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  1. Someone648 LOL. Okay. Even though I am new to this thread, I know you are the moderator, and you do a phenomenal job with it. I couldn't handle being in charge of a discussion forum.
  2. Thank you TeamAudra. Yeah I wouldn't try to post in the OP LOL. Yes he definitely sounds like he's probably pretty good post-childhood. I look forward to watching the blinds in October.
  3. TeamAudra my bad. I didn't know Someone648 knew about the videos. He was correct to not want to post them.
  4. Oh sorry Someone648. I thought you didn't know. I should have checked with you before posting.
  5. This videos are from 2015, and 2017 and was probably 13/15. Men's voices can change drastically during puberty, so I imagine he could probably have a far more polished voice now.
  6. TeamAudra I didn't hear that at first, but upon re-listen you're absolutely right
  7. Carter Rubin does not have a YouTube account, but there are several videos of him singing on other people's accounts. His Hallelujah is the best quality (IMO).
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