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  1. Jeffery can be a potential answer, but not what I'm looking for, again.
  2. For Alena and Ryan, it's correct But for the other, try finding other contestants. Then give a conclusion about what in common among them (the previous contestants you found)
  3. Sarah Simmons Ryan Sill Reagan Strange Alena D'Amico A little bit challenging, but look at previous seasons before them.
  4. They sing songs that has a question in the titles. Christian - How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Swon - Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes Zach - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not Kata - Why Haven't They Heard From You
  5. Correct, and they sang it in the lives.
  6. Sasha Allen Rose Short Toneisha Harris Sundance Head
  7. They sing two songs of the same artist. Will (Radioactive and Demons - Both from Imagine Dragons) Kim (No Scrubs and Waterfalls - Both from TLC) Chris (Uptown Funk and When I Was Your Man - Both from Bruno Mars) Britton (Thinking Out Loud and Perfect - Both from Ed Sheeran)
  8. No, it's what they do during their Blinds.
  9. Kinda right, but there's one more thing. Hint: That has to do with their auditions.
  10. Ok next Cary Laine (S6) Amber Carrington Matthew Schuler Kristen Merlin I'm sure y'all will guess it with ease
  11. Singing a coach song. Tonya - Pharrell, Stephanie- Kelly, Rose - John, Blake, Arei - Kelly
  12. Not quite. The answer is: All Battle Steals who are two-chair turners and are stolen by the coach who also turned in Blinds.
  13. Hint: It has to do with both their Blinds and Battles.
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