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  1. Idk if anyone even remembers her but TESS BOYER!! She had SOOO much potential to get to the end with better coaching and song choices but was done sooo dirty her entire run 1 chair turn montage, arguably won both her battles but lost and was stolen, ended up being on team shakira who gave her songs like Ill Be There For You idk I just loved her voice and thought she had sm potential but never got show it.
  2. Season 6 hello! I don’t think anyone knew what was about to happen.
  3. Is Kat Perkins considered 4th or 5th?? Same with Kristen?
  4. Is Kat Perkins considered 4th or 5th?? Same with Kristen?
  5. Tbh they say the same about Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, and even Taylor Swift but I disagree and would still pay to see them sing live a million times… idk much ab jlo tho other then her acting.
  6. Guys I’m behind lol but just wanna say Keke Palmer is literally perfect is there anything she can’t do
  7. lol I’m behind I just saw the Ariana segment and I just wanna say I really enjoyed her this year and I hope she will be on next season. What do y’all think?
  8. The 2 best performances in voice history IMO remain Dream On-Amanda Brown and Make It Rain- Koryn Hawthorne
  9. Finale performances: GNT “The Chain” - #3 GNT “Baby Now That I’ve Found You” - #18 Wendy Moten “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” - #26 Paris Winningham “Me and Mrs Jones” - #41 Hailey Mia “Idontwannabeyouanymore” #60 Wendy Morten “How Will I Know?” #84 Jershika Maple “Rolling In The Deep”#161
  10. Um I just wanna say I really like Hailey’s Dejah Vu performance idk y everyone’s hating on it
  11. Hailey was the best so far but she’s prob getting fifth with how they’re positioning her and Dejah Vu.
  12. I can see people not liking Hailey’s performance but I honestly loved it and that song is hard to perform. I’m proud of her!
  13. Lmao why the “?” Hannah Houston is a great vocalist …
  14. I think y’all forgot how amazing Bella was in her blind and battles.. and i’m not being dramatic her vocals in her blind audition and battle were top tier … idk what happened tho bc her playoff was A MESS
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