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  1. Alright here's the answer: Sarah Simmons - Katrina Parker (One of Us) Ryan Sill - Dani Moz (I Need Your Love) Reagan Strange - Sydney Rhame (Photograph) Alena D'Amico - Delaney Silvernell (In My Blood) In addition, their partners are the one-chair turners that performed after a person with no chairs turn.
  2. Jeffery can be a potential answer, but not what I'm looking for, again.
  3. For Alena and Ryan, it's correct But for the other, try finding other contestants. Then give a conclusion about what in common among them (the previous contestants you found)
  4. Sarah Simmons Ryan Sill Reagan Strange Alena D'Amico A little bit challenging, but look at previous seasons before them.
  5. They sing songs that has a question in the titles. Christian - How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Swon - Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes Zach - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not Kata - Why Haven't They Heard From You
  6. Sasha Allen Rose Short Toneisha Harris Sundance Head
  7. They sing two songs of the same artist. Will (Radioactive and Demons - Both from Imagine Dragons) Kim (No Scrubs and Waterfalls - Both from TLC) Chris (Uptown Funk and When I Was Your Man - Both from Bruno Mars) Britton (Thinking Out Loud and Perfect - Both from Ed Sheeran)
  8. No, it's what they do during their Blinds.
  9. Kinda right, but there's one more thing. Hint: That has to do with their auditions.
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