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  1. I think it will be Kelly, Gwen, Usher, Blake
  2. Kyla and Prior both got PV back on S14. It was Spensha who got the CS, IIRC
  3. So when will we start getting real spoilers (instead of these wild and crazy theories) Nvm: just getting the answer from the post above lol
  4. Yes at her being the runner-up. I knew it all along
  5. Prediction 5. Micah 4. Cammwess 3. Tstorm 2. Toneisha 1. Todd S18 = Blake's returned domination
  6. I made this prediction right after KO, and aside from the PV-CS switcheroo, I'd say I did really good predicting all the Top 9 including all WC and even with Joanna winning it
  7. Kelly PV: Megan CS: Micah WC: Cedrice Nick PV: Allegra CS: Thunderstorm WC: Michael John PV: Cammwess CS: Zan WC: Mandi Blake PV: Todd CS: Toneisha WC: Joanna (wins)
  8. Micah is commenting on his KO videos on youtube, said that Tayler should have won and he realized it the moment he was "given" his song
  9. Have you all seen his story? He screencapt the song title from an article, so I don't think it is a mistake
  10. Will the order of the 4wayKO the same as the one shown on the preview? If so the order will be Samantha-Michael-Nelson-Todd. More advantage for Todd then
  11. I think they will only montage 1 pairing on the second KO episode (my money is on Mandi vs Anaya). They can use the last 15-20 mins of the episode to show the 4-way-knockout. Besides, battle steals almost never get montaged during KO. So I don't think Arei vs Jon will be montaged.
  12. More than one coach pressed their button to steal an artist
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