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Found 11 results

  1. Happy Holidays! It's time for another redux! I've (hopefully) come more prepared this time. If you are interested in following this redux, go ahead and fill out this quick form: https://forms.gle/s3sEQigLqSMH8NFz6 (It's not required, I just want to get a feel for how many people are interested in following and voting in this game, also so I can tag you when it starts) @istersayFeel free to move this to the games subforum whenever. Just trying to let everyone know about this game first, because many people (myself included) forget the games subforum exists sometimes Blind Auditions: No changes here. All the teams will remain the same. Battle Rounds: Expect plenty of different pairings, song choices, and eliminations! Each coach will have 1 save and 1 steal. 36 contestants will move on the knockouts. Knockouts: Instead of 3 way knockouts, there will be 3 sets of regular 2-way knockouts, and just one 3-way knockout, per team. Three way knockouts will have 2 winners. Each coach will have one steal, forming a Top 24 for the Live Playoffs! Live Playoffs: Top 24 perform, 2 contestants from each team will be voted through to the Top 13 by Idolforums, along with one coach save.. One artist from team will compete for the wildcard (also voted by Idolfoums) to complete the Top 13. Top 13 -> Top 11 -> Top 10 -> Top 8 Semis -> Top 5 Finale (all subject to change) Live shows' themes are TBD. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Here’s a spreadsheet I made so you can keep track of the season’s results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UFevRCdYGFsBiqDOE5K0E8z3kWI4Dpw61WuMCVwsXcM ~WILL BEGIN ON DECEMBER 16TH~
  2. WELCOME TO THE SYTYCD REDUX: NETFLIX EDITION! THE CONCEPT: This will be an old-fashioned-IDF-style redux, and the concept is simple: So you think you can dance meets Netflix! I thought it would be cool to run as I kind of missed these reduxes from old IDF days, and they used to be really fun. HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK? You will shortly be presented with our contestants, who come from some of Netflix's popular tv shows and you will be able to sign up for whoever is your favourite. For each show, I will be randomly drawing and creating the routines for each couple. Then, I will be posting the show and all you have to do is vote for your favourites! Each week, two dancers with fewest votes (one girl and one guy) will leave, until we crown the IDF's Favourite Dancer- the person who claimed that dancer wins! Also, I would appreciate any comments and suggestions! You are welcome to get involved as much as you like! It's all for fun, so I hope y'all follow and enjoy the show. HOSTS: Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdóttir from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga SHOWS: Top 20 Reveal & Showcase Top 20 Performance Show Top 20 Results Top 18 Performance Show Top 18 Results Top 16 Performance Show
  3. I suppose I will give this season a redux since its not been redone yet. I'm very excited to be hosting this game! Welcome to the S19 Redux of TVUSA yall! Note: @istersay or any other mods, feel free to move me to the games whenever you want. I just wanted to post in the main sub-forum to let everyone know about this game. Now onto the format! BLIND AUDITIONS - No real change will be here, everyone's team will remain the same. BATTLES: The matchups will also be pretty much the same here, but the real change will be a few winner switches and of course the STEALS. There will be 2 Steals for each coach, no Saves will be present. Forming a Top 28 once we go into the Knockouts. Also, if a battle was montaged, I will try to find a rehearsal tape of the duo. If not, then I will just find an alternate song or performance for the battle. KNOCKOUTS: This is where matchups will start getting switched around, also because its a Top 28 and 7 members are of each team. Each team will have a Triple Knockout matchup, like in Season 8 and Season 15 of the NBC IRL seasons, there will be 2 winners, the losing artist will still get a chance to be stolen by another coach too. Each coach has 1 Steal here. By the end of this round, the Top 20 live show artists will be formed. LIVE SHOWS - Top 20 Playoffs > Top 13 > Top 11(Fan Week) > Top 10(Opposite Genders) > Top 8 Semifinals > Top 4 Grand Finale IDF will be able to vote for the advancements of the artists from here on. Top 20 Playoffs: Each team will perform at a time, 2 Public Votes and 1 Coach Save. A Wildcard Artist will also be present, so each team will have a contender to enter the Top 13, giving a coach 4 members. Top 13: No real theme here, just will try to give the artist the best song fit for them. Bottom 3, 1 will be Instantly Saved. Top 11: Fan Week. Anyone who wants to give suggestions, I will be picking from them to give to the artists, I'll try to give the best one fit for them. Or if a song has a lot of support, it'll probably be chosen. Bottom 2, 1 Instantly Saved. Top 10: Opposite Genders. Also will let IDF suggest any songs, I will try to pick the best fit for the artist or the song with the most support. Bottom 3, 1 Instantly Saved. Top 8 Semifinals: No real theme either, artists will go all out in trying to get a Finale spot. 3 Public Votes regardless of which team, and the Middle 3 votes will fight for one last Instant Save into the finale. Bottom 2 will be immediately eliminated. Top 4 Grand Finale: 1 Ballad(can be a soft or powerballad) and 1 Upbeat/Fun performance for each Finalist. They will also sing a 3rd time with a song defining them as an artist(so pretty much whatever they want as in Top 13 or Top 8 week) The placements will be revealed in ascending order. 4th Place > 3rd Place > Winner revealed.(So like the IRL show) Feel free to ask if anything is unclear, I tried to make everything as organized as possible, but I flop a lot so lol. Battles will begin soon!
