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Rank the Top 5


Rank the Top 5   

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  1. 1. Favorite Finalist

    • Girl Named Tom
    • Hailey Mia
    • Jershika Maple
    • Wendy Moten
    • Paris Winningham

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1. Jershika

2. Wendy

3/4. Hailey/GNT

5. Paris 


No result is as strong as Jershika making it imo. Not once did she fail to deliver and here she is defying expectations after two bus attempts, all while giving us a refreshing set of performances from the powerhouse space. 


Hailey and the GNT brothers are the weakest vocally but have participated in downright outperforming others for multiple rounds, so they're okay to be here.


Joshua deserved finale over Paris, but the latter is still competent and goes to show how tight the competition was at this stage.

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Very tough, incredible group all around but a lot will probably depend on performances for how I think they should place.



1. Wendy

2. GNT

tiny gap and 3-5 are all very close

3. Hailey

4. Jershika

5. Paris (Paris would have been third but I didn't love his semifinal solo)


But high key all 5 of these would probably have been top 2 for me in most seasons lmao


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1. Girl Named Tom

2. Paris Winningham

3. Jershika Maple
4. Wendy Moten

5. Hailey Mia


This is a great group of finalists. I’m thrilled to see so many great people in the finale this season. This is such a hard list to make with how deserving these contestants are and I’m glad I don’t have to question why x is in the finale this season

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Some of my favorite people to grace this stage fr

1a. Girl Named Tom

1b. Jershika Maple


A pleasure to have them here as well

3. Wendy Moten

4. Paris Winningham


She's shrunk on me but still very deserving!

5. Hailey Mia

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1. Wendy

2. Jershika

3. Paris

4. GNT

5. Hailey


this is my favorite finale line-up of all time… 5/5 icons!! i’ve thoroughly enjoyed each finalist. i’m in disbelief that both Wendy and Jershika are made it. i’m so happy tonight y’all! congratulations to all the contestants💖

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I am really considering this season to be one of the greatest seasons of all time. We have an amazing group of vocalists this season, and now this finale is going to be exciting. So many great performers in the finale, I’m not sure if I can stay calm. It’s going to be Super Bowl levels of exciting.


I know I’m repeating words here, but I haven’t been this excited for a finale in a long time. And thank goodness for the 5 finalists again because this season is deserving of 5 people

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5th. Hailey Mia

Straight up, she is not finale material. People here can like her all they want, but on an objective and technical standpoint she's simply a 14 y old that can sing fine, not always in tune, has an extremely limited range, and is good for her age, that's it. She's competing with adults, and if Jacquie Lee, Caroline Pennell and Adison Agen can be better than people older than them, then she has to be as well, and she's not. 


4th. Paris Winningham

I don't know what to say about this dude, he's a lounge singer and I hope he does something with PMJ, because he's not gonna have a career anywhere else? I think it's way more cruel to give him false hopes that singing Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers in 2021 is gonna get him anywhere in a musical market he's already in disadvantage at due to his age and race. 


3rd. Wendy Moten

I think she's extremely overrated as a vocalist, has an inexistent stage presence, and does nothing interesting with the songs she's given. By default, considering the people she's facing, she deserves to be in the finale at least, but people need to stop treating her like she's anywhere close to vocalists like Sisaundra.


2nd. Jershika Maple

The best vocalist of the season, not perfect by any means, but she's powerful, interesting and versatile, and she's had to work harder than anyone else for a spot that shouldn't even have been in question. She's gonna finish 5th because she was instant saved, is black and is not on Team Blake/Kelly, obviously, but she deserves so much better than what she got.


1st. Girl Named Tom

The clear winners, most consistent, and without a doubt the most interesting act that has been on the show since the golden days. I wish they weren't on Team Kelly because their harmonies are great and there is so much potential to tackle some tougher songs like Exile, but I'm just glad the show allowed me to discover them and they (should be) rightfully rewarded for their great job. 

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