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The Voice Season 22 - Redux (dead)


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Happy Holidays! It's time for another redux! I've (hopefully) come more prepared this time.

If you are interested in following this redux, go ahead and fill out this quick form:  https://forms.gle/s3sEQigLqSMH8NFz6

(It's not required, I just want to get a feel for how many people are interested in following and voting in this game, also so I can tag you when it starts)


@istersayFeel free to move this to the games subforum whenever. Just trying to let everyone know about this game first, because many people (myself included) forget the games subforum exists sometimes :haha:





Blind Auditions: No changes here. All the teams will remain the same.


Battle Rounds: Expect plenty of different pairings, song choices, and eliminations! Each coach will have 1 save and 1 steal. 36 contestants will move on the knockouts.


Knockouts: Instead of 3 way knockouts, there will be 3 sets of regular 2-way knockouts, and just one 3-way knockout, per team. Three way knockouts will have 2 winners. Each coach will have one steal, forming a Top 24 for the Live Playoffs!

Live Playoffs: Top 24 perform, 2 contestants from each team will be voted through to the Top 13 by Idolforums, along with one coach save.. One artist from team will compete for the wildcard (also voted by Idolfoums) to complete the Top 13. 


Top 13 -> Top 11 -> Top 10 -> Top 8 Semis -> Top 5 Finale (all subject to change)


Live shows' themes are TBD. Let me know if you have any suggestions! :peace:


Here’s a spreadsheet I made so you can keep track of the season’s results:





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Team John:
David Andrew
Dia Malai
Emma Brooke
Kara McKee
Kim Cruse

The Marilynds
Morgan Taylor
Nia Skyfer

Omar Cardona
Parajita Bastola
Peyton Aldridge

Sasha Hurtado - stolen
Valarie Harding

Lana Love

Team Gwen:
Alyssa Witrado
Cara Brindisi

Destiny Leigh
Ian Harrison
Jay Allen

Jillian Jordyn
Julia Aslanli

Justin Aaron
Kayla Von der Heide
Rowan Grace
Sadie Bass
Tanner Howe

Team Camila:
Andrew Igbokidi
Ava Lynn Thuresson
Constance Howard
Eric Who
Grace Bello

Lana Love - stolen
Morgan Myles
Orlando Mendez
Reina Ley
Steven McMorran

Sydney Kronmiller

Zach Newbould

Sasha Hurtado

Team Blake:
Ansley Burns

Austin Montgomery
Benny Weag
Brayden Lape

Bryce Leatherwood

The Dryes
Eva Ullmann
Hillary Torchiana
Jaeden Luke
Kate Kalvach
Kevin Hawkins
Madison Hughes

Tanner Fussell

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2 hours ago, QueenCami said:

i think i’ll follow !


@istersay, is it possible to keep here? i don’t rly visit the games subforum and i imagine lots of others don’t so it’ll be easier to follow here. it feels kinda akin to the “the voice rankings” as well which r here

lol sorry, all the other redux threads are in the Games forum, if this one gets left in the voice every other person over there will want theirs moved  You can bookmark that forum/this thread though so it's easy to get to :peace:



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6 hours ago, Mistake006 said:


I will be following this redux. This season definitely needs it. Thanks for tagging me. 

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10 hours ago, CocoaPuffs said:

Too late for me to play? 😃 


You can start following along whenever! The voting rounds probably won’t start until after Christmas, but if you miss a round of voting, you will still be allowed to participate in voting the next week.

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Omar Jose Cardona vs Lana Love 

 Singing “Into The Unknown” 



John: Lana, I love your passion and your stage presence. You have the voice of a Broadway singer! Omar, your confidence on stage is unmatched. Your pitch is near perfect and you have total control over your voice. You bong are among the best singers this season. I don’t think either of you deserve to go home after that performance, but I have to make a decision, and the winner of this battle is…. Omar


Omar Jose Cardona is moving on to the knockouts! Lana Love is available to steal or save.


*John and Camila instantly press their buttons*


That’s the sound of a steal and a save! 