  4. This series originated over a decade ago, and after a long hiatus and a triad of successful, bold seasons, it is back to slay the day away! This reboot will (hopefully) fare better than American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, I promise! Cyber Idol discovered Jessica Sanchez before American Idol and Ariana Grande before she blew up, as well as a multitude of other stars including Charlie Puth and Max Schneider before they invaded our radios and mainstream media! This season could very well uncover the newest big pop star, rock legend, or R&B diva... *This season is going to function a little differently as a number of judges/mentors will take over and work to get their acts to the Cyber Idol title! Please be active if you sign-up, otherwise you will accumulate strikes and I will replace you.* SERIES HISTORY I) Winner: Sam Tsui | Runner-Up: Tyler Ward II) Winner: Jessica Sanchez | Runner-Up: Eli Lieb III) Winner: Max Schneider | Runner-Up: Ariana Grande RESULTS Jamie Miller Jasmine Thompson Joe Woolford Matt Bloyd Riccardo Polidoro Samantha Harvey Von Smith Zek 9th Place - Davina Michelle 10th Place - Alexander Stewart --- 11th Place - Alicia Moffet 12th Place - Signe Krog 13th Place - Madilyn Bailey 14th Place - Alec Chambers 15th Place - Cimorelli --- Top 30 - Against The Current Top 30 - Alex Aiono Top 30 - Austin Percario Top 30 - Aydan Calafiore Top 30 - Caleb + Kelsey Top 30 - Casey Breves Top 30 - Chloe X Halle Top 30 - Citizen Queen Top 30 - Connie Talbot Top 30 - Dylan Jordan Top 30 - Fly By Midnight Top 30 - GENTRI Top 30 - Jemma Johnson Top 30 - Leroy Sanchez Top 30 - Macy Kate Top 30 - Madilyn Paige --- Top 40 - Halocene Top 40 - Ni/Co Top 40 - Farrah Camu Top 40 - JamieBoy Top 40 - Bethany Mota Top 40 - Melody Angel Top 40 - William Singe Top 40 - Caleb Hyles & Jonathan Young Top 40 - Friends Like These Top 40 - Lorea Turner --- Top 45 - Emma Heesters Top 45 - Will Jay Top 45 - Jasmine Clarke Top 45 - J.Fla Top 45 - George Twins --- Top 48 - David Stewart Top 48 - Kirsten Collins Top 48 - Linus Hemker HISTORY Top 15 Bottom 3: Alexander Stewart | Alec Chambers | Cimorelli Eliminated First: Cimorelli Eliminated Second: Alec Chambers Top 13 Bottom 4: Alexander Stewart | Signe Krog | Madilyn Bailey | Alicia Moffet Eliminated First: Madilyn Bailey Eliminated Second: Signe Krog Top 11 Bottom 3: Joe Woolford | Alicia Moffet | Alexander Stewart Eliminated First: Alicia Moffet Eliminated Second: Alexander Stewart Top 9 Bottom 3: Samantha Harvey | Riccardo Polidoro | Davina Michelle Eliminated: Davina Michelle
  5. Remember back in the day when we had that sub-forum named Redux Emporium? I miss it. I’ve decided to bring a redux back but not one that you might remember. The Greatest will pit twelve contestants against each other as they battle it out to win the crown and bragging rights as “The Greatest”. RULES - To sign up just post the name of the contestant you wish to play. Once all the spots are filled then I will announce the theme and you submit a song. - I also need two judges. The judges will receive the songs before the show and give their opinions on the performances. These comments will be posted in the main show. You might agree, you might not. - You cannot choose a song that the contestant sang on the show. It also used to be frowned upon to choose a song by an artist your contestant has previously performed. - Each week will have a different theme. The song you choose for your contestant must fit the theme. - Please have your songs in before the deadline. It helps everything else run more smoothly. I just give you a day but I won’t be giving you weeks. - Any Idol, Four or solo X Factor/Voice contestants are eligible to be chosen. - Please only sign up if you’re willing to participate throughout the entire redux. Don’t just vanish halfway through. It’s meant to be fun! THE HOST THE JUDGES 1. Jade Thirlwall @Zoey 2. Kimberly Caldwell @Elliott 3. David Archuleta @Bk1234 4. Delta Goodrem @*Chris CONTESTANTS 1. Joe Woolford (JC) 2. Leona Lewis (IAN27TAY) 3. Melissa O’Neil (Sola) 4. Mikayla Phillips (FunkieFrankie) 5. Noah Mac (thevoiceisthetop) 6. