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  1. Someone about to catch these hands if Emma beats Savannah in the knockouts
  2. Someone make an Ariana grande fan thread and add me. We’ve been blessed by the gods in this horrific moment of the shows history. The show is leaving it’s dark times
  3. Kelly so annoyingly picky this season smh...didn’t turn for Dana,cam,victor...more including Pete,raine
  4. They need it at this point cuz the show is already going downhill with the same man winning every season
  5. Pls ik...if they want the show to stay on get like anyone...literally dua lipa more relevant and we all know abt her...
  6. does this woman really bring anything interesting to the table...
  7. Meghan trainor hasn’t been relevant since like 2015...girl step aside and let a true icon try
  8. If myracles voice sounds like it’s gonna crack...listen to kyndals trainwreck playoff song...not a serve
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