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  1. Hii missed yall! I wasn’t too invested in this past season. I thought some of the best people got eliminated too early.
  2. Popped in to say is there any way we would ever get Camila back as a coach ?? Idk if this is unpopular I loved her as a coach.
  3. Hmmmm gonna go out on a limb and say 1. Ruby 2. Huntley 3. Mara 4. Lila 5. Jacquie
  4. I’m sure I am not the only one to say this but Jacquie singing First>Third > First is actually fvcked.
  5. Huntley and Ruby were great too but I was particularly impressed with Jacquie and Mara … Lila was better last week imo
  6. Nini leading on like every social media and not even getting top 4 votes makes this finale so unpredictable
  7. Mara. She was the best tonight by a long shot imo but she’s not going to win.
  8. so sorry I don’t think anything is spoiled so I rly hope you let me slide by for the finale but this was air headed of me to type this Sunday and then forget to send
  9. Final Questions 1. Who will win The Voice? (80 points) - Huntley 2. Who will be the runner-up? (60 points) - Ruby Leigh 3. Who will finish in 3rd place? (60 points) - Lila Forde 4. Who will finish in 4th place? (40 points) - Mara Justine 5. Who will finish in 5th place? (40 points) - Jacquie Roar 6. Who will open the finale? (30 points) - Mara 7. Who will close the finale? (30 points) - Ruby 8. At least one of the songs performed on Monday will have ‘Love’ (or any variation of the word) in the title, true or false? (20 points) - False 9. Which contestant will finish their set first? (30 points) - Lila Forde 10. Will any contesant perform a song released in one of the following years - 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003, 2012? (20 points) - Yes Bonus Questions Which coach-contestant duet will perform fourth on Tuesday? (30 points) - Huntley and Niall Of the 10 songs that will be covered on Monday night, how many of them are “repeats” from the last 2 seasons - S22 and S23? (30 points) - 0 Predict (again) the song choice of one of the Top 5 contestants. You can only make one guess (if you get the artist right, 20 pts, if you get both song and artist, 40 pts) Ruby Leigh - Zombie - The Cranberries
  10. I don’t think them bussing team Blake had like that much to do with it. I think after Gina’s playoff performance she was destined to be at least top 3 with the voters and she just performed the best in the finale. The vote was super close though! I forgot ab that so idk
  11. Apparently a lot of fans are commenting on Nicole’s weight and she has seen the comments. I hope everyone remembers to be kind and weight shaming isn’t cool.
  12. I’m catching up in this thread and looking back at the NOIVAS sh!t for the record that man is the definition of a narcissist (to say the least) and I stand by that.
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