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon (rdhaley) 7. Kelly Clarkson (jarmon) 8. Jennifer Hudson (DorisAnn) 9. Vonzell Solomon (1234567890) 10. Allison Iraheta (Alex95) 11. Haley Reinhart (FrogLenzen) 12. Haley Scarnato (goofycilla90) SONGBOOK Final 12 Show & Results • Free choice Noah Mac - "Leave The Light On" by Tom Walker (acoustic) Leona Lewis - "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce Mikayla Phillips - "Homecoming Queen" by Kelsea Ballerini Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - "Sun" by Sleeping at Last Kelly Clarkson - "Rise Up" by Andra Day (Morrissette cover) Haley Reinhart - "I Got Trouble" by Christina Aguilera Joe Woolford – “Temporary Love” by Ben Platt Allison Iraheta - "Make Me Wanna Die" by The Pretty Reckless Jennifer Hudson - "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato Vonzell Solomon - "Love On Top" by Beyonce Haley Scarnato - "This Kiss" by Carly Rae Jepsen Melissa O’Neill - "She Used to Be Mine" by Sara Bareilles Final 11 • Movie week Noah Mac - ✓ Mikayla Phillips - Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - Kelly Clarkson - ✓ Haley Reinhart - ✓ Joe Woolford – Allison Iraheta - Jennifer Hudson - Vonzell Solomon - Haley Scarnato - ✓ Melissa O’Neill - ✓ Final 10 • Theme Final 9 • Theme Final 8 • Theme Final 7 • Theme Final 6• Theme Final 5 • Theme
  6. The Ultimate American Idol Redux Summary: In this redux/game, every American Idol finalist will be battling each other for the top spot (“the best finalist”). It will (hopefully) feature showstopper performances, top-notch judging, and the public’s votes. Judges: @Bk1234 @JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop The role as a “judge” will require… Should be online pretty frequently (if there are other life requirements, those take priority, and we will be able to work around that.) Should be able to send in comments on performances after about a day or so of receiving them (this will help the show move at a quicker pace.) Should be able to make decisions regarding contestants’ future in the competition (wildcard picks). Should be able to explain their choices, if required. Should be able to mentor/select songs for contestants. Upcoming Rounds: ~Showcase Round~ Contestants will showcase their capabilities with songs of their choice for your votes. Top 209 -> Top 76: Rules/How This Will Work: The contestants will perform a randomly selected song (chosen using an online spinner) for the public’s votes. The four contestants of each season that receive the highest number of votes will automatically make it to the next round (Top 76), while the remaining contestants have the chance to be one of the judges’ wildcard picks. Wildcard Night: Rules/How This Will Work: The judges will each pick two of the remaining contestants (those who are not safe) to sing again for their wildcard pick. The judges will then discuss and decide on four contestants that will move on to the next round (one wildcard pick per judge). Top 76 -> Top 36: Rules/How This Will Work: The remaining contestants will be separated into six groups, depending on their season. They will perform another randomly selected song (chosen using an online spinner) for the public’s votes. The six contestants of each group that receive the highest number of votes will make it to the next round (Top 36), while the remaining contestants are eliminated. ~Judge Cuts/Team Selection~ The contestants will perform a song of their choice for the judges. The judges will then decide who they want on their team. Top 36 -> Top 24: Rules/How This Will Work: The Top 36 will be split into two groups of 18 (two nights of performances). After each performance, the judges will decide if they want the contestant on their team. The judges can only have six contestants on their team and they must fill up their entire team! If more than one judge wants a contestant, the contestant will choose a judge to be their mentor (chosen using an online spinner). 