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  1. Ok next Cary Laine (S6) Amber Carrington Matthew Schuler Kristen Merlin I'm sure y'all will guess it with ease
  2. Singing a coach song. Tonya - Pharrell, Stephanie- Kelly, Rose - John, Blake, Arei - Kelly
  3. Not quite. The answer is: All Battle Steals who are two-chair turners and are stolen by the coach who also turned in Blinds.
  4. Hint: It has to do with both their Blinds and Battles.
  5. Quite obvious, but not what I'm looking for.
  6. Alright Hunter Plake Noah Mac Addison Agen Sa'Rayah (Besides the fact that they passed the PlayOffs)
  7. All of them got a chair turn from John (Also John seems to be jamming when they sing?)
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