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  1. Braiden Sunshine had no business even getting the PV over Ellie Lawrence in the live playoffs… I SAID WHAT I SAID.
  2. I thought Aliyah was underrated by everyone all season so I was kind of pleased to see her in the finale tbh… Do I think she should have made the finale over Hunter or Brennley? Ehh maybe not… but I think there are others who are much worse that have made finale in previous seasons… She was very skilled vocalist for her age and I still watch her “Jealous” performance from time to time… I think she just had some REALLLY boring and safe song choices for a good couple weeks of lives that made people not rly care for her as much…
  3. I have always wanted Hailey Mia to sing Bittersweet Tragedy by Melanie Martinez or Watch/&Burn by Billie Eillish … but idk singing something like that at semi finals would be risky …
  4. Um idk if this counts but do y’all remember Xtina CRAZY obsession with Meanie Martinez who was literally a KID at the time… I haven’t been a huge fan of Xtina ever since…
  5. Song Choice and whether she gets the death spot or not will determine Hailey’s fate bc I KNOWWW they are going to do EVERYTHING in their power to ensure Ariana has a team member in the finale.
  6. all I can think of rn for solos is: GNT- Exile (Taylor Swift & Bon Iver) Hailey- Young & Beautiful (Lana Del Rey) Jershika- Every Breath You Take (The Police) Lana- Broken Wing (Martina McBride) or The Climb (Miley Cyrus)
  7. Ohhhhh… I don’t think they should have even made it past playoffs but I try not to say anything unnecessary bc they seem like lovely people who do not deserve so much hate. That also makes me sad.
  8. Since when does Holly get so much hate? I thought she was loved. That makes me sad.
  9. Okay well calling her untalented is just a lie… she’s a successful singer, actress, producer, and much more … and been working her butt off since she was a child… just saying
  10. THIS IS SO RANDOM but I would like to see Selena Gomez as a coach on The Voice in the future… Ik everyone says she can’t sing but I just think she would fit really well as a coach and she’s really hard working and likable
  11. Why would Ellie say that? Selena is literally the sweetest and is very hard working. She looked like she did pretty well from what I saw.
  12. Okay this is ridiculously random … I know Selena Gomez isn’t like … a very good live singer LOL … but I would really like her as a coach at some point. She just seems like she would fit so well and I think she would do really well.
  13. It should be Jeremy and Jim&Sasha leaving … Holly ridiculously robbed idc.
  14. So happy for Jershika ! Holly didn’t deserve to leave tho I’m so sad for her.
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