12 contestants will not be chosen to be on the judges' teams or all the teams will be full, resulting in their elimination. More rounds will be revealed soon! Voting Methods: You Can Use As Many Methods As You Want! Survey Heart Voting : Credit to @anonymouskid_35 for the idea. You will "vote" by ranking the performances from worst to best. Each question will contain a performance and you will select a placement/point value for it. For example, if you thought Jim Verraros delivered the best performance, you would select the option "1st Place (10 pts.)" There will also be a question asking for your IDF Account Display Name. You can only vote ONCE per IDF Account! Please do not give more than one performance the same point value or I will disregard all of your votes! Current Survey Heart poll: https://surveyheart.com/form/5f47a2963cc31c51a88a33ed IDF Private Message (PM) Voting: You can "vote" by shooting be a PM with the the contestant's number and the number of times you want to vote for that contestant. You can vote 10 times per contestant with this method. All contestant numbers will be revealed during the first show for their season. The number will be the same for the entire competition! Please keep all of your votes in one private conversation with me! For example, if you wanted to vote for Kelly Clarkson 10 times, you would PM @Bk1234 "110 (x10)." PM Voting Is Currently Open. Google Forms Voting: You can vote for all your favorites on a Google Form. You will have to give your IDF Account Display Name. You can vote using a total of five Google accounts. I will disregard all of your votes (on all Google accounts) if you use more than five Google accounts. Current Google Forms poll: https://forms.gle/m3nhCJ9jRfR8VBtH6 Contestants: Season 1: Kelly Clarkson Tamyra Gray R.J. Helton Christina Christian Justin Guarini Nikki McKibbin Ryan Starr A.J. Gil Jim Verraros EJay Day Season 2: Ruben Studdard Clay Aiken Kimberley Locke Trenyce Josh Gracin Carmen Rasmusen Kimberly Caldwell Rickey Smith Corey Clark Julia DeMato Charles Grigsby Vanessa Olivarez Season 3: Fantasia Barrino Diana DeGarmo LaToya London Jennifer Hudson Jasmine Trias George Huff John Stevens Jon Peter Lewis Camile Velasco Amy Adams Matthew Rogers Leah LaBelle Season 4: Carrie Underwood Bo Bice Vonzell Solomon Nikko Smith Anthony Fedorov Scott Savol Constantine Maroulis Anwar Robinson Nadia Turner Jessica Sierra Mikalah Gordon Lindsey Cardinale Season 5: Katharine McPhee Elliott Yamin Chris Daughtry Paris Bennett Taylor Hicks Kellie Pickler Ace Young Bucky Covington Mandisa Lisa Tucker Kevin Covais Melissa McGhee Season 6: Jordin Sparks Melinda Doolittle Gina Glocksen Stephanie Edwards Blake Lewis LaKisha Jones Chris Richardson Phil Stacey Sanjaya Malakar Haley Scarnato Chris Sligh Brandon Rogers Season 7: David Cook David Archuleta Syesha Mercado Brooke White Jason Castro Carly Smithson Kristy Lee Cook Michael Johns Ramiele Malubay Chikezie Amanda Overmyer David Hernandez Season 8: Kris Allen Adam Lambert Allison Iraheta Alexis Grace Danny Gokey Matt Giraud Anoop Desai Lil Rounds Scott MacIntyre Megan Joy Michael Sarver Jorge Núñez Jasmine Murray Season 9: Crystal Bowersox Michael Lynche Siobhan Magnus Katie Stevens Lee DeWyze Casey James Aaron Kelly Tim Urban Andrew Garcia Didi Benami Paige Miles Lacey Brown Season 10: Scotty McCreery Lauren Alaina Haley Reinhart James Durbin Jacob Lusk Casey Abrams Stefano Langone Paul McDonald Pia Toscano Naima Adedapo Thia Megia Karen Rodriguez Ashthon Jones Season 11: Phillip Phillips Jessica Sanchez Joshua Ledet Hollie Cavanagh Skylar Laine Elise Testone Colton Dixon DeAndre Brackensick Heejun Han Erika Van Pelt Shannon Magrane Jermaine Jones Jeremy Rosado Season 12: Candice Glover Kree Harrison Angie Miller Amber Holcomb Janelle Arthur Lazaro Arbos Burnell Taylor Devin Velez Paul Jolley Curtis Finch Jr. Season 13: Caleb Johnson Jena Irene Alex Preston Jessica Meuse Sam Woolf C.J. Harris Dexter Roberts Malaya Watson Majesty Rose MK Nobilette Ben Briley Emily Piriz Kristen O’Connor Season 14: Nick Fradiani Clark Beckham Jax Rayvon Owen Tyanna Jones Quentin Alexander Joey Cook Qaasim Middleton Daniel Seavey Adanna Duru Maddie Walker Sarina-Joi Crowe Season 15: Trent Harmon La’Porsha Renae Dalton Rapattoni MacKenzie Bourg Sonika Vaid Tristan McIntosh