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  1. GNT because I read somewhere that Bekah initially didn't want to audition alone, but decided to when her brothers join her. So it could refer to Caleb and Josh who audition to accompany their sister
  2. Why tho? The comments are full of praise for them lol
  3. Lauren vs Addison is very hard ngl.
  4. Wow, kinda shocked that Meghan beats Emily here
  5. That's not some guy, it's David Vogel it was posted on the instagram lol
  6. Female hopefully. Last season was so tragic, even in a female dominated season you still get a male Top 2. Typical idol voters I guess
  7. Definitely Alisan vs Adam. Back then there was many screamer comment towards Alisan, even here on IDF. And Adam got ahead of Alisan on Itunes several times during the live shows. Really happy when Alisan took the trophy back then
  8. Top 5. I think my top 5 is Jacquie, Emily, Lauren, Addison, and Wendy
  9. Between 6-10 so Top 10 I guess. My top 5 is Alisan, Maelyn, Chloe, Cassadee, and Tessanne ❤
  10. But coach-ranking wise he was ranked third behind Blake, and one above Ariana who was fourth. Since S16 his ranking was: S16: 1st S17: 3rd S18: 3rd S19: 4th S20: 4th S21: 3rd At least he's only been last on 2/6 seasons lol
  11. Agree... she was very subjective on her days on Idol And she has a preference over the male contestants...
  12. Damnn Bekah is just so pretty. No wonder the cameramen kept focusing on her during the winner announcement
  13. Hailey & Kelly - Funny - 8 Paris & Blake - Love Train - 8.25 Jershika & John - O Holy Night - 9.25 Girl Named Tom & Kelly - Leave Before You Love Me - 8.5 Wendy & Blake - Just a Fool - 9 and just for the memes: Walker Hayes - Fancy Like - 5
  14. Chloe and Addison of course
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