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  1. Honorable mention as well: Joshua Vacanti's Falling/You and I
  2. 1) Wichita Lineman- GNT 2) Seven Bridges Road- GNT and Kinsey 3) Tennessee Whiskey/Me and Mrs.Jones- Paris Winnigham 4) Elastic Heart- Hailey Mia 5)I know what you did last summer- KJ Jennings and Samuel Harness Honorable Mentions: Jack Rogan in Cardigan Gymani in POV Holly Forbes in Rocketman Chavon Rodgers and David Vogel in Sugar, We're going down
  3. did ariana tried to hug hailey mia and didn't get a hug again? haha
  4. okay alicia slaying with that smile and dress, is this a preview of her coming back?
  5. Okay I was really expecting something like Silent Night but that was fuuun
  6. okay I see I'm a minority but I actually liked the creativity of the intro. Plus can't forget his and Christina Grimmie's performance
  7. I prefer Nick Jonas than Ariana Grande (especially song choices and arranging battles) but to each their own hihi
  8. This reminds me of Miley Cyrus' hoedown throwdown. And I prefer that disney version than this haha
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