Avalon Young Lee Jean Olivia Rox Gianna Isabella Season 16: Maddie Poppe Caleb Lee Hutchinson Gabby Barrett Cade Foehner Michael J. Woodard Jurnee Catie Turner Dennis Lorenzo Michelle Sussett Ada Vox Season 17: Laine Hardy Alejandro Aranda Madison VanDenburg Laci Kaye Booth Wade Cota Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Alyssa Raghu Walker Burroughs Uché Dimitrius Graham Season 18: Just Sam Arthur Gunn Jonny West Francisco Martin Dillon James Julia Gargano Louis Knight Sophia James Makayla Phillips Jovin Webb Grace Leer Show Links: Season 1 Show (August 5, 2020) Season 2 Show (August 6, 2020) Season 3 Show (August 7, 2020) Seasons 1-3 Results Show (August 10, 2020) Season 4 Show (August 12, 2020) Season 5 Show (August 13, 2020) Season 6 Show (August 14, 2020) Seasons 4-6 Results Show (August 16, 2020) Season 7 Show (August 18, 2020) Season 8 Show (August 19, 2020) Season 9 Show (August 20, 2020) Seasons 7-9 Results Show (August 22, 2020) Season 10 Show (August 25, 2020) Season 11 Show (August 26, 2020) Season 12 Show (August 27, 2020) Seasons 10-12 Results Show (August 29, 2020)
  7. The Voice U.S. Season 13 A-Kid's Redux What's up y'all??? Since we are like really doomed and can't go out because of the quarantine. I have thought of being productive and try to make me and my co-fans of TVUS happy by making a redux of one of its seasons! Can y'all believe it that this is already my 3rd Voice Redux?! That's crazy, but without all of you supporting, this won't be possible. So here ya go, this time I will be making a redux of one of the seasons where artists are crazy talented. Goodluck to me and goodluck to YOU. Hopefully, you can support me again this time, I'll make it better and bigger than my past redux, I promise!
  8. ASB 7 Background For those that don't know ASB (or "Auditionees Strike Back") was a So You Think You Can Dance redux created by Jimmy (buffmetube). Over the years, the redux featured contestants like Mariah Spears, Serge Onik, Emilio Dosal and runner-up Jaja Vankova long before their runs on the show. In 2015, the redux had started, but never finished, its sixth season. I've decided to revive the redux with a seventh season featuring contestants from the seasons since ASB6 was cast (Seasons 14, 15 and 16). The format will be similar to seasons 8, 9, 10 and 11 where the Top 20 will dance in pairs until the Top 10, where they will begin dancing with All Stars. Cast Top 10 Guys 1. Aleksandr Ostanin (Tap) 2. Allen Genkin (Ballroom) 3. Howard Johnson (Contemporary/Jazz) 4. Jarrod Tyler Paulson (Contemporary) 5. Justin Pham (Contemporary) 6. Kevin "KonKrete" Davis Jr. (Hip-hop) 7. Kyle Bennett Jr. (Animation) 8. Nathan Cherry (Hip-hop) 9. Peyton Albrecht (Contemporary) 10. Vlad Kvartin (Ballroom) Top 10 Girls 1. Brianna Penrose (Tap) 2. Dayna Madison (Jazz) 3. Kennedy Brown (Ballet) 4. Nathalie Delgado (Hip-hop) 5. Nazz Syldran (Ballroom) 6. Ramita Ravi (Bollywood/Contemporary) 7. Sarah "Smac" McCreanor (Jazz) 8. Sofia Ghavami (Ballroom) 9. Sumi Oshima (Hip-hop) 10. Sydney Moss (Contemporary) Episodes Top 20 Performance Show
  9. Hello! It's me again, A-Kid. Time for another The Voice Redux! I have put a poll on my last the voice redux (s18) about what season would you like for me to have a redux, and many answered Season 17! I do believe that this season had many great talents, and I'm excited for how this redux turns out. Hopefully, y'all can support me like how you supported me in my last! If you want a summary of this season, go check out @IAN27TAY's comment in the link below, and do me a favor please, give his comment a thanks or like react. Thank you
  10. Hello! This is actually my first time using this forum using an account. I've been a fan of the show since season 3, and yeah I just wanted to try this. Hopefully some will see and support me hahaha
  11. Hi! This'll be my first time to post a topic here at idolforums in the american idol category. I'll make a redux of this season and I'll make it as interactive as I can. Hopefully y'all will participate. I'll be starting in the Hawaii Showcase Round.
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