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  1. People found it because it was unlisted on The Voice YouTube channel. Then the channel deleted the video and people saved it and posted it on their own accounts/fan accounts.
  2. 1. Brittani 2. Lacey - her lips look amazing! like i just had to mention that! stunning! 3. Courtney 4. Fatima - the flowers a little weird but i kinda dig it 5. Khrystyana 6. Yaya
  3. Me seeing Jessica’s “I Have Nothing” hasn’t been saved yet…
  4. @*Amanda confirmed that I can advance Jessica Sanchez "Dance With My Father" to Round 4. Advance to Round 2: Joshua Ledet "You Pulled Me Through" Joshua Ledet "I Believe" Joshua Ledet "When a Man Loves a Woman" Jessica Sanchez "Everybody Has A Dream" If anyone wants to advance any of the 4 to Round 4 just let me know and I'll change my choice.
  5. Can I please advance Jessica’s “Dance With My Father” to Round 4?
  6. Ngl I really enjoyed Vaughn's audition. I love his tone. Plus he's cute & great song choice!
  7. jarmon

    Survivor 41

    I’d like to join the draft too
  8. Sidenote. The women really slayed this season comp wise. Probs one of the best casting choices for the women. ALL the women of BB23 have WON some comps!Azah - 1 HOHAlyssa - 2 POV's & 1 High Roller CompBritini - 1 POVClaire - 1 Team Captain Comp, 1 Wildcard Comp, 1 High Roller Comp (Secret HOH)Hannah - 1 HOH & 1 POVSarah Beth - 1 Wildcard Comp & 1 HOHTiffany - 1 Wildcard Comp & 2 HOH's (even if she was dethroned she still won that HOH comp)Whitney - 1 Team Captain Comp The men can't say the same. The women of this season truly outsold. I have no choice but to STAN ALL of them for that.
  9. I'm excited for that jury segment That F4 would've been ICONIC AF
  10. I feel you. This was such a bad move. She should've just nominated Ky/X and then Big D renom knowing Hannah would save Big D. Yeah she definitely didn't see Kyland using the veto, which is her detriment. I think it's inevitable she's getting 4th but I'm hoping not.
  11. Derek F. was furniture. End of discussion. Big delusional.
  12. I'm mad at myself for staying up till 4am just to see my favorites evicted.
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