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  1. the premiere is in less than a day… 24 hours until my life finally has meaning again!
  2. glad to be back!! i liked what i saw from Holly in the promos so i’m excited to see her audition! thank you! i’m so ready for Monday omg it feels like it’s been forever since last season i cannot WAIT to see her perform this season. from what i’ve seen from her so far i feel like she has the potential to be one of my all-time favs!
  3. hey everyone! i hope you all are doing well!! i’m back from my idf hiatus and so excited to discuss S21 with everyone i haven’t really looked at many contestants preseason, but from what i’ve seen, my early favorite this season is Wendy. i can’t wait for the premiere on Monday!!!
  4. hey everyone i’m still on my idf hiatus until the season starts, but i just read the blind audition spoilers and had to drop in and tell everyone that i will be stanning TBA (AA female) effective immediately!
  5. my final thoughts on season 20: this was definitely one of my favorite seasons ever! there were many different contestants that i enjoyed this season who gave some really great performances. in particular, the KO round was one of the best that i can remember. although the short format with once-a-week episodes and three weeks of lives was TRAGIC, the cast definitely made this season memorable (but next season BETTER be full-length!!) i honestly enjoyed every contestant in the Top 17. we ended up getting a really deserving winner with Cam, giving us a satisfying ending to this awesome season. although i am sad that none of my favorites made it to the finale, the finalists were all strong and deserving. Corey is a KING and was definitely one of the best parts of the season (first AND ONLY time i’ll get added to a man’s fan thread!) Savanna is the epitome of a robbed queen, and it’s a CRIME that she was out in the KOs. her BA is amazing and her KO is one of my favorite performances ever. QUEEN!! Zania had a perfect run if you, like me, pretend Dangerous Woman didn’t happen... her BA, Battle, and KO were all easily some of my favorite performances of the season!! Pia stayed true to herself as a reggae artist which was wonderful to watch and gave ICONIC looks week to week! in my opinion, she is the most underrated artist this season. her KO is one of the best performances ever and i honestly loved all of her performances. and of course, Dana Monique is a QUEEN!! my favorite contestant of the season, she was so awesome every time she set foot on the stage. her voice is so insane and her stage presence is FANTASTIC! her KO and PO performances were mind-blowing. on top of being incredibly talented, she’s an amazing and loving person as well. i really think she deserved a spot in the finale, but i’m so proud of her for making it to the semifinals. i love her so much, and she is one of my favorite contestants ever!! overall, season 20 was a fantastic season from start to finish, giving me new all-time favorites, other great contestants, amazing performances, and a happy ending! i like to take a break from idolforums between seasons (idf is VERY addicting during the seasons so i need a rest). i may drop in over the summer every once in a while, but i’ll definitely be back by the time all the spoilers are out!! i hope all of you and your families stay safe and healthy over the summer!! it’s been so fun discussing the season with you all. see you all for season 21!!
  6. add me please!! thank you so much for making this she is one of my favorite contestants of all time and is easily one of the best vocalists to ever grace this show. she has so many iconic performances on this show. we don’t deserve her!! QUEEN KYLA p.s. Kyla’s birthday was just a few days ago EVERYONE SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLA
  7. a possible lineup: - Sisaundra Lewis - this woman was a vocal director for Celine Dion... i’d say she’s more qualified to be a coach on a singing competition than half of The Voice coaches. - Melanie Martinez - she has a top 10 album and a top 5 album and is a very unique, pretty successful alternative artist, so she could advise contestants on how to create their own distinct musical identity on the show and post-show. - Jordan Smith - he’s arguably the most dominant winner ever and gave ICONIC performances, so he may be the most qualified contestant to advise others on how to win this show. - Cassadee Pope - she has a #1 country album, two platinum singles, and a Grammy nomination, so she’s arguably one of the most successful The Voice alums. plus, she’s done country, pop, and rock, so she could work well with a wide range of artists.
  8. i actually bought Jake and Kelly’s new song... i guess i’m a Hoot stan now!!!!
  9. 100%!! i just think it’s a funny/tragic statistic. time to pray for a black woman on Team Ari to win S21
  10. y’all this was the second season IN A ROW without a woman in the final 3... i think i’m going to be sick
  11. congratulations Cam!! he was so consistent this season and so awesome to watch each week. this win is very well-deserved!! i’m so happy for him KING!!
  12. Gwen: Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap Ryan: Run, run, run loving these powerful, moving songs tonight
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