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  1. Everyone for the same last name hint, it's Emma Caroline. Her last name is Warren, the same as Deion. https://www.therealitytv.com/who-is-emma-warren-from-the-voice/ As for Cam, his last name isn't actually Anthony, it's Sherman, so it can't be him/Durell. https://www.tvguidetime.com/people/cam-anthony-height-weight-net-worth-age-birthday-wikipedia-who-instagram-biography-68137.html @Bk1234 @sydneysam@AliXRose @Someone648 @angele87 @British Man @Angeles @Teraginn @VintageVoice@anonymoose@QueenCami@B-B@TheVoiceFan2@Misirlou@British Man
  2. Hi Everyone! Not to disagree/argue with anybody, but I know everybody thinks BK is talking about Andrew for the boyband position. However, as I recall, he seemed to like Andrew on 2 of his 4 performances. However, I found an article from the NBC magazine from Fort Wayne, which I often follow, where they talk about Keegan Ferrell. https://fortwaynesnbc.com/2021/03/22/the-keegan-ferrell-interview-how-the-homestead-grad-went-from-a-band-called-abandoned-to-singing-on-the-voice/. He is mentioned as also previously being in a boyband, and I remember most of IDF, although I do not remember if BK was an exception, seemed to dislike both his battle & knockout. I think there is a slim chance BK is talking about him instead of Andrew, but Andrew's boyband background is linked to idol/more obvious, so I'm probably wrong. Andrew and Keegan, if either of you are reading this, I respect you both for your talent and performing for millions of Americans and four professionals.
  3. Someone648 LOL. Okay. Even though I am new to this thread, I know you are the moderator, and you do a phenomenal job with it. I couldn't handle being in charge of a discussion forum.
  4. Thank you TeamAudra. Yeah I wouldn't try to post in the OP LOL. Yes he definitely sounds like he's probably pretty good post-childhood. I look forward to watching the blinds in October.
  5. TeamAudra my bad. I didn't know Someone648 knew about the videos. He was correct to not want to post them.
  6. Oh sorry Someone648. I thought you didn't know. I should have checked with you before posting.
  7. This videos are from 2015, and 2017 and was probably 13/15. Men's voices can change drastically during puberty, so I imagine he could probably have a far more polished voice now.
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