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  1. Itโ€™s almost a blessing she didnโ€™t win - her potential is limitless, and Voice winners donโ€™t fare that well, anyway, despite some of them being so so talented. I still say sheโ€™s gotta go in with the TikTok and Instagram reel covers. Sheโ€™s the perfect candidate for a market like that, and Iโ€™m sure sheโ€™ll be discovered so very quickly. Had she been on a different season she probably wouldโ€™ve taken it all. I compare her to Brynn, whose vocals kind of peaked at KOโ€™s and then were a little shaky live at the same age, and sheโ€™s just so beyond. I canโ€™t wait to see what she does next.
  2. Congrats to Hailey! I really think she shouldโ€™ve been second place (with Wendy as the winner, but donโ€™t get me startedโ€ฆ) but she had a great run, made a name for herself, and gave some memorable and beautiful performances. Had she stuck with Ariana, she wouldโ€™ve barely made it past POโ€™s, but she made finale!! And came in fourth!! Out of so many others. Incredible feat and I canโ€™t wait to see what she does next.
  3. Congrats to Kelly, and congrats to Bekah. Without each other, their vocals are subparโ€”so they better stick together!
  4. Before last night, Hailey mightโ€™ve been second. Fourth is still a great accomplishment, congrats to her!
  5. Iโ€™m so behind, did the T13 perform yet? I saw Jeremyโ€™s story and it looks like heโ€™s watching from home, so is it even live??
  6. Imo, her WC with Jar of Hearts is what sold me on her. For the position she was put in, that was so polished it was unbelievable, itโ€™s forever a fave.
  7. Not live, probably just missing from the chair to pee and make it look like it *was* going to be live
  8. We've got five really amazing finalists here. Regardless of what happens, I think we're in for a treat entertainment wise.
  9. Just listened to both her studios. IDWBYA is fantastic; if she sings it with the same amount of emotion she brings to her performances every week, I could see it being a showstopper for her, imo. Deja Vu is fun, and I'm sure something she sings often (and something similar to what she'd sing irl once the show ends).
  10. The way she is about to slay the hell out of these songs tomorrow, wow. I've wanted to hear a Billie song from her since the beginning, and she is about to deliver. I know everyone is so sold on a GNT win, but these song choices *could* change that.
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