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Best Season 19 Battle


Best Season 19 Battle  

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  1. 1. Choose the best battle in your opinion

    • Taryn Papa vs Worth The Wait - Little White Church
    • Lauren Frihauf vs Payge Turner - If The World Was Ending
    • Bailey Rae vs Sid Kingsley - Tennessee Whiskey
    • Desz vs Joseph Soul - If You Don't Know Me By Now
    • John Holliday vs Julia Cooper - Summer Soft
    • Carter Rubin vs Larriah Jackson - Like I'm Gonna Lose You
    • Casme vs Rio Souma - You're All I Need to Get By
    • Marisa Corvo vs Ryan Gallagher - I Surrender
    • Cami Clune vs James Pyle - Wicked Game

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Payge vs Lauren hands down. That was actually my first time hearing that song and I can´t help but go back to their version. 


Honorable mentions to John vs Julia (The key changes come and go...), Bailey vs Sid (clear winner for me here, but Bailey stepped it up too), and Marisa/Ryan (Mixed incredibly well.)

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For me, Lauren and Payge was the most equal and best battle. In almost every other option there was a clear winner imo.


I think Cami and James didn't have a clear winner either. The vocals were pretty, but the emotional connection wasn't there for me, unlike with Payge and Lauren's battle.

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Being completely honest, none of these battles really wowed me, except for Marisa's parts in her battle with Ryan. But as for the one that came together best as a battle? I'll go with the majority.

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Incredible battles!
Lauren Frihauf vs. Payge Turner [Overall stunning, Lauren killed her parts, Payge killed her parts, and they both killed their parts together. Incredible!]
Casme vs. Rio Souma [Love the energy on this one! They're both even for me—I love Casme's energy and voice, and Rio's voice is stunning too!]
Marisa Corvo vs. Ryan Gallagher [Marisa slayed this battle–"And This Fire's Getting Stronger"lives in my head rent free. Ryan gave good backing vocals.]
Carter Rubin vs. Larriah Jackson [Larriah sounded VERY mature here and was extremely polished! Carter sounded good too, but was a step down from Larriah imo.]
Good battles!
Taryn Papa vs. Worth The Wait [Taryn showed incredible range and power. WTW did great in some parts, but their harmonies weren't as tight as in their KO.]
DeSz vs. Joseph Soul [DeSz was incredible here! Joseph recovered from his pitchy opening, allowing the rest of the performance to be great!]
Bailey Rae vs. Sid Kingsley [Bailey's tone is so amazing, and her power surprises me! I really like Sid, but some of his runs sounded a little weird to me here.]
These battles didn't reach their full potential:
Cami Clune vs. James Pyle [Too many harmonies! These two are so talented; I would have loved to hear more from both individually. James' voice overpowered Cami's here.]
John Holliday vs. Julia Cooper [Although both great, John and Julia's voices didn't gel well to me. I wish Julia got more individual time to show off her amazing voice!]
[Underlined is my winner, if no one is underlined, they were even.]
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My thoughts, since I have a few unpopular opinions here


Top 3 battles (based on personal preference)

1. Marisa vs Ryan- Loved how theatrical this performance was. Marisa and Ryan both shined here vocally. And they were fittingly the two most dramatic contestants this season

2. Cami vs James- Beautiful battle. Loved their harmonies and tones here. No surprise considering I really like Cami, but James really stepped up too

3. John vs Julia- I liked the jazzy soulful side of John we saw in prelives, and this was a great fit for him. Julia was definitely the underdog, but she also did well here, and that key change was great

I liked Payge and Lauren, but it’s not my cup of tea compared to some others, and Desz vs Joseph was also great, particularly Desz. 

My favorite nonsteal battle is actually Madeline vs Eli (I guess it makes sense seeing what battles made my T3)

I am not a huge fan of Carter vs Larriah and Carter is definitely not at his best here, though it’s definitely not bad


Bailey and Sid and WTW and Taryn are both battles where I much preferred the loser (and I consider this Taryn’s best performance on the show) 

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  1. Payge vs. Lauren: If that hadn't ended in a steal I would've sued lmao prob not bc what's money for lawyer fees but you get what I mean
  2. Marisa vs. Ryan: Marisa's parts were great and Ryan was decent too.
  3. Desz vs. Joseph: If Joseph hadn't been slightly pitchy at the start, I'd probably rank this above Marisa and Ryan.
  4. Bailey vs. Sid: Both of them deserved to move on, but neither individually blew me away quite as much as Marisa or Desz did in their battles.
  5. Cami vs. James: Those harmonies 😍😍😍
  6. Taryn vs. WTW: Taryn deserved to win this, but WTW was pretty good too.
  7. Carter vs. Larriah: Both were excellent here, and Larriah was a very good coach save pick (though I'd have preferred to see her win).
  8. Casme vs. Rio: Probably deserves to be higher, but given the Walmart commercial that used this song haunted me for months afterwards...
  9. John vs. Julia: Technically the trickiest battle song and both were good, I just didn't love the pairing and Julia deserved better for her run on the show


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