMERGENCY QUEEN Dana Monique from season 20 has released a new single called I Need Me!! buy it and stream it NOW… that’s an order!!!!
  10. sending Wendy so many prayers today she has been such a trooper these past couple of weeks. i really hope the surgery goes well. we LOVE you Wendy
  11. GNT getting any form of hate on social media is so weird to me… Wendy has gotten so much criticism all season long and now all of a sudden people are angry she lost? WHERE WERE Y’ALL DURING VOTING??? you can’t be mad now if you didn’t give her at least 10 votes i wanted Wendy to win so badly and think she deserved to, but GNT are deserving winners as well! social media is a weird place…
  12. this is without a doubt the GREATEST picture to ever exist.
  13. my mom watches the show with me. she usually likes country and rock, but she’ll support my favs too (because she knows i’ll get mad at her if she doesn’t!!!). she wanted Paris to win, and she’s not a fan of Kelly or Gwen but does like Ariana and Jennifer… her opinions are kind of a mixed bag my dad usually falls asleep during the show, but he’s oddly good at noticing who the front runners are he wanted Paris to win too. i force my siblings to at least know who my favorites are, though they don’t really follow the show. usually i just send out orders on who to vote for and they obey!!! my cousin watches the show and said he was rooting for GNT and Jim and Sasha during our Thanksgiving dinner… i had to excuse myself from the table!
  14. y’all i just thought of a new strategy that will help us get our first ever African American woman winner… hear me out: voter fraud!!!
  15. both Wendy and Jershika got 10 votes from me… actually, it’s more like 10 votes times 3 emails times 2 ways of voting (app and website)… so 60 votes each y’all we need to make more accounts, then we can finally get our African American woman winner!!!!
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