John: Lana, I wasn’t kidding when I said you are one of the best vocalists on this season. Stay on Team Legend, and I’ll help you to show your full potential.


Camila: If he really thinks you are one of the best in the competition, he would have never let you go in the first place! Join my team, Lana. I was on a singing competition too, you know. I know exactly how to help you!


Lana Love chooses to go to Team Camila!


Camila steals Lana Love.




Tonight’s next pairing is…


From Team Blake…


Austin Montgomery vs The Dryes 

 Singing “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel



Blake: Austin, I can’t believe you’re 19, man. Your voice is one-of-a-kind, it really sounds like something out of the 1950s. The Dryes, there’s something real special about you two. Y’all really connect the lyrics when you’re singing. I think this show needs a duo like you, so for that reason, The Dryes, you are the winner of this battle.

The Dryes win this battle! Austin Montgomery is available to steal or save.

...No one presses their button. Austin Montgomery is eliminated.

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Next, from Team Gwen…


Jillian Jordyn vs Rowan Grace

 Singing “Fingers Crossed’ by Lauren Spencer-Smith



Gwen: That was so great! I’m so proud of you both. Jillian, you improved so much since your audition. You really impressed me tonight, you are so talented! Rowan, you’re only 16, but you know how to really feel the lyrics you’re singing, which is very impressive for someone at your age! *Gwen starts crying* This is such a hard decision! The winner of this battle is Rowan Grace.


Rowan Grace is moving on to the knockouts. Jillian Jordyn is available to steal


…No one presses their button. Jillian Jordyn is eliminated.




Next up is Team Camila…


Devix vs Sasha Hurtado

 Singing “Electric Feel” by MGMT



Camila: Devix, you are confident and you have a strong vision of who you want to be as an artist, yet you are so unique! Sasha, I know you didn’t know the song before I gave it to you, which gave you a disadvantage, but you really surprised how confident you were in this performance. I’m going to pick the person who is going to have a unique lane on my team, and that person is Devix.


Devix wins this battle, and is going to the knockouts! Sasha is available to steal


All four coaches press their buttons. That’s the sound of three steals and a save!


Blake: Sasha, I have a feeling you can do some damage with the right song and coaching. Join MY team!


Camila: Please stay on my team, Sasha! You are so close to having a big breakout moment! I can help you accomplish that. I was also on a singing competition, after all.


John: Sasha, you have so much potential. I’d love to work with you and find the right song to let you have your moment.


Gwen: I need someone like you on my team Sasha!! I’ve worked like many young girls like you, I can help you reach your full potential!


Sasha chooses to go to Team Legend. 


Sasha is stolen by John


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Next is from Team Legend…




The Marilynds vs Peyton Aldridge

 Singing “More Than Words” by Extreme


John: The Marilynds, you both have such beautiful clear tones, in contrast to Peyton, whose voice has such an edge and power to it. Peyton, you are such a versatile artist and you really stand out on my team. The winner of this battle is Peyton Aldridge.


Peyton Aldridge is moving on the knockouts! The Marilynds are able to be stolen..


…No one pushes their button. The Marilynds are eliminated.




Closing the night is Team Blake…


Bodie vs Jaeden Luke

 Singing “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber



Blake: You both are such unique artists. I’m gonna have a hard time choosing between you two. Bodie, your voice is crazy powerful, especially at the end there. Jaeden, you really surprised me at the end. Those notes you hit were crazy. You are both unique in different ways. I’m so proud of you two for making this work as well as you did. The winner of this battle… is bodie.


Bodie is moving on to the knockouts! Jaeden Luke is available to steal or save…


Blake presses his button


Blake: It's certainly not your time to go yet Jaeden. You really shocked me tonight. Great job Jaeden!


Jaeden Luke is saved by Blake Shelton!

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That's it for night 1 of the battles!

Here are the team standings:



Team Legend:


Omar Jose Cardona

Sasha Hurtado - stolen

Peyton Aldridge



Team Gwen:

Rowan Grace



Team Camila:


Lana Love - Stolen




Team Blake:


The Dryes


Jaeden Luke - saved





Austin Montgomery

Jillian Jordyn

The Marilynds

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