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  1. Manifesting a Lana PV and no PV for Wendy just for this lmfao jk
  2. Yeah, I can see that. BTW thank you for correcting me on their pronouns - I forget to use their and not her. Will remember next time.
  3. Round 4: Joey Cook "Mad World" Round 2: Alexis Gomez "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)" Trevor Douglas "Best I Ever Had" Joey Cook "Somebody Like You" Lovey James "Love Runs Out"
  4. I think I’m one of the only people who really likes Lio’s bikini shot. That said, their arms really are a mess looking at it again but I still like it.
  5. Aw, damn it! That sucks! Hopefully she has another concert that you can attend.
  6. YUSSSS @ some Laci Kaye Booth representation! Love that song sm.
  7. Thank you so much for Hosting @rdhaley96, had a great time! So glad to have gotten a FCO with Lacey - that was a first for me haha. Thankful for the game & excited to see the other unmaskings! (and yes, imma be annoying too and post what photos I would've used for Lacey with each new theme )
  8. Glad I could make you proud! And, thank you for standing up for Lacey as well even though she wasn't your model this cycle - really appreciated it! AWWW, THANK YOU! Glad I was able to use that shot! She is . YESSS can always have that Title haha! PERIODT!!! And it was the first time I got a FCO in this game, I was over the moon!
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