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  1. I nominate @Bk1234 he's like the nicest one here lol
  2. I nominate @erik g the underrated king Jk i dont nominate myself I barely talk on here
  3. I change Paris Winningham to "Use Me" (Top 11) Gymani "Say Something" (PO) Hailey Mia "Elastic Heart" (Top 11) Joshua Vacanti "The Show Must Go On" (Top 11) Lana Scott "The One That Got Away" (Top 10)
  4. Pre-Lives: Jeremy, Gymani, GNT, Jim and Sasha, Ryleigh, Holly, Shadale, Jershika (its a tie between lives and pre lives), Wendy Lives: Jershika (tie), Lana, Paris, Joshua, Hailey
  5. Jim and Sasha KO Surprised me. I expected it to be really boring lol.
  6. Samuel Bella Raquel Keilah Katie Vaughn Sophia
  7. I dont want them too but they most likeky will lol
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